Malindo Air Cancellation Policy – july 2022

If you are on the fence about whether or not to take a flight, we have designed a policy that is more flexible than the cancellation policies found online. We will find the best solution for refunds and hassave you time by saving you from having to go through the internet.

Malindo Ticket Cancellation Policy 

Flying can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re trying to get home, so it’s best to have all the information for the cancellation process at your fingertips. You’ll find our FAQs on the website or follow these simple instructions:

  • Malindo Air offers a more flexible ticket cancellation policy compared to other companies. Airline tickets can be canceled up until the departure of the flight with a small fee.
  • These passengers who have bought tickets under Promotional Fares no longer have the ability to claim a refund. However, the passengers do have the option of claiming for their taxes after purchasing discounted products by filing a complaint with the Federal Tax Authority in UAE.
  • The ticket bought in the Economy Value, Economy Flexi, Business Promo and Business Flexi can be refunded with a minute cancellation fee. Airline’s restrictions might be applied by them depending on the fare rules that have been set.
  • If your booking was done with a group, the airline has requirements that you fill out specific information labeled PNR and name of passenger who needs to be canceled. If a small cancelation fee is levied for this cancelled ticket, we will notify you of the cancellation process before departure.
  • If you take travel insurance with us, no matter what happens, you will always be reimbursed for any cancellation fees. That’s because we tell you about your cancellation rights and make sure the booking is done at least 7 days before departure.
  • If you buy your tickets though a travel agent, your airline change doesn’t always have cancelation protection. You’ll need to contact the wholesaler if you want to cancel or find another airline that promises more flexibility.

Malindo Air Cancellation Fees 

We have different rates for domestic and international destinations, depending on the airline. If a passenger misses their free cancellation window, they may be charged a fee as stipulated by law.

