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Philippine Airlines Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight, Fees & Policy 2022

First of all, it’s important to mention that each commercial flight has its own Free Baggage Allowance policy so it might not be applicable for any connecting flights if the allowance is less than. Also, Philippine Airlines may ask a passenger to pay Compensation Charges if their allowance is substantially lesser than the allowance of other connecting flights.

What is the maximum total dimension and weight of the carry-on baggage allowed for the domestic Philippine Airlines? You are allowed to have a carry-on with a maximum total dimension less than 22inches x 14 inches x 9 inches and a maximum weight of 7kgs or 15 lbs.  Suppose you’re travelling internationally in economy class. In that case, you can carry a maximum of 25kg per person.

Philippine Airlines Carry-On Baggage:

Each passenger is allowed to have one carry-on baggage with a maximum total dimension of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (22inch x 14inch x 9inch) and a maximum weight of 7kgs or 15 lbs. Passengers can choose to carry a maximum of any two items from the following list:

Domestic Flights Allowance:

The flights operated by PAL in the Philippines are for locals to use.

Before you book your domestic flight, there are two classes that can range from spending a comfortable amount of time in the air and not stressing out, to feeling completely overwhelmed and being kicked off the airplane.

Note: The economy class can be divided into five subclasses based on the facilities provided. Similarly, the business class has two subclasses. On the basis of this division, there are different weights for the FBA for each class and these weights are mentioned in the table below.

In a domestic flight, economy class is the best option for transporting luggage. The passenger can carry up to 10 kg of luggage or 25 kg if they wish to carry nothing at all.

Fare Benefit Free Baggage Allowance
Economy Supersaver No Bags
Economy Saver 10kgs
Economy Value 20kgs
Economy Flex 20kgs
Premium Economy 25kgs

Business Class: If you are traveling in business class on a domestic flight, you can carry as many suitcases of an amount equal to 30-35 kg per person.

Fare Benefit Free Baggage Allowance
Business Value 30kgs
Business Flex 35kgs

International Flights Allowance:

  Economy Supersaver   Economy Saver   Economy Value   Economy Flex Premium Economy
Asia 25kg (30kg on/before 31st December 2021) 25kg (30kg on/before 31st December 2021) 25kg (30kg on/before 31st December 2021) 25kg (30kg on/before 31st December 2021) 30kg (35kg on/before 31st December 2021)
Korea 20kg (25kg on/before 31st December, 2021) 20kg (25kg on/before 31st December, 2021) 20kg (25kg on/before 31st December, 2021) 20kg (25kg on/before 31st December, 2021) 25kg (30kg on/before 31st December 2021)
Pacific 25kg 25kg 25kg 25kg 30kg
London 30kg 30kg 30kg 30kg 35kg
Middle East 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg 25kg
Japan 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg 25kg
USA/Canada 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg 25kg
Guam 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg 25kg
Route  Business Value Business Flex
Asia 30kg (35kg on/before 31st December 2021) 35kg (40kg on/before 31st December, 2021)
Korea 30kg (35kg on/before 31st December 2021) 35kg (40kg on/before 31st December, 2021)
Pacific 35kg 35kg
London 40kg 40kg
Middle East 32kg 32kg
Japan 32kg 32kg
USA/Canada 32kg 32kg
Guam 32kg 32kg

International Codeshare Flights:

Codeshare flights operate with a partnered airline. Codeshare flights help trade efficiency and traveler satisfaction by offering more options to travelers are able to select from.

The Domestic Economy class fare from Manila (PHCC) Worldwide Airlines to/from Bacolod (BACO) is PHP 434.

If you’re traveling to/from the Philippines and want to travel with a customized flight plan using Codeshare, we have 20-wide options.

Philippine Airlines Extra Baggage Allowance:

The amount of EBA that an individual is charged depends on the kind of service they are travelling.

Airlines offer different allowances for carrying baggage in the case of different routes and these allowances do vary depending on what route you’re planning to take.

Routes In Excess of Allowed number of piece
The Philippines to/from  
San Francisco/Los Angeles USD 175
Vancouver USD 175
Toronto USD 200
Canada (Except Vancouver, Toronto) USD 225
Philippines/ Asia/ Europe to/from USA USD 175
Philippines/ Australia/ Japan/ Korea / Abu Dhabi/ Saudi Arabia to USA excluding Los Angeles/ San Francisco USD 200
Japan USD 150
Hong Kong USD 45
India USD 75

Like other airlines use Excess Baggage Fee, the same implemented by Philippine Airlines; fees such as 20 dollars per extra kg are applicable in this case.

Philippine Airlines Infant’s Baggage:

People must not take larger bags than 62 inches through the size of a regular sized suitcase.

It depends on how much extra space is available. Sometimes a fully collapsible stroller or infant’s carrying basket may be allowed, but sometimes it may depend on how much extra space is available.

If you have an infant, follow standard FBA rules when it comes to bringing them in the store.

PAL Multi-City Baggage:

If the passenger travels to multiple cities using a single PAL ticket, ticketing costs will vary depending on the passenger’s most significant carrier.

If a passenger wants the item to travel the first leg of their journey, the first Marketing Carrier will determine what the freight charges will be. If a passenger has a one-way ticket that starts or ends in the USA or Canada, then only applicable processing is charged to FBA and EBA.

CPAP Devices:


How many kilos of baggage do Philippine Airlines allow while travelling to/from the USA?

Philippine Airlines allows for a maximum weight of 23-32 kg per piece. Any baggage that weighs more than 32 kg must be repacked. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted for carriage.

How many bags can I have as carry-on baggage on PAL flights?

You are permitted to have one carry-on suitcase with a maximum length, width and depth of 56 centimeters. The available aircraft cabin is about 3 or 4.7 meters tall, so all bags should be no more than 3 or 4 items big, respectively.

For international flights, what is the maximum luggage size?

Bags can no longer exceed 62 linear inches on international flights. If you have a bag that exceeds this size, it might get checked, and also needs to be paid for more.

Can you bring a laptop to the plane?

Yes, there’s no rules against bringing a personal laptop on board the aircraft. Our flight crews have found that when you place your laptop in the stowed luggage compartment during takeoff and landing, you typically don’t set off any of the plane’s safety alarms.

Are we allowed to bring snacks on a plane?

TSA will allow liquids including food items in your carry-on baggage. But gel-like liquids are not allowed and have to have a volume of 3.4 ounces/100 millilitres or less than that.

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