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Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

except in the case of Basic Fare booking, any fare is cancelled on the day of purchase if a passenger wishes. If a specific ticket is booked and someone no longer wants to travel, they can choose an alternate flight (or general re-ticket) free of charge up to one hour before departure.

Porter Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel their reservation for free within 24 hours of the date of booking, provided that their scheduled departure date must be at least 7 days at the time of requesting Porter Airlines cancellation. Here are the following conditions associated with Porter Airlines 24 hour cancellation.

Porter Airlines Cancellation Fee

As per Porter Airlines cancellation policy, all voluntary changes to the flight bookings will require payment of an additional cancellation penalty. In the event of any sudden trip cancellation or family/medical emergency, the airline cannot make exception for the Porter Airlines ticket cancellation fee-

Fare feature Basic Standard Flexible Freedom
Refundable within 24 hours of booking More info Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Refundable up to 1 hour prior to departure More info No refund or credit No refund No refund Refundable
Porter Airlines cancellations within 45 days of departure not allowed 200 USD – 215 USD 150 USD – 157.50 USD No Charge
Porter Airlines cancellations outside of 45 days of departure not allowed 125 USD – 128.75 USD No Charge No Charge
Porter Airlines cancellations for VIPorter points redemptions not applicable 150 USD – 157.50 USD 125 USD – 128.75 USD No Charge
Porter Airlines Same-day cancellation on the day of departure not allowed 250 USD – 272.50 USD 175 – 186.25 USD Allowed
Porter Airlines Same-day cancellation for direct flights between Toronto and Newark – New York (EWR); or between Toronto (YTZ) and Montréal (YUL) or Ottawa (YOW) not allowed 200 USD – 215 USD 175 USD – 186.25 USD Allowed

We provide travel advice and information. This information includes Passenger FareFare Class, Cancellation Fee & Other Embryonic Fees.’

How to Cancel a Porter Airlines Flight Ticket?

Don’t worry! Here are three different ways that you can request a Porter Airlines cancellation.

Porter airlines cancel booking -Follow these steps to cancel your hard or electronic Porter Airlines reservation

Porter Airlines Cancel Booking Over the Phone – If a passenger is holding the restricted fare, passengers should dial Porter Airlines cancellation contact number, and do the following:

Porter Airlines Cancelled Flight Policy

Porter Airlines will make every effort to get its passengers to their destination on time. Sometimes, it is beyond the airline’s control, regardless of any anticipation that leads to delays, cancellations or diversions. In such an instance, the airline will

As required by Porter Airlines, if your final destination is delayed for three or more hours due to a flight disruption, the airline will provide an apology and reimbursement of any reasonable expenses.

If flights are delayed passengers are entitled to get a minimum standard of treatment in the form of on-site care. Such services may include items such as water and blankets.

Porter Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

When Porter Airlines provides passengers with an improvised means of transportation after a cancelled flight, delay or any flight disruption event and the delayed passenger is still within 14 days before their planned departure, passengers will have Porter Airlines’ Standard Transportation Charges as compensation.

Bookings cancelled with Porter Airlines would be reimbursed per passenger per journey, depending upon the length of the flight delayed and the primary reason that caused the delay

Porter Airlines is a Canadian airline. The airline does not give passengers a good deal if they have to cancel their flights because of weather conditions or for any other reasons.

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, we will offer a number of options to ease the situation. You can get a cash refund, electronic vouchers or with your airline’s frequent flyer points.

If a passenger suffered flight delay caused by Porter Airlines, they can file a claim with our company within the next year. Within 30 days, the company should offer compensation which could include a voucher for a future flight or some other product to thank the customer for their patience.

Type of flight disruption Length of delay E-voucher amount
Flight Delay Less than 2 hrs 0 USD
Porter Airlines Cancelled Flights Less than 2 hrs 50 USD
Flight Delay 2-3 hours 50 USD
Porter Airlines Cancelled Flights 2-3 hours 100 USD
Flight Delay 4 hrs or more 100 USD
Porter Airlines Cancelled Flights 4 hrs or more 150 USD

Porter Airlines Refund Policy

 Explanations about cancellations due to inclement weather, security concerns and other reasons are in this section.

Porter Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Porter Airlines is a Canadian air carrier that offers service in the Toronto and Montreal international airports. If your flight is cancelled or delayed for three hours or more, passengers can choose one of the following alternatives as per their policy.

If a passenger wishes to return an item, they can request for the refund on their original form of payment within 7-10 working days.

However, Porter Airline’s cancellation policy does not waiver any canceled flight fees due to bad weather unless three is an advisory notice issued by the airlines on the Porter Airlines’ portal where it is specifically stated that Porter Airlines waive their cancellation fee for flights destined to a certain destination.

Passengers can cancel the flight on many different ways. They can pull it from their account online, or talk to Porter Airlines customer service phone line, they can also visit the ticket counter at the airport.

To cancel the Porter Airlines flight online, visit and navigate to My Bookings section. Enter the Porter Airlines reservation credentials in the required field. Follow the on-screen instructions that will help you enable the Porter Airlines cancellation request. As per Porter Airlines cancellation policy, the cancel request would be applicable on any unused portion of the ticket

A Porter Airlines cancellation is allowed for free within 24 hours of the reservation. There’s no charge for cancellations, assuming you’re at least 7 days out of your departure date.

Porter Airlines has different fees for different kinds of flights. For example, an advantage fare will cost 10% less than a regular fare.

Passengers can get the following refund under the following circumstances: cancellation of a flight due to safety, inclement weather, or any other external condition beyond Porter’s control.

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