Lufthansa inflight WiFi 2022 | Lufthansa Flynet On Board Guide

Lufthansa is one of the world’s largest airlines. With services like their timetable, hospitality, and inflight entertainment hard to match, they are offering a service that provides WiFi on board now.

Lufthansa is an airline company, wireless internet is available during your flights. Start by using packages for as low as €3! If you’re in the sky, clothes shopping on-board is a breeze.

Learn more about Lufthansa WiFi here. This article covers everything you need to know about finding the best deal not just on Lufthansa WiFi, but also on all services and products from this popular German airline.

Lufthansa WiFi (Flynet) Attributes At A Glance

Airlines NameDeutsche Lufthansa AG
HeadquarterCologne, Germany
AllianceStar Alliance
Parent CompanyLufthansa Group
WiFiInflight WiFi Available (Paid)
WiFi ProviderDeutsche Telekom
Aircraft on operation300+
Phone Number+49 – 69 – 69 69 44 33
Social MediaFacebook  Twitter  Instagram

You can get unlimited access to your WiFi while flying in Europe or to and from the Middle East. You will enjoy Lufthansa WiFi even on short-haul flights, as well as long-haul flights.

You can send and receive chats on Messenger and WhatsApp with fun high speed like broadband Internet above the clouds. Additionally, Lufthansa is providing entertainment like inflight movies, series magazines, games, books, music, audiobooks, and inflight seatback TVs for its travelers.

Costs Of Lufthansa WiFi

The cost of Lufthansa’s wifi depends on the duration of the flights. Their plans are different for short plane flights, medium -haul plane flights, and long-haul plane flights.

The package included detailed information, including costs.

Short and Medium Haul Routes

Flight DurationLufthansa WiFi FlyNet Mail & SurfLufthansa WiFi FlyNet Stream
Less than 1 hour€3 or 1000 miles€7 or 2,300 miles
1 to 2 hours€5 or 1,700 miles€10 or 3,400 miles
More than 2 hours€7 or 2,300 miles€12 or 3,400 miles
Maximum SpeedUp to 600 KbpsUp to 15 Mbps

Long Haul Flights And Routes

 ChatMail & SurfMail & Surf Plus
Price€7 / $8 / 56 CNY or 2,300 miles€17 / $20 / 137 CNY or 5,500 miles€29 / $34 / 233 CNY or 9,500 miles
Maximum SpeedUp to 64 KbpsUp to 400 KbpsN/A
Data LimitN/A500 MB1 GB

Steps To Connect Lufthansa WiFi

Lufthansa offers a free WiFi service on their planes. To connect, first search for Lufthansa using your flight confirmation email and then click the hotspot icon.

  • Take your phone to the airport and make sureFlight mode is on in case you get delayed.
  • When the flight attendants say you are allowed to turn on your device, make sure you switch on the WiFi settings from your device settings.
  • Out of the list of available WiFi networks, choose Telekom FlyNet to be able to use your phone for internet.
  • You can now find out more about using hotspot services through the FlyNet portal, you need to be aware of some principles regarding the security and privacy guidelines.
  • Select how you want to make payment.
  • Confirm payment.
  • Follow your login steps.
  • Get connected to Lufthansa WiFi on your next flight. Connect to the Internet, use your laptop, or try our Spa & Wellness offerings. It’s all included with flying standby from the Lufthansa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Lufthansa WiFi

Is Lufthansa WiFi Available Inflight?

Yes, you can access Lufthansa WiFi inflight.

Is Lufthansa WiFi Free?

Lufthansa offers WiFi on its aircraft. It also offers a range of services for all users, including inflight Web browsing, reading some news and listening to music.

Is Lufthansa WiFi Unlimited?

No, your Lufthansa WiFi may not be unlimited. However, we are proud to offer a wide range of packages so you can customize your cellular data usage.

How Many Devices Can I Connect To Lufthansa WiFi?

You can get unlimited Lufthansa WiFi and connect as many devices as you need in the package.

Who Provides Lufthansa WiFi?

Deutsche Telekom operates a network so that travelers can find and purchase Lufthansa WiFi.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of Lufthansa WiFi?

Lufthansa WiFi is good enough for downloading as well as streaming video.

When To Call Lufthansa WiFi Customer Care?

For when you are in need of some help, you can call Lufthansa customer care anytime day or night between 07:00 and 23:00.

Can I Browse Facebook Using Lufthansa WiFi?

Yes, you can access Lufthansa’s WiFi in the airport. It is the perfect connection for your phone and it’s fast and convenient.

Can I Make Zoom Calls Using Lufthansa WiFi?

Lufthansa does not offer video calling and voice calling facilities with their internet service.

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