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Malaysia Airlines Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Policy [2021]

Malaysia Airlines Carry On Baggage Summary

More info about Malaysia Airlines Baggage Allowance can be found at:

Malaysia Airlines Personal Items

You can carry the following items on our flights without exceeding your baggage weight, but there’s a limit to the overall number of pounds you can check in:

Malaysia Airlines Checked Baggage Summary

More information about Malaysia Airlines baggage allowances on our website at:

Malaysia Airlines Checked Baggage

According to Malaysia Airlines’ baggage allowance guidelines, you will be allowed a specific amount of goods as explained by your cabin class.

Whether you’re buying a flight package or a single ticket, you can check in 2 pieces of luggage at all.

If you exceed your cabin class permitted luggage, you might be charged for that excess luggage depending on the zones.

For domestic destinations the standard allowance for checked-in luggage is 20 kg per passenger. This date, the allowance will remain at 30 kg before it goes down to 15 kg.

The maximum baggage weight you may carry when traveling internationally is listed here.

Cabin  Total Weight 
First Class 50 kg
Business Class 40 kg
Economy Class 30 kg
 Infants 10 kg

Infants may carry one bag that is not more than 10 kg (not to exceed 115 cm in total dimension) and must not be larger than 158 cm.

Malaysia Airlines Restricted items

Malaysia Airlines prohibits the transportation of any items with red bio waste.

Malaysia Airlines now has a simplified luggage policy. Find all the details of what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on or checked baggage on the airline’s website.


When flying on Malaysia Airlines, here is everything you need to know about your luggage allowance and fees. Malaysia Airlines has a range of baggage allowances depending on your business class booking. is the URL where you can find a lot more information about Malaysian Airlines’ baggage allowances.

Malaysia Airlines Baggage FAQs

We offer free and easy online check-in whether or not you’re with us. You’ll be able to weigh your luggage in place at the airport.

Free carry-on baggage for all flights – whether you’re traveling Standard Class, Business Class or First. Max size dimensions – length 56 cm, height 23 cm and breadth 23 cm, maximum weight 7kg for standard class and 14kg for first/business class.

What is Malaysia Airlines Checked Luggage Policy?

Customers can bring 2 items, regardless of their fare. Customers must carry on one piece of your max size and it cannot exceed 158 cm/62 inches in length, width, or height.

Malaysia Airlines allow passengers to bring up to 25kg of additional luggage as checked bags.

Prices for baggage are divided between classes. First Class is priced higher than Business Class while Economy Class is proportionally cheaper.

What is Malaysia Airlines Restricted items?

Malaysia Airlines will not accept hazardous items. Malaysia Airlines does not accept explosives, radioactive materials, flammable solids, or oxidizers.

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