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Oman Air Inflight WiFi Guide 2022

Based in Muscat, Oman Air is the state-owned airline of Oman. The airline serves domestic and international flights to over 50 destinations. We are one of the top airlines in the world according to rankings by Skytrax.

Oman Air offers 3 hours of free inflight wifi connectivity to their First-Class and Business Class passengers. Economy Class passengers also have the option to purchase the available internet packages to obtain that service.

Details about Oman Air

Name  Oman Air
Parent Company Oman Aviation Group
Headquarter  Muscat, Oman
Callsign OMAN AIR
Main Hub Muscat International Airport
Inflight Wi-Fi Yes (Free & Paid)
Passenger Destinations 50
Operating Aircraft 50
Social Media Facebook

Oman Air Inflight Services:

Many people enjoy travelling in Oman and getting the best experience possible on their trip. You can get even better service with an inflight entertainment system that is installed in all Oman Air aircrafts’ first-class and business-class style. The Boeing 787 and Airbus 330s are equipped with inflight wifi facility so that you can enjoy internet access while at the same flying in one of these impressive aircrafts

Oman Air Inflight Wifi Service:

Oman Air’s inflight wifi service is not available on any other planes. They offer a variety of packages to satisfy passengers’ needs. Oman Air’s inflight wifi service starts from $4 for 30 minutes.

The total cost of flights between Al Muscat (OMA) and Muscat International Airport (MCT) is US $39.9. You can also read about all the Oman Air Inflight wifi packages in detail on

Plan Price Time Period Data Allowance Facilities
Package-1 4 USD 30 minutes 5 MBs Social Media messaging
Package-2  11.90 USD 1 hour 10MBs Social Media apps, Email, Browsing
Package-3 24.9 USD 3 hours 30 MBs Social Media apps, Email, Browsing
Package-4 39.9 USD Full Flight 150 MBs Social Media apps, Email, Browsing

First-class passengers will get a free 100 MBs data allowance during the first three hours. After you use those minutes, they have to pay according to the plans listed above.

If you want to connect to online access in-flight WiFi on Oman Air, how are you going to do it?

If you want to get 4G speed and a secure internet connection for uninterrupted videos, photos, and browsing, it’s best not to mess with your device’s performance.

Oman Air Inflight Entertainment: ARIA

Oman Air has upgraded the inflight entertainment system to give a luxurious experience to passengers. All first class and business class passengers are given 17-inch monitors with ultra-high-quality inflight entertainment. Passengers can enjoy all types of content, including Hollywood films, foreign language films, audiobooks, magazines, games and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Oman Air have inflight wifi?

Yes, Oman is a good place to travel because the country provides inflight service paid wifi on their Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 Aircraft available for customers.

What is available with your ticket if you book economy class on Oman Air?

Oman air has wifi on board in every aircraft class that includes Business class, First Class and Economy class.

Does Oman Air have free inflight wifi?

Oman Air offers free internet service for a prompt and timely travel. Economy class passengers have to pay for a certain package in order to have access to the internet, whereas business class passengers have a greater flexibility through customized packages.

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