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Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Benifcat International Airlines provides the passenger with easier ways to change the name of the ticket. In case of mistaken spelling, or if there is any legal obligation, a passenger has more options by using Benifcat’s easy-access program.

We cover the terms and conditions associated with making a name correction application, what penalties are applied if you’re not successful, types of name correction requests under the airline’s service, and more.

Terms and Conditions Under PAL Change Name Policy

The term “name change” is used when an individual gives up using the last name they were given at their birth in favor of another last name. This process is usually done when a person needs a new last name due to legal compulsion.

The name on your ticket is permanently locked on Philippine Airlines. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to change your ticket before you fly, in which case you will not need to buy a new one.

The requester’s interest must match the company’s interests. There are other name change policies to keep in mind before making a said request.

Request Type: Change Name With Philippine Airlines

In some case, Philippine Airlines’ name changes are allowed. These listed cases include: a new flying alliance, rebranding as Star, reduction of three letters and change of five letters.

Correction to the First Name or Middle Name

 Airlines can change your first or middle name for the ticket, subject to availability, and issue you a similar or higher class of service.  There is usually a fee for this and the fare difference would be applicable.  You need to contact the airlines directly to make this request.  The relevant documents will need to be submitted as well.

Correction to the Last Name

The airline needs to correct the last name and is subject to fare difference alongside the name change fees. A new PNR would be created. If the correction to the last name requires more than 3 characters, you need to contact the airlines or the travel agency from which the ticket was purchased. The ticket would be re-issued as a new ticket.

Addition to the Last Name without Changing the Name 

In case of booking with multiple passengers, the passengers’ names would be in the same PNR. However, in respect to the recently-hashed standard revenue filling fare change rule, if there were two bookings for two persons of the same type and class with different departure dates/times on both tickets, it would be a regular change application.

The First and Last Names are Inverted 

A passenger should insert their name in script since the information can’t be read on the back of the ticket. The fee for names done in reverse would be collected. If you make any changes to your travel plans, you’d need to purchase a new ticket with an extra cost that’s not usually included in the fare

Add/Eliminate Suffix or Prefix 

Some airlines only allow their tickets to be modified with a person’s government-issued photo ID. If, for example, the ticket requires that an added or deleted prefix needs to be included/deleted, contact one of these airlines in order to modify the ticket. There’s a chance that the fare difference might apply.

Change the Gender  

Rename your ticket to request a change in gender or even the age of your child. All changes would be updated from within the same PNR on national itineries only.

Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

When a person has had their name spelled incorrectly or there is a missing letter, we can help change it to the correct spelling without hurting anyone’s name as they will all be able to still verify their identity.

To complete a name correction, the following guidelines must be followed –-

How to Request Name Changes With Philippine Airlines?

Customers can return items without any restocking fee by calling the Philippine Airlines Customer service team or by sending requests as if they were returning pricey pairs of shoes.

Name change online – Search for passenger who needs to change their name and book the new booking where this is shown. You will receive an email once the process is complete and some steps need to be completed before you are sent information about your ticket (Change of flight details, contact number etc.).

The airline will change your name for you if you call them. You pay for the service over the phone. They send you an email that documents when your name changed and the flight itinerary.

Philippine Airlines Name Change Fee

If your ticket does not match your name, or if you need to update the name for legal requirements, a $200 change fee is applicable. Other countries’ departure are subject to the fees imposed by those markets.

Except for legal name changes, such as gender changes or name changes due to marriage, name changes are not allowed.

Below is the information on what happens when you decide to change your name to use a Philippine Airlines flight.

Service Economy (in USD) per passenger Business (in USD) per passenger
Request by phone 225 325
Online fee 200 300
Airport Not applicable 400

PAL Airlines cares about the concerns of its passengers and tries to resolve them. There are a lot of ways they can fix name correction errors such as spelling errors, obligations to legal documents, misspelled names, etc.

Passengers of Philippine Airlines can request a name correction if their names are spelled wrong on the ticket or due to any legal obligation. The name changes must be made online, at the booking desk of the Philippine Airlines offices, by phone (customer service) or at the airport through their corresponding airline ticketing offices.

Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy – FAQs

At no point does the airline allow name changes. They protect the integrity of their name, and will not rename any flights, even if they are in dire need.

Names cannot be changed once flights are booked. If you have already purchased a ticket and the name needs to change, the airline must cancel your flight and rebook with the updated information.

If your name has been changed or you need someone else to travel in your place, contact Philippine Airlines for assistance. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is toll-free.

You can change or correct the name online via the airline’s website. Alternatively, you can call airlines and also process these name changes yourself by filling up a form on their websites.

Depending on the service, there is a name change fee ranging from US $2 (Emerald Class) up to US $200 (Business Class). Other factors include travel by auto-rickshaw or long-distance bus.

Unfortunately, once you book your flight you cannot change the name of the passengers or their bookings without cancelling them. However, we do offer a rebooking process to help undo this inconvenience.

You are unable to change anything on your reservation once seats have been assigned. You will need to contact Customer Service at the airport or phone number with any changes you need to make before the flight. Making changes on your flight booking may result in penalties and an additional fee.

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