Lufthansa Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Lufthansa’s name change policy says that the name on a flight ticket must be exactly what it appears on your passport (or ID card). In order to make sure you have the correct information in hand, always double check before making any bookings.

When the airline makes a retrospective correction to their flight schedule, people might incur expenses such as the Lufthansa name change fee, ticket exchange process, and any applicable fare difference.

Here are the following requirements for ticket name changes that customers can meet if they have booked their tickets with Lufthansa.

  • The ticket should be issued LH document
  • The flight must be operated by Lufthansa Airlines and LH is the flight number
  • Lufthansa makes adjustments on tickets in the case that an error appears.
  • Our passengers name is not mentioned anywhere on a tag or wristband, so pilots and flight attendants must keep their names.
  • Lufthansa if tough on names on bookings so if you are traveling it is more likely that your name will not be spelled correctly.
  • Lufthansa ticket name changes for group bookings. To see if changing your reservation will work as well, monitor the confirmation email you’ll receive.
  • No Lufthansa wrong name on the ticket request is permitted/performed in the mixed PNR that includes flight segments from other airlines.

Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Rules

If you misread your name on your booking for an Lufthansa flight, don’t worry! Call the team and talk to them about how to change your name. We’ll walk you through the process of changing it yourself or with our help.

As per Lufthansa name change policy, passengers are allowed to correct the first/middle/last name up to 2 characters. The count of corrected letters is a combined total and shall not be understood as 2 characters each for first, middle, and last name.

Airlines were historically named Lufthansa. They change names due to reincorporation in other countries and are sometimes called Lufthansa Airlines or just The Airlines, to avoid confusion. To make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, travelers can add, eliminate or correct the middle name. If your flight is hi-jacked and you need to be reassigned to a different international flight then it will be booked for you at the same fare or lower/higher class. Customers who accidentally mess up their ticket number can contact us and we’ll get this fixed!

Changing your travel name with a new nickname. Many people love to change the names that they travel with, like switching hotel names or changing their Facebook account name.

Adding A Suffix/Prefix To The Passenger’s Name: Passengers may add, eliminate, or correct the title, suffix, or prefix to their name on Lufthansa flights. For convenience sake and to make flight changes more manageable, requests for re-issuance are considered; flights would be rebooked in the same or lower/higher available class. Passengers would be liable for the Lufthansa name change fee along with any applicable fare difference.

As per lufthansa name change policy, passengers can request a name change under legal considerations such as

  • Lufthansa name change marriage request
  • The Lufthansa airline changed its name to less confusing following a divorce agreement, which will allow more people to find it on Google.
  • Government-issued document with the legal new name 

Lufthansa name change requests are supported under the legal provisions. Some of them are in situations such as -The name change is made according to a legal perspective, and where there were two distinct families with the same surname before 1972 -Adopting the surname of a living person referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 on the basis of their approval.

  • Divorce decree
  • Marriage license
  • Legal name change document
  • Government-issued photo ID or passport indicating their name prefix or suffix; these include names such as “Jr.”, “Sr.”, “Jr. Sr.”, and “Jr. Jr.”

Lufthansa Name Correction Scenarios

Lufthansa adopted a name change policy that allows people to change their names through online and take requests for corrections in third-party travel website/agent.

Scenario 1 – 

When a Lufthansa name correction on ticket request is made, the third-party travel agents must ensure that the PNR is synchronized with the Lufthansa airline and GDS system. If any of these segments are not active or invalid, nothing else in the PNR will be capable of fulfilling its itinerary.

Name correction request to be actioned in the existing PNR. Reissue the ticket, and insert ‘Name Correction’ in the endorsement box, and charge a Lufthansa name change fee of 200 USD

Scenario 2 – 

Airline companies should synchronize Lufthansa name change on ticket requests correctly. In order to avoid flight cancellations, it’s important the airline company names are the same.

We corrected an incorrect name on a ticket. If you have to change your name because of a mistake on the ticket, call our Lufthansa change passenger name phone number. We’ll do the rest and reissue your ticket with a new flight number without extra charges.

Scenario 3 – 

In case the PNR has been created in any other booking system than Amadeus and Sabre, it may be necessary to create a new PNR if their schedules are not synchronized.

What needs to be done? -New PNR must be created with the correct passenger’s name alongside the original flights with the same class of service (depending on availability, either confirmed, waitlisted, or booked in the next available booking class). Reissue the ticket, and insert ‘Name Correction’ in the endorsement box, and charge a Lufthansa name change fee of 200 USD.

Scenario 4 – 

Airlines like Lufthansa require a frequent flyer request to process name changes. If a frequent flyer code is included in that person’s PNR, they may not be able to make the requested changes without creating a new one.

Airways agents can assess if the Lufthansa frequent flyer code can be deleted from customer’s PNR. If this is possible, Lufthansa name correction can be performed in the customer’s current PNR.

