Lufthansa Check-in – 2022[updated]

Lufthansa check-ins help passengers complete the boarding process. Passengers no longer have to worry about arriving close to their flight’s departure time, they can take care of everything ahead of their flight.

Lufthansa is one of the most famous airlines worldwide and their check-in system has been recently upgraded to help save time and energy for their passengers.

Travelers can use Lufthansa’s online check-in services to print their boarding pass in advance or at the airport, depending on which they prefer. For added convenience, flyers can also get their Passport numbers messaged to them and can send this number to airlines so that they don’t end up buying a new one.

  • Lufthansa Airlines Web Check-in is an online service that lets you check in to flights 23 hours prior to departure. It allows you to choose your seat on the plane, request special services, and issue a boarding pass or have it sent electronically on the day of booking.
  • Lufthansa Online Check-in Baggage Drop-offs– by doing a Lufthansa online check-in, only 10% of the job is taked care of. Keep your Lufthansa online boarding pass handy, visit the Lufthansa check-in counter at the airport, and drop off your luggage. Once the airlines accept and tag your luggage, you can use the security checkpoint to proceed.
  • It is the responsibility of minors traveling with a companion or any passenger with a disability to most of their trip to complete Lufthansa flight check-in at the airport. This applies to flights from Bavaria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia and Switzerland to/from United States. Passengers requesting for a wheelchair need to fare check in from airport.

Lufthansa Check-in Time & Deadline

It is important for Lufthansa passengers to arrive at the airport. The check-in counter closes several hours before departure time, but passenger should make their way through the now shorter Security clearance desk line.

If you want to avoid delays at the airport, you need to complete the boarding process by clicking “Check-in” in Lufthansa’s app. Or, you can also take care of booking your flight in-person at the airport. It’s crucial to arrive well before boarding deadline so there are no surprises.

Lufthansa Counter – Passengers must ensure to arrive and check their luggage on time as passengers cannot check bags after the deadline. Extra weight or oversize luggage may take a little longer than the usual time to check-in as passengers need to arrive airport much before time to avoid the peak rush.

Beware that some taxi drivers, which are legal by law, might wait for you to approach them before they start picking up, so it is important to respect and adhere to the following deadline for your itinerary ––

ItineraryWhen to Arrive at the AirportCheck-in & Baggage Drop off DeadlineBoarding Gate DeadlineBoarding Gate Closes
Within Europe90 minutes45 minutes30 minutes15 minutes
To/From the U.S.120 minutes60 minutes30 minutes15 minutes
International (Other than Europe, US, and North America)180 minutes

From international airports:240 minutes(4 hours)

60 minutes45 minutes30 minutes

Lufthansa Flight Check-In Options

Want your Lufthansa ticket number checked-in? With one click, passengers can quickly and easily complete the request. It’s not hard to do either on line or at the airport (whichever you prefer.).

Lufthansa Online Check-in

Lufthansa allows passengers to check-in right from the comfort of wherever they are. Passengers can complete the request 23 hours prior to the scheduled departure, as they can choose their desired seat, print out an online boarding pass, or have it sent to the registered email address or mobile number. Lufthansa airline web check-in is available for all flights in our network.

  • Lufthansa worldwide
  • Austrian airlines fly to many destinations in Europe. They also have service in Germany and Austria.
  • Soon you will be departing for/from Germany and Poland on a LOT Polish flight.
  • Croatia Airlines are a carrier that offers service from Germany and Croatia
  • Scandinavian Airlines provides service on the trip from Frankfurt to all Scandinavian countries.

To make your reservation, first select your preferred boarding method, the refund option you would like and then fill out the necessary paper forms. If you’re flying internationally, please know that Lufthansa check-in hours for flights leaving from international airports are limited to Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

  • Visit, and head to the bookings section on the homepage, you will be able to manage your itinerary from there.
  • To check in online, click the “Lufthansa online check-in” tab.
  • Enter the six-digit PNR code for a specific passenger along with their surname to find them on our check-in list.
  •  Select and add your seats for your reservation, including checked baggage if necessary. You can also request special seats such as a wheelchair and more when you select your booking at the Lufthansa website.
  • You have completed the Lufthansa check-in service. To make sure you stay organized, click on “save” to save your boarding pass or you can see it in printable format just below on the screen.

From Lufthansa Airlines, it’s not possible to check in online for departure from the city of .

