Lot Polish Airlines Ticket Cancellation – 2022[updated]

With flexible cancellations, your travel plans can change easily. That’s all it takes with the innovative policy, which is just one in a million

Here, we discuss what are the rules and do’s and don’ts of canceling a flight. We also cover the process, requirements, and resources you will need to cancel a reservation at Lot Polish Airlines.

Lot Polish Airlines Flight Cancellation Rules

There are other Polish Airlines ticket cancellation rules that you should know before making a request. If a little is good, then more is even better, which means there are no refunds from any airlines.

  • In case you need to cancel the flight, we will give you a refund. However, if the change is not possible, take advantage of our cancellation and reschedule options.
  • The cancellation means you can reschedule your flights up to one year from when you originally bought your ticket.
  • You can earn gift vouchers through our loyalty programme or transfer them to your friend by email.
  • If the price of the new ticket is lower than the value of the voucher, you will receive a new voucher. The residual value remains valid within one year after it’s been issued.
  • Once the voucher has expired, passengers can claim a refund on the unused value only. The form of payment in which the refund should be made is dependent on what was used as the payment method.
  • By using the voucher, you will be able to buy a ticket on the airline’s website or by calling the airline’s customer service phone number.

Lot Polish 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Making the cancellation request within a day of making a flight booking as long as the scheduled departure date must fall 7 or more days at the time of making a flight cancellation. No cancellation fee will apply.

  • Refundable as well as non-refundable fares
  • Travellers shouldn’t be purchasing travel credit vouchers with the intention of making bookings.
  • We require no more than 9 reservations for helicopter flights.

How to cancel the Lot Polish airlines ticket

You can cancel your flight with the airline either online through their website or through their phone number at the airport, too.

To cancel a flight online, visit the airline’s website and click on the ‘Manage Booking’. It will take you through to cancel your reservation. You’ll also find out how much refund you can claim and other information.

  • Browse the error page on the lot.com website and cancel or change your flight.
  • We do not ask for any personal details up front. All you need is your booking number and last name to access your booking.
  • Select whether the flight you want to cancel is domestic or international
  • There is a helpful and easy-to-follow onscreen dialogue asking if you would like to return the product.
  • The airline’s cancellation fee is supposed to be provided in accordance with the fare rule of your booking. Every airline has a different cancellation policy.
  • Once your cancellation request is completed, you will receive our credit for the travel. The details about this voucher and the ride should be in the email with detailed information of the exchange and which seats are available if you have selected tickets.

Cancellation Fees -Our customers get a lot of benefits on our phone service, but there are one downside. The cost of cancelling the booking is usually more than the actual booking value. That’s why we charge a cancellation fee upfront so that you can put it towards other travel credits for future orders.

Airport Reservation Refund – You can cancel hotels, airfare or any other type of reservation up to 3 hours before departure if it’s eligible for a refund. This ensures that you have time to find an alternative purchase without any additional charges.

Lot Polish Airlines Cancelled Flights

Lot Polish Airlines Cancelled Flights

If your flight is cancelled, Lot Polish airlines has a special procedure that will allow you to change the date or route without limits.

  • We allow customers to change their booking up to one month from the date of cancellation.
  • International flights are the most expensive, but domestic flights are much cheaper. If you need a change, or have been told too late to plan your trip, it can be pretty costly.
  • No refunds will be given for transactions in cash.
  • If you have any reservations made with us, you can alter or cancel them from the original point of purchase on our website.
  • Lot Polish Airlines is a reputable airline that provides excellent customer service. You can call 888-528-8288 to reschedule your next flight throughout the United States.
  • If an airline delays or cancels a flight to the extent that the passengers arrive at the final destination 3 or more hours later than the original arrival schedule, they must compensate for the cancelled flight.

Lot Polish Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

Their compensation policy determines how much each customer can expect to be compensated on a delayed or cancelled flight, depending on the length of the delay. The overview is as follows:

Only if your flight is delayed, into the evening you will get a nice compensation. Not only you will stay at the proposed hotel in case of a hotel reservation by the airline – 

Length of delayAmount (in USD)
3 – 6 hours150
6 – 9 hours300
9+ hours450

If a passenger has to reschedule their flights more than 3 hours before their original arrival time at the final destination they will be able to restructure their tickets and receive compensation on their way to the airport.

Flight arrival time at the destinationAmount (in USD)
3 – 6 hours250
6 – 9 hours400
9+ hours650

Lot Polish Airlines Refund Policy

Lot Polish Airlines Refund Policy

As per Lot Polish Airlines, a refund will be applicable on the unused portion of the ticket. However, other policies include returning airfare expenses and giving up to 6 months for a full reimbursement.

  • In case of cancelled flights, you may need to fill out this form for a refund. After following the necessary steps, your airline will process the refund within 14 days.
  • Certain conditions apply for refunding your money. You must make a cancellation within 24 hours, and you must provide a way to receive credit for future travel
  • You don’t need to cancel if you decide to void the ticket within 24 hours. You can just ask for a refund in the form of cash and it would not be a problem.

Lot Polish Cancellation Fee

On domestic flights, the Lot Polish cancellation fee is only $25 for any changes made prior to 12:00 hours of the scheduled departure, and no penalty a year after it was originally purchased. To see more details on international flight penalties please visit our blog.

For International TravelEconomy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness ClassFirst Class
Cancellation fee in USD200250300400
For Domestic TravelEconomy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness ClassFirst Class
Cancellation fee in USD100125150Not applicable

Regarding cancellation of a trip, the following must be considered: if you have scheduled a trip before the time of departure: you will not be able to modify it later on. Even if you want to cancel your flight, check the policies and charges of that particular airline before hand. Fees may sometimes apply.

Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Question

As long as the scheduled departure date must fall 7 or more days at the time of making a flight booking, you can get a full refund on the ticket value if you request a cancellation.

You can cancel your booking online via the airline’s website or through the airline’s customer service phone number. To cancel your booking online, go to

  • Visit our website for more information about how to book tickets.
  • Learn your booking information with the flight confirmation number, like which names it will be travelling with.
  • Have to cancel a flight? Let’s contact our customer service team. They’ll be able to help.
  • On the next page, InsureandGo lists the penalty that needs to be collected and the refund value, making it easier for people to find which fees they need to pay.
  • Don’t worry, we’ll prompt you at the end of this process to confirm your selection and we will help you every step of the way.
  • Our support systems make it possible for our customers to quickly understand the process of their application.

If your flight is cancelled, we have a special procedure that will allow you to change the date or route without limits. The change of booking is allowed for one from the day of cancellation. In case of changing the route, it’s possible in case of a change from international flight to an international flight. The same rule applies to domestic flight. No refund would be applicable in the

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