Cancellation Fees For International Flights- 

  • MalaysiaTickets allows for the cancellation of their tickets for a certain price. They require their customers to make their cancellation at least 72 hours in advance.
  • The price for drop and back ticket purchase is 300 Malaysian Ringgits per passenger. The ticket cancellation has to be in the airline’s office 72 hours before the scheduled departing time
  • Vietnam travelers can cancel their flights and pay a small fee of 60 USD if they make the cancellation 72 hours before the departure.
  • Passengers are entitled to cancel their Vietnam itinerary if they find a better offer. If they do so within 72 hours of the scheduled departure date, then the airline will only charge them sixty dollars.
  • Thai passengers travelling to/from Thailand can cancel their tickets and be released from the obligation by paying a small fee of 2,000 baht per person. The cancellation must occur by 72 hours before the departure time.
  • Passengers travelling to or from Thailand can cancel their tickets by paying a small fee of 2,000 THB per ticket. The cancellation must be made 72 hours before the departing time.
  • For some flights in Taiwan, you can cancel your ticket by paying 3000 TWD per ticket if the cancellation is made 72 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • Customers will have to pay a small amount of 3000 TWD per ticket to cancel their tickets. They need to make the cancellation 72 hours before their flights.
  • Sri Lanka passengers with tickets to/from Sri Lanka can cancel their tickets at a small fee of 56 USD per ticket. The cancellation must be made within the span set by the airline that is, 72 hours before departure.
  • If passengers have to cancel their Sri Lanka tickets plans they can do so at a fee of $56 USD. However, they must contact the airline 72 hours before departure.
  • If you don’t want to go on a trip, you can cancel your flight before the travel date is over. You’ll have to pay a fee of 100 Singapore dollars for each ticket that you buy. The passengers must try to make the cancellations within 72 hours.
  • Singapore Airlines recognizes that sometimes circumstances change. They offer refunds of your unused Singapore Airline air tickets, subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Pakistan Passengers holding a valid ticket to/from Pakistan can cancel their tickets for an easy and honest refund. This includes flights, vacations, cruises and more with the airline paying no cancellation fees.
  • Airlines offer their passengers the option to cancel their ticket before departure. They charge 63 USD at the time of booking, but travelers must pay this fee in full to cancel the ticket.
  • The person has to cancel their flight at least 72 hours before the departure of the concert in order for them to get a refund.
  • When booking a flight to Nepal, put a small sum of 10000 NPR in the cancellation box. If you cancel before 72 hours from the departure date, it is refunded back to you. You cannot change or cancel the flight after 72 hours.
  • Cancelling a ticket bought for or to Nepal is possible by paying a small sum of 10,000 NPR to the airline, cancellations must be made 72 hours before departure.
  • Myanmar Tourism officials coordinated with the Myanmar Airways company. Cancellations for Myanmar Tickets can now be done in 60 USD, the time span for cancellation still remains 72 hours from the departing hours.
  • To cancel a Myanmar ticket, you should notify the airline as soon as possible. There is a 72-hour timeframe within which you should do so in order to be eligible for a refund.
  • Japan introduces new rules for travel that would require travelers to pay a 10,000 yen fee if they cancel their flights within 72 hours of departure.
  • For passengers travelling to or from Japan, their tickets would incur a cancellation fee of 10,000 JPY if they cancel their tickets more than 72 hours before departure.
  • Indonesia has a high cancellation rate, so to avoid long lines at the airport and extra charges, you should cancel your tickets well in advance.
  • Indonesian people can cancel their tickets without incurring any additional costs by paying 600,000 IDR per ticket.
  • Airlines in India offer immediate cancellations for travelers who want to reschedule their trips. It’s only $6 if you’re changing your plans within 72 hours.
  • Passengers flying to and from India can make the cancellations at a discounted rate of 6000 INR by taking action within given time span of 72 hours.
  • If you’re travelling to Hong Kong, it can be really annoying if something with your flights or hotels goes wrong. But don’t worry, because if you find yourself in a jam, you can cancel your flight or hotel at a small rate of 600 HKD for every cancellation. Cancelling 72 hours before departure will result in a refund.
  • We offer mostly cancellable tickets in Hong Kong. You can cancel your ticket for free before you leave if the flight is cancelled. You’ll get a refund if it’s cancelled within 2 weeks from the departure date.
  • ChinaCancellations is a company that offers tickets to China at a fraction of the price. They work with both international and domestic airlines. The company also specializes in providing cheap, last-minute flight tickets.
  • Cancellations for/to China are allowed with a fee of 600 CNY, the tickets must be cancelled at least 72 hours before the flight departs.
  • If a passenger booked onto a flight with AirCambodia, they can easily cancel their booking without paying any extra money. Depositing the cancellation payment to AirCambodia within 72 hours of the flight takes off.
  • Passengers flying to or from Cambodia can avoid the financial consequences of cancellations by paying a fee of 60 USD. They have to notify their airline 72 hours in advance about their cancellations.
  • It may be necessary to cancel a Malindo Air ticket if you experience a last-minute change in plans. Please note that these changes will incur penalties.
  • Malindo Air have extended their ticket change fees. Cancellations take time and they have to be done outside of the decision by 60 US-Dollars, which is a fair amount
  • Australia Passengers can cancel their tickets by paying 150 AUD per ticket if a flight arrives or departs within five days of the booked date.
  • Passengers flying to Australia can cancel their ticket by paying 150 AUD if the person decides to fly with another airline.
  • Malaysian Airlines reserves the right to cancel tickets bought on their website. In case of cancellation, you need to check in at least 72 hours before departure.
  • Passengers travelling to Vietnam can cancel their tickets by paying a small fee of 60 USD if the cancellation is made 72 hours before departure.
  • Passengers that are travelling to/from Thailand and change their mind can cancel their tickets no matter how much work or effort it takes. They just need to pay a small fee and wait for 72 hours.
  • Ticket costs for traveling between Taipei and Kaohsiung can be reimbursed by paying 3000 TWD per ticket. Cancellations must be made 72 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • If your travel plans were suddenly changed, or if you have to cancel your flight, all you have to do is reach out. Airlines will help you get a refund for the unused time and money.
  • Singapore Airlines tickets bought from Singapore can be cancelled at a fee of 100 SGD for every ticket. The passengers must try to make the cancellations within 72 hours.
  • Passengers can cancel their tickets for travel to and from Pakistan before the departure date. They should pay 63 USD to the airline before the cancellation deadline.
  • It is impossible to take a flight during a short period of time, so tickets have to be cancelled at least 72 hours in advance.
  • The cost of changing a flight ticket is ten thousand Nepalese rupees, but tickets must be changed 72 hours in advance to get this fee put back onto the original ticket.
  • Cancellations for Myanmar tickets can be done in 60 USD but the time span for cancellation still remains 72 hours from point of departure.
  • Passengers willing to cancel their tickets to/from Japanwould be levied a fee of 10,000 JPY when they cancel the ticket before 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Tickets bought by Indonesian citizens through the event organizer are 50% refundable.
  • Bengaluru International Airport is designed to make it easier for passengers who need to cancel their flights. It has an advanced cancellation policy and offers refunds so that the traveler doesn’t have to worry.
  • When you cancel your flight to or from Hong Kong, you receive a refund. We calculate your total cost of the ticket, which includes the fare and fees. The difference will be refunded back to you if you’ve noticed any changes in dates or times.
  • It’s possible to cancel non-refundable tickets before departure without cancellation fee. It must be done within 72 hours of the date of travel and cancelled at least 3 levels prior to
  • A fee of 60 USD is required whenever you need to cancel a flight that were taking in/going to Cambodia. To cancel an international flight, this means the cancellation has to be made 72 hours before departure time for your respective domestic or international destinations.
  • Airline tickets to/from Bangladesh can be canceled by paying 60 USD to Malindo Air. The airline has set a strict policy of 72 hours cancellations, which every passenger must abide by.
  • People have the opportunity to cancel their travel plans to/from Australia if the price of the ticket changes. They can find out the new price by visiting our website or seeing an advertisement first.

