Lufthansa Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance Guide


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Lufthansa Checked Baggage Allowance


Economy Class passengers are allowed to bring a maximum of 23kg (50 pounds) worth of luggage.

Economy Class: 23 kg for the luggage, take-off weight of the ticket is 23 kg. Premium Economy Class: 32 kg for the luggage, take-off weight of the ticket is 32 kg. Business Class (First Class): 96kg. First Class: 132kg; take-off weight of the ticket is 132kg.

Free baggage allowances for European fares:

  • Economy Light: 0 FREE*
  • Economy Classic: 1 FREE (23kg)
  • Economy Flex: 1 FREE (23kg)
  • Business Class: 2 FREE (32kg)

Lufthansa Baggage Weight

  • You can bring one carry-on bag for free up to 8kg in the cabin of the plane.
  • Carry-on baggage can only weigh up to 8kg. Unlike checked bags, you have more freedom.
  • Each piece of checked baggage cannot weigh more than three kilograms.
  • The maximum allowed is two pieces, each up to 8 kilograms.

Lufthansa Excess baggage

“In Economy/Premium Essentials Class, a piece of baggage is considered to be excess baggage when it weighs more than 23 kg (up to a maximum of 32 kg) and/or is larger than 158 cm (the sum of width X height Y depth Z).”

According to the guidelines set forth by the IATA and related regulations, excess baggage is defined as any piece of baggage that has dimensions greater than 158 cm.

Lufthansa Baggage Restrictions

  • Containers with liquids and gel-like substances can hold up to 100 milliliters.
  • Transporting containers in bags provides them the quality they desire. Everyone can carry those bottles and containers to ensure they last until the end of their ride.
  • It is our policy that bags must be brought to security separately, without them it will not let you into the venue.
  • Travelers should be aware of safety threats when transporting liquid duty-free goods. They should buy a tamper-proof, certified bag before boarding a connecting flight via an EU airport. The proof of purchase must be inside the bag and the bag must be sealed by the retailer.
  • Carry medicine and special food (e.g. baby food) in papers or other containers that can be passed through the scanner at security.

Lufthansa Free Extra Cabin Items

  • Another small item that can be checked in will be a handbag, laptop bag or briefcase (e.g. no more than 30cm by 40 cm by 10 cm)
  • We make it easy for parents to get their kids through airports. We provide a range of travel needs from baby carrying cots, children seats and pushchairs.
  • Wheelchairs and orthopaedic aids are mobility aids that help people that are recovering from diseases, paralysis, or injury.

Lufthansa carry-on baggage Advice

  • Since airlines are no longer required to separate luggage, we’re starting a small change to make their planes easier and more efficient.
  • Please put your laptop bag under the seat in front of you and other personal items, like shopping bags or handbags, under any empty seat.
  • Buy jackets and coats at the airport instead of paying expensive prices in stores.
  • Please note that the overhead lockers with emergency exit signs next to them are reserved for the passengers sitting on those seats.

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