Miami International Airport Wi-Fi Guide 2022 | Connect Free or Paid WiFi

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Many US airports offer free public Wi-Fi. Some airports offer paid Wi-Fi access only while others let everybody use it. The best part is that those who need it can get the paid Wi-Fi too! Miami International Airport offers both types of connections.

Miami International Airport is Florida’s main airport and contains three primary terminals (North, South, Central) with six concourses and four runways.

Miami Airport Wi-Fi

The Miami Airport Wi-Fi is available in all of the airports common areas, including terminal arrivals and departures, baggage claim, terminals (D, E, F, H), and the airport’s hotel.

If you need to connect to the Internet at Miami International airport, there are two options: use the “MIA-WiFi” network for free, or other companies provide paid Wi-Fi.

MIA Free Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi at the airport only allows users to access a limited amount of websites. The ads presented are the means to watch anything else that is free, such as videos.

  • View your flight details.
  • Check for car rentals.
  • View the airport map.
  • Online shopping and transactions.
  • Watch CNN live.
  • Browse other travel-related topics.

MIA charged Wi-Fi

  • View your flight details.
  • Check for car rentals.
  • View the airport map.
  • Online shopping and transactions.
  • Watch CNN live.
  • Browse other travel-related topics.

MIA charged Wi-Fi

Many airports in the US offer free Wi-Fi; Miami International Airport is one of them. There are a number of different offers you can elect to buy a plan in order to use the Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Plans Price (in USD)
Standard uninterrupted service $4.95
Premium continuous service $7.95

Connecting to The MIA Wi-Fi

Connecting to Wi-Fi when visiting MIA involves a few simple steps:

  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi access point using an Ethernet cable or by getting into the settings of your device and choosing Wi-Fi as your active network.
  • Join the “MIA-WiFi” SSID.
  • Open your device browser, and an automatically-generated homepage will open that lets you check the status of your “wireless internet access.”
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi.
  • cannot open automatically so please refresh or reboot your browser to see the homepage of this website.

Connecting To MIA Wi-Fi On iOS Devices

  • You can open your device’s Wi-Fi settings by tapping the icon next to Network on the home screen.
  • You can turn the “Wi-Fi” on by tapping on the Wi-Fi bar while it is white and empty.
  • Click on “Wi-Fi” from the list of connectivity options.
  • Join the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Navigate the browser to access a welcome screen that gives you information on how to sign-up and connect wirelessly.
  • Enjoy your browsing.

Connecting To MIA Wi-Fi On Android Devices

  • Go to your android device settings.
  • The option to turn on or off the wireless function has its own menu. The main menu can be found on the “Wireless and Network” page.
  • Activate Wi-Fi on the device.
  • Choose the “MIA-WiFi” hotspot.
  • Join the “MIA-WiFi” hotspot.
  • Go to your device browser and type in the word “Wireless” and you will see an option on the Website front page called “Wireless Internet Access.”
  • Start using the free Wi-Fi.

Connecting To MIA Wi-Fi On Windows

  • Open the Windows Control Panel.
  • Search and tap on “Network & Internet.”
  • Open the Network & Sharing Center.
  • Head to “Set up a new connection/network.”
  • Choose “manually join a wireless network.”
  • Input “MIA-WiFi” as the network name.
  • Choose “WPA2-Personal” as the security type.
  • Click on “Start this connection automatically.”
  • Tap “Next.”

Connecting To MIA Wi-Fi On Mac

  • Tap on “Wi-Fi” on the bar menu.
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi.
  • Search for the “MIA-WiFi” network.
  • Tap to join the network.

Connecting To Wi-Fi At The MIA Hotel

There’s Wi-Fi available at the MIA Hotel. Here are the steps you should follow to connect.

  • Go to your device network settings
  • Join the “MIAHotel-WiFi” hotspot.
  • Open your internet browser and go to, a website that shows how the options for the best Wi-Fi hotspots in many countries, so you can easily locate one near you.
  • To visit the Boingo webpage, Google Chrome users can reboot their browser by clicking the small round “restart” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the main page.
  • When you sign up for a Boingo account, you can input your account details.
  • The hotspot does not exist, so if the access code is not working, click on “Get Online Now” from the Wi-Fi internet access page and input a 24-hour “Access Pass Code.”
  • Click on “Log in” and connect.
  • Enjoy your Wi-Fi.

MIA Lounges With Wi-Fi

There is a list of different airline lounges at the Miami International Airport where members can access free Wi-Fi.

  • American Airlines Flagship Lounge.
  • Avianca VIP Lounge.
  • Delta Sky Club Lounge.
  • LATAM Airlines VIP Lounge.
  • Centurion Lounge.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does MIA Have Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, MIA is free with ads, or without ads (an advertisement called “though?””). You can find and watch your stream dublado

Is MIA Wi-Fi Limited?

More information is available at the enclosed Wi-Fi pass.

Where Can I Find Wi-Fi In MIA?

Many locations in the airport offer free Wi-Fi. Here’s some of the most popular: Baggage claim, terminals (D, E, F, G, H, J), departure gates, and arrival gates



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