Malaysia Airlines Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees 2022 

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Oneworld airline alliance’s member and Malaysia’s national airline, Malaysia Airlines is well-renowned in the aviation industry. They own numerous awards for their splendid service. If you are planning to fly with them, you can expect top-notch service. Before travelling do not forget to check the baggage allowance of Malaysia Airlines so you don’t have too much trouble at the airport.

Malaysia Airlines allows one free piece of checked baggage for economy class passengers and two pieces of checked baggage (maximum 14kg combined total weight) for Business-class/Business suit passengers.

The allowed linear dimension for checked-in baggage is 158 cm. Malaysia Airlines allows a maximum weight of 32 kg (business class) and 23 kg (economy class) for each checked-in baggage, while the total allowed free baggage allowance of Malaysia Airlines as well as the excess baggage fees depend on the travel class and route.

Malaysia Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance:

Cabin bags are the kinds of luggage that can be hand-carried or transported by the airlines for free and stowed in cabins. The amount of cabin baggage allowance depended on traveling classes. Economy class passengers are allowed only to take one cabin bag with a maximum weight of 7kg while business-class and Business suit had two carry-one baggage allowances with a maximum weight limit of 23kg on the Malaysia Airlines.

Travel Class Maximum Weight Allowance Allowed Number of pieces 
Economic In total 7 kg (15 lbs) 1 piece
Business Class In total 14 kg (31 lbs) 2 piece
Business Suite In total 14 kg (31 lbs) 2 piece 

Allowed Liquid items in Cabin Baggage:

You must carry all kinds of liquids in a sealed water or food-grade container with no more than 100ml. The container should be placed in an opaque bag, and you can’t have more than one litre in the bag.

Malaysia Airlines Checked-in Baggage Allowance:

Allowed Baggage Dimension:

There is a linear dimension for checked in baggage of Malaysia Airlines. Baggage that is between 158 to 204 cm (62 and 80 inches) in linear dimension will be considered oversized bags, so passengers have to pay excess baggage fees(depending on the destination) for oversized bags.

Baggage exceeding the linear dimension of 204 cm (80 inches) will not be checked as baggage on a flight. The baggage will be referred to Malaysia Airlines ‘MASkargo’ to transport it.

Size Allowed Oversized Not Accepted
Dimension Less than 158 cm (62 inches) 158 to 204 cm (62 to 80 inches) Larger than 204 cm (80 inches)

Checked-in Baggage Weight Allowance:

Malaysia Airlines’ baggage allowance varies by travel class. Masters in Business Class/Business Suite and Student with Status must not have bags weighing more than 70 pounds (32kg). In Economy Class, carry-on bags weighing less than 50 lbs. are allowed.

Here is a list of the baggage allowance for Malaysia airlines that are different depending on the route and travel class.

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Travel Class Free Baggage allowance (Weight)
Economy Lite
Economy Basic 20 Kg
Economy Flex 35 Kg
Business Basic 40 Kg
Business Flex 50 Kg
Business Suite 55 Kg

Flights from Malaysia to Japan have a baggage allowance for passengers. It is stated below.

Travel Class Free Baggage allowance (Weight)
Economy Promo 35 Kg 
Economy Basic 35 Kg 
Economy Smart 35 Kg 
Economy Flex 35 Kg 
Business Promo 40 Kg
Business Flex 40 Kg

 Flights for Jeddah, Madinah, and AMAL Routes:

Travel Class Free Baggage allowance (Weight)
Economy Promo 30 Kg 
Economy Basic 30 Kg
Economy Smart 30 Kg
Economy Flex 30 Kg
Business Promo 40 Kg
Business Flex 40 Kg

Passengers traveling from Malaysia to Singapore on a business trip pay only $15 per every 50kg of their checked baggage, as long as their flight does not include any international flights.

Travel Class Free Baggage allowance (Weight)
Economy Lite
Economy Basic 20 Kg
Economy Shuttle 35 Kg
Business Basic 40 Kg
Business Shuttle 50 Kg

The passengers can check in different pieces of baggage. The total weight is not limited. The passengers must still book the planes they want to fly on and be on the passenger list according to the number of pieces of baggage but the weight limit is not set

The items deemed Free Baggage Allowance include electronics, oversize packages and fragile goods that may present a safety hazard.

Travellers can transport baby equipment like a stroller and car seat, without having to pay anything extra. Travellers booking with infants (on 10% tickets) can carry a bag up to a certain size without paying any fees.

People with a disability can also carry their own personal medical equipment. They are welcome to take electric wheelchairs or manual crutches, walkers, canes, back supports, braces and other necessary ‘medical equipment’ without additional cost.

Excess Baggage Fee:

Malaysia Airlines charges excess baggage fees if the airplane’s baggage exceeds the allowed weight. The free baggage allowance decided by Malaysia Airlines differ on route, and so does the charge for extra baggage, which is also decided by the route flown. Malaysia Airlines divides all countries served into five zones, with each having a different set of rules.

  • Zone 1: Malaysia (Peninsular, Sarawak, and Sabah)
  • Bangladesh, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam are in Zone 2. The Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are in different zones.
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  • Zone 4: New Zealand and Australia
  • Zone 5: The United Kingdom
From/To Zone No. 1 Zone No. 2 Zone No. 3 Zone No. 4 Zone No. 5
Zone No. 1 5 USD 8 USD 14 USD 20 USD 28 USD
Zone No. 2 8 USD 16 USD 22 USD 28 USD 36 USD
Zone No. 3 14 USD 22 USD 28 USD 34 USD 42 USD
Zone No. 4 20 USD 28 USD 34 USD 40 USD 48 USD
Zone No. 5 28 USD 36 USD 42 USD 48 USD 56 USD

For domestic flights, be prepared to pay more than your free baggage allowance per kilogram of excess. For government officers who are travelling on domestic flights with a Government warrant/order, the excess baggage fees will be 3 USD per kilogram.

Passengers can save up to 20 per cent on the excess baggage fees by purchasing their extra baggage before arriving at the airport.

Pre-purchase extra baggage:

Passengers can purchase excess baggage 24 hours before their flight departs. If cargo is purchased in advance 20 per cent of your excess baggage fee will be discounted.Excess baggage options include purchasing a few items, donating unused items, or exchanging bags with limited laundry-allowed items.

  • You can purchase travel baggage before you get to your destination.
  • You can post-book via Manage My Booking
  • You can also buy extra baggage by calling the call center and visiting our airline ticket offices.

But the purchase needs to be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the limit when it comes to luggage being allowed on Malaysia airlines?

Malaysia Airlines allows customized luggage allowances for all of its travel classes. Check the baggage restrictions for each travel class and route on the table above to see those maximum loads allowed.

If you’re traveling on Malaysia Airlines, what size bags are the allowed?

Malaysia airlines doesn’t allow passengers to carry more than 7 kg of carry-on baggage in Economy class and 14 kg in Business class/Business suite.

Is there any fee for baggage items that are too large to be put into the cargo compartment equaling or exceeding 62″L x 34″W x 44″H?

Malaysia Airlines charges a lot of baggage fees, according to weight and also size. If you have oversized luggage or a package that is over 158cm long, it will go to MASKargo as freight. The fee schedule will be toll according to MASKargo rates.

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