AlbaniaTirana (TIA)
BosniaSarajevo (SJJ)
BulgariaBurgas (BOJ)
CroatiaRijeka (RJK)
MontenegroTivat (TIV)
CyprusPaphos (PFO)

Passengers are not allowed to check in their bags online for Lufthansa flights, regardless of they’re code-share or interline agreement partners. All other airlines specified here, or code-share or interline agreement partner flights cannot be checked in through Lufthansa.

Mobile Lufthansa Check-In

Lufthansa mobile check-in can now be completed with a smartphone or handheld device. Passengers will have immediate access to their boarding pass and won’t have to stand in a long line at the airport.

Passengers can complete Lufthansa’s online check-in requests with their smartphones, reserve the seat, and get their boarding pass issued right on the spot without having to print anything – just enter into your phone browser or use the Lufthansa mobile app.

Lufthansa App Boarding Pass – Lufthansa provides an easy way to easily board a plane. After completing the mobile check-in request, passengers will receive the Lufthansa app boarding pass then they will also get a confirmation that they’re checked in so they can start their travels right away.

Passengers have access to the Lufthansa App, which is offered from international destinations worldwide. With the app, passengers can also manage and use this offline boarding pass anywhere in the world as well as within their own country.

Lufthansa publicizes three ways to save time. One is by having a Lufthansa Membership, Upgrading your flight to Premium Economy or by using a Lufthansa boarding pass.

The best part about traveling by plane is that you can easily check-in from the convenience of your smartphone while also getting your paperboarding pass printed out on demand. There’s a new Lufthansa app that allows travelers to get theirpass online and print when needed.

  • When arriving at the airport, open the app, click on the check in link, enter your 6-digit confirmation number or 13-digit e-ticket number and the passenger’s last name in the designated field.
  • Complete the Lufthansa online check-in seat selection, and add the checked bags, only if you’re carrying.
  • The button is for printing the boarding pass and there are two options for people. Option A is to click on it now, if you want a copy of your boarding pass, or option B is to save it to print later- and it’s in case you might forget.

Lufthansa Automatic Check-In

With Lufthansa start-up Frankfurt, passengers can enjoy a more relaxed trip as they will receive their Lufthansa boarding pass easily via text or email to the mobile phone earlier than former departure times.

Here are the points that you should consider before requesting Lufthansa’s check-in service.

  • Get miles for your frequent flier rewards.
  • Unit of measurement
  • Lufthansa allows travelers to save time by using their self-check-in services. These services let travelers provide for their own needs quickly, such as selecting seats, picking up their luggage, and getting special benefits in return.
  • Lufthansa has FREE automated self-check-in. Passengers can disable it in their profile if they so choose.
  • Lufthansa is the world’s second largest airline. They are not accepting automated check in for flights originating from the Schengen Area. Passengers will be prompted to receive a separate pre-flight Lufthansa check-in invitation.

Passengers who are boarding a flight can cancel and have their seat replaced if they have a mobile boarding pass. They can also request their going rate if they cannot rebook, ask for more time to book, or ask for their money back.

When you arrive at your departure airport for the vacation, there are several options available when it comes to arriving on the day.

Lufthansa Self Check-in -Figure out the proper procedure to enroll your trip online.

  • Passengers need to visit a self-service kiosk at least 30 minutes and 40 hours before the scheduled departure and purchase their travel options like an extra bag, seat selection, class upgrade or other services.
  • Passengers need to leave their e-ticket number in order to complete the request. They can print a boarding pass right away or have it sent to their mobile number or email address.
  • Passengers are required to scan their QR code or enter their account number at Lufthansa’s baggage drop-off counter when checking in for their flights.

Contact a Lufthansa flight representative at the counter. They can help you complete your flight boarding process and lead you to the right area of the airport.

  • Provide your Lufthansa flight representative with the booking reference. Give them your 13-digit e-ticket
  • Call the Lufthansa airlines agent to get all of your travel questions answered about check-in procedures and travel preparation.
  • If you want to participate in the club’s special services, make sure you understand the options for booking a seat or choose your other travel cases.
  • You will have to submit your luggage for tagging and then proceed to security clearance to board the flight.

Late Night Check-in Lufthansa

Lufthansa has an airside check-in point available for travelers, particularly if they are traveling with a group. It’s especially meant for groups and people who will be carrying a lot of luggage or have small children.

With Lufthansa’s late-night check-in, you can be assured that your luggage is given skilled and swift handling. You can then feel ready to take on your journey.