What needs to happen in order for the ticket to be valid? New PNR must be created with the correct passenger’s name alongside the original flights with the same class of service (depending on availability, either confirmed, waitlisted, or booked in the next available booking class). Reissue the ticket, and insert ‘Name Correction’ in the endorsement box, and charge a Lufthansa name change fee of 200 USD.

Scenario 5 – 

When other airlines’ flights are included in the PNR, we want them to be corrected. Otherwise, the spokesperson needs to speak with the original airline before unloading this person and informing them of a reason for name correction that can lead to no repairs.

New PNR must be created with the original flight segments and booking class. In the case that the original class that is not available for any of the other airlines segments or when calculating fare differences, calculate a small additional fee. Reissue the ticket, and insert ‘Name Correction’ in the endorsement box, and charge a 200 USD name change fee for Lufthansa

Lufthansa Name Correction Policy

Lufthansa name correction is valid for – 

  • Lufthansa has issued tickets for flights to Europe starting with the number 220.
  • Airlines and flight numbers for Lufthansa-operated flights must be included on the LH marketing flight lists.

As part of their name change policy, The Lufthansa allows their names to be changed once, and only if it is done so with –

  • With up to two characters in the first name, middle name, or surname
  • Nicknames, inverted names
  • Lufthansa ticket name change under legal considerations 
  • This change of travel document occurs between the reservation and the commencement of travel.

The policy states you can change your name twice, including after you submit your name according to Lufthansa

  • Lufthansa changes its name on its tickets. It can be difficult to buy Lufthansa tickets using the old name or name with more than two letters in the first, middle or surname.
  • Adding or eliminating the second name
  • Adding or eliminating hyphenated surname
  • Would you add, change, or delete MR or MRS or MS?
  • If you are looking to change the first name or last name of an infant on one of our Lufthansa flights that is not spelled correctly, please make the request directly with our Contact Team.

Lufthansa Change Name on Booking Process

Lufthansa allows you to change your ticket to see another airline by email, or over the phone. You can use that information when wanting to change your flight.

Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Online

Here’s what you need to do – 

  • Lufthansa is the German airline. Visit, and select ‘Booking’ on the menu to manage your flight reservations.
  •  A reference code can allow you to book a flight quickly and easily.  Enter the last name of the passenger at the invitation stage without  plugging in a six-digit code that is not your confirmation number.
  • Take a moment to change the name on your ticket in real time. The website doesn’t let you change names over more than two letters because other passengers might have the same name and someone might be mistaken for you.
  • Because this is our official travel document, please add your name first by clicking on the ‘Save Drives’ button before proceeding.
  • Sometimes passengers don’t know how much an airline ticket can cost, so they’ll click on “pay” and realize they’ve accidentally purchased the wrong fare. Lufthansa doesn’t charge a fee for this, but passengers need to let their gate agent know the situation before boarding. Just call 0049666349377 to find out more!
  • After the transaction is completed, you will receive a message on your registered email telling you that the change has been made.

Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Via Phone

If you have questions about your travel plans, feel free to contact our representatives by phone or email.

  • Lufthansa Flight 220 will be operating on November 25, 2005. Providing information at the gate goes a long way to smooth your process through check-in and air travel.
  • When customers make a typo, the companies offers them a list of correction’s so they correct their order.
  • Passengers must pay the fee and the difference if it’s available. If a fare difference is requested, passengers will be required to submit a fee, in addition to the difference/s.
  • When the transaction is finished, you will receive a confirmation email from Lufthansa’s name change system.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Making a “Lufthansa change name on ticket” request is no longer allowed once the ticket number has been issued to that same flight and passenger. To do so, passengers must present their original ticket in order to replace one already placed as remaining seats are not available. Furthermore, passengers can only change the name on existing tickets with tickets still valid for travel deemed to be canceled or refunded due to an accident, bad weather, logistical reasons

Lufthansa name change policy: Passengers traveling with Lufthansa can request a legal name change anywhere throughout their trip. A legal document is required to process the request that also provides practical and legal information about taking a new last name.Lufthansa travelers can add, eliminate, or correct their names. In such cases, Lufthansa asks that the passenger submit an application to re-issue their passport at the cost of US$ 350 (prices are subject to change).

As per Lufthansa’s name change policy, passengers can request as name changes under legal considerations. You will have to submit a legal document before you can make the name correction. In such cases, your tickets will be rebooked for the same or lower/higher class offered by the company.

Airlines often have complex rules about travel documents. Keep the person’s name exactly how it appears on their official document when booking flights to save time and avoid problems at the airport.

Name changes can be done online. For all Lufthansa name change requests, passengers need to complete the updated boarding pass process. The fee for the name change is $200 and passengers may see a difference in the fare as well.

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