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Latam Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

To book an airline ticket, passengers can shortlist the preferred name for their flight. They charge an extra ten dollars for a wrong or missing ticket details reassignment before printing it out. Depending on the checking process, passengers don’t have to consider it their official travel document unless they want to avoid getting checked in.

Here is all the relevant information about how to change your name on Delta Airlines. This way you will have less hassle using the airport, and you will have a better travel experience.

What is Latam Name Change Policy?

Airlines allow passengers to change their names for free. You can also correct misspellings or changes related to legal obligations like name changes that arise due to marriage, divorce or religious conversion with Latam Airlines Name Change Fee.

Rules Associated with the Latam Name Change 

Latam Airlines has a name change policy that must be completed up to four hours before departure, and if the request isn’t done in time, there’s an airline change penalty on top of that.

People who had to travel far using public transportation are hesitant to ask for help.

Name change is a policy that allows passengers to transfer the ownership of their tickets from one passenger to another. Latam Airlines’ guidelines are outlined under the policy – if you have a reservation on someone’s name and then want to take it for yourself, you must inform them ahead of time before you attempt to transfer your reservation or contact us for help with completing the process.

What Type of Name Change can You Request with Latam Airlines?

Travelers can request all sorts of changes to a name and passengers can catch errors on the spot. We can make changes and corrections such as, misspelled names, omissions or additions in first names, legal name changes, and much more.

Spelling Mistake in the Last, Middle or First Name

If there is a spelling mistake on the issued flight ticket, the passenger must call the Latam Airlines Customer Service Phone Number. They explained that they might charge a fee to change the name and will incur the fare difference because their mistake.



DAISY for DAISE (Correction: DAISE)

Inverted Name/Last Name 

If you catch misspellings with your name in an overseas country it can be fixed free of charge over the phone. Your travel wish will only be carried out if you provided legal documents and pay a fee, a fare difference applies when reservations are taken after the name correction.

SALVADORE/GILBERT MARIA was the artist’s given surname, which he changed to MARIA GILBERT later, then corrected it.

David CASTRO/FIDEL (the last name of the passenger was issued as David CASTRO and later corrected to David CASTRO)

JONAS/NICK PEREZ for JONAS/NICK PEREZ. Occasionally passengers have both parents with the same name, but this ticket printed for JONAS was issued using the wrong initial, and later corrected to JONAS/NICK PEREZ

Inverted Name Field 

The airlines auction tickets in order from high to lowest on the spot. It has a few different ways for the rest of their customers such as members and private discounts. Private discounts must be submitted at least 48 hours before departure, and this request is only available for international flights. Tickets are honored using an IATA pre-defined code, so airlines follow these kinds of rules.


Thirty-two people who bought tickets for a game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Tampa Bay Lightning all had their ticket cancelled and refunded because, according to the NHL, someone at Ticketmaster accidentally issued duplicate tickets.

MELINDA GATES for GATES MELINDA (ticket issued as MELINDA GATES later corrected to GATES MELINDA later corrected to MELINDA)

Omitted or Addition of First Name 

Requests to change a passenger’s name are booked through our systems on an iced basis– That is, we first check that the ID collector has a legal passport and then advise passengers whether their request follows acceptable procedure so that their requests are approved. For example:

SILVIA/MARIA for SILVIA is a professional speech recognition application that helps people communicate with transcription machines quickly and easily.

The Gilmore Girlxincluded David Patrick Gilmore as both Ally and Rory’s father.

SMITH is a family-run building contracting firm with over 65 years experience.

Omitted or Addition of Last Name 

Passengers can request the name change for flights on international journeys only after submitting their legal identification document. Passengers who make the request are liable to pay the conversion fee, and consult with aviation authorities about any potential fare difference.

Butler/Gerard are the team that provides cleaning services for Butler Saunders/Gerard.

They are so happy to hear your congratulations; they sent you a big photo.

Susana Torres is the person with a very similar name to Silvia Torres.

First and Last Name Duplicity 

Passengers can request that the duplicate information in their name be eliminated for domestic or international flights. In order to help prevent duplicate names and unclear documentation, passengers pay for a name change fee along with the fare difference in order to issue a new ticket.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla, proposed a new business venture to the space industry.