Cancellation Fees For Domestic Flights 

  • Passengers buying a ticket in Business, Flexi or Value class can cancel their tickets before the departure or by paying our small fee per cancellation.
  • When it is difficult for you to attend an event with your dream doll, be sure that articles bought in Shuttle can be returned or cancelled with a flat 150 RM fee.
  • If you bought a ticket under the Super Saver class when purchasing, you’re stuck with that ticket even if something goes wrong and would not be able to get a refund.

Malindo Ticket Air Refund Policy 

Malindo Ticket Air Refund Policy

Travelling is expensive when airlines aren’t understanding the value of people’s money and then offering unwelcome refunds. So you never want to miss out on a refund, since it is practically the best thing for travellers.

  • Passengers who have completely filled out their reservations and “checked-in” online will not qualify for a refund. The company keeps its promise to return the funds in 30-90 days.
  • If a travel date is cancelled, we will refund travel according to the class of ticket. If a traveler cancels at a specific destination or there is a type of change in their itinerary, depending on their individual needs, then we’ll also provide refunds for unforeseen events that typically affect all travelers.
  • Customers must cancel the tickets at least 72 hours, before the scheduled date of departure to get a refund from an airline.
  • If you do not board the flight, you will not be provided with a refund. In this situation, passengers do not need to worry about airline taxes. They will just be given vouchers for travel or other items instead.
  • Refund requests made on medical grounds must include proof of the condition. These documents include a doctors’ report, mark a general note or symptom, anything similar to that.
  • In case of double booking, passengers can provide proof of both the payments made to Malindo Air. If they could prove it with a screenshot or other documents showing the flights taken, then the airline would refund the difference on a lower fare. Draw up the request within 24 hours of booking and make sure you express your dissatisfaction about the flight price when offering to pay for your trip.
  • We release the passengers from liability by refunding their deposit. They must contact the company to make any refunds.
  • Travel insurance pilots must pay the fee for their tickets in order to cancel it. But, if they don’t, there will be a 10% fee charged and Malindo Air’s passengers will not have to pay anything.
  • If passengers are not satisfied with their experience with the airline during their trip, they can follow any of these steps in order to get their money back.