Lufthansa late night check in service is available for all the flights operated by Lufthansa or a Lufthansa Regional partner. It is also free if you wish to take it at one of Lufthansa’s many airport hubs across the globe.

On the eve of your flight or car trip schedule – no earlier than 23 hours before the scheduled departure – apply for the check in Lufthansa service online and you can drop off your luggage at the counter, choose your seat, and much more. For instructions about what happens next, open the PDF boarding pass which will be issued as soon as your familythe flight number to start using it. The next day, use the PDF with “xx” printed on it when providing security clearance.

Please consider Economy Class boarding for long-haul flights because Lufthansa service is permitted under exceptional circumstances after the flight departure time.

Late-night checkin kiosk locations are available at all airports in USA, Canada, and Mexico. The kiosks have the ability to process both connecting and direct flights.

North America flights with Lufthansa do not accept checked-in luggage beyond the time of boarding for non-refundable, unused air travel paid for tickets.

When travelling on group trips in late-night, Lufthansa Airlines is your phone number one choice. They help with groups check-in procedures and create the best experience.

How Can I Do Lufthansa Check-in via Telephone Number?

If you’re not very good when it comes to technology, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about – just seek assistance from the Lufthansa flight representative. To complete your boarding request follow these steps.

  • Quickly find your Lufthansa Airlines reservation and make changes. Provide the details like PNR/Reservation Code and the last name of the passenger.
  • Request the Lufthansa flight staff to have your missed luggage and boarding request completed.
  • There is an available seat selection.Select which one you prefer, and your choice is subject to availability
  • Once you have completed the flight check in request, you can already access your boarding pass and download, print or email it.

Lufthansa is the world’s biggest airline, so you can change their flight details easily through the different policies.

Lufthansa Airlines Check-in Policy – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Most Lufthansa airplanes have the option of electronic check-in, which allows passengers to complete their requests for check-in 23 hours before departure. Additionally, travelers need to schedule their bag tags online, email personal reminders with the flight information, or print a boarding pass for the flight.

You just need to visit the Lufthansa booking portal 24 hours before your flight. You can use a six-digit ticket number and travel reference, which you get from your agent to track down and complete your Lufthansa flight check in process. Once you click on the ‘stay tuned’ link, you will then be able to view your seats and select them.

Lufthansa makes it easy for passengers to print their boarding pass before arriving at the airport, download one and use self-check-in kiosks to cut down on wait time.

Once you purchase your Lufthansa flight, you’ll be redirected to a page that can produce a digital ticket. Printed or digitally downloaded tickets are easier to keep on hand.

Travellers can print their Lufthansa boarding pass via the airline’s reservation portal, under the Manage Booking section. If going with the boarding pass by using Lufthansa’s mobile app, travellers will save a little weight by printing it themselves.

Passengers can check in online with Lufthansa 

  • From anywhere in Europe
  • From the US and other North America 
  • From other international airports

Lufthansa offers their check-in online. To reserve your spot for your flight, you can get out ahead of time, go on a date with the Lufthansa web check in at

  • Lufthansa and Lufthansa Express regional carrier operate flights in more than 180 cities across the eurpoean Union.
  • All connecting flights in which Lufthansa operates the flight
  • With or without Lufthansa baggage

Passengers should make sure they have a name, date of birth and flight information ready when finishing the Lufthansa online check in request.

  • Your Lufthansa airline reservation is indicated on your booking confirmation.
  • Purchase four pieces of 8″ round glass, vertical pair, soft gold
  • Passport or any other required travel document

Lufthansa group check in allows up to 9 passengers at a time. For example, if the group consists of more than 9 passengers, the Lufthansa flight representative will need to complete the request containing passengers in the multiple of nine. Be sure you have all of the information listed below:

  • The information from your booking confirmation includes the type of carrier you’ll be flying with, the number they’ve given, and when you’ll be departing.
  • You can use your booking reference to access our online booking system
  • Passport or any other required travel document 
  • We allow users to sign up for protection and access insurance services by answering a few simple questions.
  • You can have your baggage documents out on time before you do anything else. You just need to submit the following documents in to the baggages counter

Yes, the Lufthansa web check-in service is available for passengers who carry checked bags as well as for the passengers who travel with carry-on bags only.

If you are going to check-in at the airport and need to print your boarding pass, it’s easy. All printed documents will look very similar in every kiosk throughout the world.

Yes, all flight bookings for Lufthansa are eligible for the online boarding pass, provided they have an e-ticket.

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