Change of First or Last Name due to Legal Considerations 

If there is a change on First Name, Middle Name or Last Name due to any legal circumstances such as marriage or divorce decree between the flight booking and the scheduled departure, the airlines in agree to accept that request. Passengers will need to submit official photo identification for international flights and Government-issued photo identification for domestic flights. Passengers would be asked to present original documents



Latam Airlines Name Correction 

Passengers can request whether additional name suffixes or prefixes should be added to their ticket when they’re traveling internationally. It’ll not only save you money, but passengers will also have the safety of knowing that their identity data is being protected.

For example Full Name DONALD TRUMP JUNIOR

As a presidential nickname, Donald JR DONALD or JUNIOR TRUMP or TRUMP JR is abbreviated as JR/DONALD.


Correction for the Type of Passenger 

With a copy of their passport or government-issued photo ID, children under the age of 12 year old can fly without paying the child’s fare. It is considered a name correction exception. The said request is completed by reissuing the ticket and the name change fee would be levied. In addition, fare difference would be charged too, as appropriate.

How to Request the Latam Name Change?

Passengers can contact Latam Airlines about name changes. You can make the changes either by sending an email to a customer service rep or by visiting the official website.

Method 1: Latam Name Change Online 

It is important to visit the airline’s website and provide all of the necessary changes via the Ticket Change Inquiry section. You need to pay the required fee and make sure a difference has been made in your fare before you can receive an email confirmation with the correct passenger name.

Check out our easy steps on how to change the name of a business in California.

Method 2: Latam Name Change over the phone

Over the phone, passengers can simply ask for a name change. One of our flight representatives will do it for you and let you know what the costs are. You can pay with a debit card or credit card to make the name change ASAP.

Unlike other airlines, Latam Airlines is really easy and customer-friendly when it comes to name correction. With focuses on important details such as name correction and name changes, those looking to travel with Latam can skip unnecessary steps. Ads the detailed guidelines mentioned above, the process is easy and hassle-free for those who want to fly with Latam…

Latam Airlines Name Change Fee

If you want to change your name after 24 hours, we’ll do it for free. However, there may be an additional fee. For example if your new name no longer falls in the dictionary or has punctuation at the end, that is when we charge a fee on top of the translatio

A change penalty would be applied to any payments made after the policy was announced. These are outlined in Latam Airlines’ name change policy and they affect purchases following the criteria below:

Types of Name Change Requests Domestic Change Fee (in USD) Fare Difference International Change Fee (in USD) Fare Difference
Spelling Mistakes  200  Yes 250  Yes
Inverted Names Request not allowed Request not allowed 250  Yes
Inverted Name Field Request not allowed Request not allowed 250  Yes
Omitted First Name  Request not allowed Request not allowed 250  Yes
Omitted Last Name  Request not allowed Request not allowed 250  Yes
First and Last Name Duplicity 200  Yes 250  Yes
Legal Name Change 200  Yes 250  Yes
Name Correction by Adding Suffixes or Prefixes 200  Yes 250  Yes
Modify Passenger Type 200  Yes 250  Yes

Things to Consider before Changing Name on Latam Airlines

Airlines ticketing system uses information from the IATA standard to issue the ticket in order of – last name and first name. The agent will honor the information if it is printed on the reservation portal when they see that they are a match to what’s in their carrier.

Before making a flight booking, you should contact the airline to ensure the name change request is handled with ease.

While making a reservation for your flight, review the other considerations for entering names- Things like sex, age and ticket class.

Latam Airlines Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Latam Airlines name change policy allows passengers to correct or change the name in accordance to the Form of Identification (FOID) on any flight booking where there are issuance errors. However, the said request must be completed up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure for international flights, and two hours before for domestic flights.

People can request a name change online. They can also inquire about a flight at the Airline Inquiry tab. Additionally, people can call airlines for changes and corrections to their reservations.

When booking a flight, an airline assesses the difference in ticket price based on the different between the international and domestic prices. Any applicable fare difference must be paid by the passenger.

We will only correct a name on the ticket if we have that person’s own contact information on file

You request a name change on your unused portion of the travel. Your entire flight itinerary is rebooked and the reservation is made at your new fare. Any difference between the Fares are paid by you and any Latam Name Changes Fee, if applicable, are paid by us.

If you have a flight booked between the United States and Canada, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase, receive a full refund for your reservation, and re-book the new itinerary with the correct passenger name.

Passengers can request the addition or elimination of their last name when booking a ticket online. They will either incur the 250 USD fee and cost difference, or pay 250 USD to have their last name removed by MISTAKE. This accommodation is available only for international flights.

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