How to Cancel Malindo Air Tickets

Many travelers prefer traveling on Malindo Air because it provides services for your ability to change flights, cancel your tickets and take care of angry passengers with an exception cancellation policy.

Malindo Air Online Cancellation 

  • Visit the airline website of Malindo Air at
  • A red box will come up at the top left of the screen once you enter our homepage.
  • When you want to cancel your purchase, this link will lead you to your cancellation form that tells us how to process the transaction.
  • Enter your reservation code, ticket number, name and contact details. Fill out the form about cancellation.
  • A screen would allow them to view the flight details. A term and condition column, for easy reference on all of the information available, can be viewed.
  • You have successfully scheduled your trip, and you’re not ready to cancel it now. To cancel your booking, press the “Cancel My Booking” option.”
  • Fine. Cancel my booking without further consideration and process the refund as soon as you receive this request. Just attach a copy of your confirmation letter to your application.
  • If you have purchased a ticket to fly on the airline, they will send you an extremely specific and verification letter that disburse details on the refund policy.

Steps To Cancel Your Ticket Via A Call 

Not keen on making the cancellation online? Don’t worry, as the airline has various options to get you where you need to be. Check out these simple steps to make the cancellations by calling Malindo Airline.

  • There are four Malindo Air service centres available, so please call the one that’s closest to your destination.
  • A customer support executive will help you cancel your order in the most expedient way possible.
  • You should be very careful in what you say and how you word cancelling your order because if this is not done well, then it could cause more problems in the future.
  • Executives can help you make a decision. If they decide it’s helpful to do so, they will provide you with documentation on what happened and whether or not it was useful for your business.
  • We have a cancellation policy in place to ensure our customers are satisfied. If you’re not, there’s an easy solution- we’ll offer you a refund or discount when you reach out and talk to our customer service team.

Instant Cancellation At Malindo Air Ticket Centre 

Cancelling a flight with Malindo Air can be a challenging process. If you are having trouble, we recommend requesting our agents to help guide you through the steps so they can find the best solution that works for you in the time frame that suits your schedule.

  • Malindo Air is an airline that travels to over 200 cities in South East Asia.
  • Find an executive that can help you. Find a person at the company who will not only address your question but take action.
  • Exercise caution when cancelling your order, and make sure to take the proof of certificate or any document that supports the cause.
  • Executives would thoroughly check through the documents you submit and decide whether you are entitled to a refund.
  • Find out about Malindo Air’s cancellation policy. Our ticket refunds are managed through you and approved through the process after the cancelation is processed.

Malindo Air Cancellation Rules 

  • If you choose the online check-in option, your airline will not initiate any refunds even after a cancellation.
  • If your flight is delayed or cancelled, the airline gives you a full refund. Or if it’s too late for airlines to send you another flight, you can get one sent by the airline anyway.
  • Malindo Air imposes no show fees when there are reservation failures. Airlines typically charge $75 if a reservation is missed or canceled by the customer, and cannot be re-booked for 72 hours or more.
  • You will be charged a cancellation fee according to the destination, time of cancellation and several other factors. If you cancel your trip or fail to pay for your hotel, stay, or attraction after cancellations clear, there will be no refund.

Frequently Asked Questions: Malindo Air Cancellation Policy

No. Following the Malindo Air cancellation policy, passengers are not able to cancel tickets for free before 72 hours from the scheduled departure of a flight.

Malindo Air provides several ways for cancellation. If you choose to do it through their website, you can simply visit the official site online and proceed with your cancellation. If you prefer a call or coming into the station, this is also easy to do – just like any other airline.

If your flight is cancelled by the airline, we can help you. We offer two different options for compensation in case of any delay or cancellation. You can either claim a 100% refund right away or decline the next alternative offered and take the next most convenient option. You can also make a trouble claim that we will process and pay on your behalf whenever you are buying anything like a hotel room or restaurant meal.

Last-minute cancellations are treated differently based on what type of air ticket you have. You should check terms and conditions for the transport company, or just go ahead and buy your tickets so that you do not get a nasty surprise when it is too late to cancel.

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