Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy – 2022

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Malaysia Airlines cares about their passengers and wants to make sure that you can change your flight without any consequences. Our guide covers the flight change policy in detail so you can take your time and make some well-informed decisions for yourself.

Note: All the Malaysia Airlines change policies have been digitized. It’s now easy for you when it comes to pulling changes for your next flight.

Malaysia Airlines Change Flight Date Policy 

  • Malaysia Airlines flight change rules have been modified. There are new guidelines that govern this issue and those who purchased a ticket in the past few weeks will have the change procedure available to them.
  • If you need to change your flight, the only way to do so is by requesting the modifications 12 hours before departure. Failure to do so means that you’ll need to pay an additional fee after reissuing your ticket. The date change policy of Malaysia Airlines is evaluated first before making a determination about the fee for canceling a flight
  • The airline states that passengers can change their flight dates if something happens such as adverse weather, bereavement, and natural calamities among them. Please provide some form of supporting evidence when making your request for a new ticket from the airline.
  • The Malaysian Airlines will try and accommodate the needs of the passengers, who then will not have to pay any change fees if Malaysia Airlines changes their original flight plans according to a revised schedule.
  • When purchasing a customizable ticket from Malaysia Airlines instead of at a third-party travel agency, you can exchange or cancel your flight without paying a change fee.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Name Policy

  • The published Malaysia Airlines airplane policy explains that passengers will not be charged a name change fee if the flight is cancelled or changed before departure.
  • If you want to change your name on a Malaysia Airlines ticket as a family member, no fee will be charged. However, if a passenger wants their name changed after the sale’s been verified and Malaysia Airlines determines that it is not necessary for the value of the ticket to be revised, then the whole ticket value will be charged as a change fee according to our policy.
  • A passenger can not change the name of the passenger if the booking is made on an unofficial platform. People cannot book spots on Malaysia Airlines flights if they are booked through unofficial agencies.
  • Malaysia Airlines charges different fees for different things. The best way to know the cost on your particular flight is to look at the website and compare its fees with the fee for name changes

Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Fee

  • If your non-refundable ticket expires within 30 days of purchase, you’ll have to pay an extra fee if you want to take another flight instead.
  • It might take you a few hours to try and reach the airline when you change your flights. It takes time because of the different ways that passengers can reach the airline to make changes with their tickets.
  • Passengers must provide the airline with at least 12 hours of notice before the departure. If they don’t provide proper notice then their tickets will be changed and a fee will have to be paid per their policies.
  • If there are changes made within 24 hours of booking and the date for departure is more than 7 days from the date of book, Malaysia Airlines does not charge an additional fare. Please dial their customer service number and request guidelines on any special fees.

Method to Change Malaysia Airlines Flight

The airline offers travelers a choice of change options. Online, it is cheaper than using a travel agent and charges less for exchange fees than the airports for the transaction.


Step 1. Create an account on our website or download the app and finish the account authentication process.Step 2. Visit the manage my booking section of the website or app and complete all fields completely, assessing your input and offering responses as per your needs.Step 3. Review your input in the search tab before posting a response and select a name next to yourself permanently.Step 4. Check if there’s any additional information that you need to have seen when you fill out the bookings form before finishing it thoughtfully and by tapping through your guest list with decreased names. Step 5. Check if you have paid the difference amount associated with this ticket order accurately in advance if needed by going through your bank card history or receipts.


1st- Choose the mode of connecting with the company by selecting your preferred option through the customer service number, at the airport counter or dashboard machine. 2nd – Provide your necessary information so they can process your change on your behalf (they may ask you to confirm any changes over the call). 3rd- Contact their customer service to initiate the change (they may ask you to do so in person if no special instructions were made at a certain point). 4th- Ask them to make all of your travel arrangements

Frequently Asked Questions – Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy

Yes. You can easily change your return flight date with Malaysia Airlines. For this, you can reach out to the airline executives via the live chat feature, customer service phone number , mobile app, airport counter.

After booking and processing your Malaysia Airlines flight, prepare your trip within 24 hours to get the desired changes for free. The process is done when you receive confirmation from the Malaysia Airlines website.

To book airline tickets with Avios, you need to follow these steps: Open your web browser, visit the Avios website and log in. Tap on the My booking tab and enter the confirmation code. Review the input and tap on any of the search (YOUR TICKET) tabs to find your ticket code. Enter the number of Avios that you want to pay into the search field and tap Search. Your airline ticket booking is complete!

To save on Malaysia Airlines date change violation, do not purchase a flight that has already gone past its risk-free period. Charge a disposable-ticket fee when going over the risk-free time and also create your own refundable ticket.

Yes, passengers can change their name when buying a Malaysia Airlines ticket. To do this, contact the airline executives via available methods (live chat feature, customer service number , mobile app, airport counter).

Yes. Changing the date on a Malaysia Airlines flight is possible and still very affordable.

To change flights, it’s best to contact the airline officials directly by reaching out to the change department or by phone. The airline also offers many alternate methods for changing a flight: i.e. live chat feature ii. customer service number iii. mobile application iv. out in airport counter

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