Lao Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Lao Airlines is best known for its headquarters in Vientiane, Laos. The airline operates both domestically as well as internationally and gives its services in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Cambodia. Due to its passenger base in South East Asia, the airline has gained a lot of popularity amongst local tourists. The airline seems to provide promising services to its patrons with planes deployed in Beijing and Bangkok, providing a gateway service in China.

If you plan to fly with this airline, make sure you are taking the following information in detail. We have reduced all the important information that you should know about Laos flights to a list of tips.

Key Highlights Of The Cancellation Rules

  • Lao Airlines’s passengers don’t have to worry about being penalized for cancelling their flight; they can cancel without a penalty up to 24 hours before departure. They should purchase their tickets no more than a week away unless Lao Airlines requires them to do otherwise.
  • If you don’t cancel your flight within 24 hours of the departure, the airline makes a cancellation charge. The amount will be returned to you after they’ve credited the ticket.
  • If the passengers are making a dual booking, they can cancel their tickets with lower airfare under normal circumstances. In most other cases, the passengers have to contact the airline during an emergency.
  • Lao airline has a number of ways to cancel your flights. Booking can be done online or at the airport, so it does not require much effort on the part of the passenger.
  • If there is any third party association such as an agent or agency involved, there is a condition that passengers must contact the agents if they want to cancel their trips.
  • Lao Airlines is the only place from which lost or stolen tickets can be refunded. You cannot get a refund at another airline office.
  • If a group of people want to make a single purchase together, they can send us an email to cancel their tickets. We’ll only charge the expenses that correspond with seats they took up.

Lao Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

  • Lao Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy. They do not charge anything for cancellations up to the 24-hour limit. It is worth considering spending this time away from your busy schedule because Lao Airlines will not charge you anything beyond the refundable 48 hours.
  • It is not as critical that every ticket allows the option of referencing a refund policy. It is not feasible to punish every single airline for a policy which only some airlines have.
  • Airlines require that all passengers respect the 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel a ticket, make sure you do it at least 24 hours before your flight.

Lao Airlines Cancellation Charges 

  • Lao Airlines has different cancellation charges depending on the type of ticket you have. They can be fine either in person or by mail with a cancellation charge on it.
  • As per Lao Airlines policies, the passengers would not be charged even a penny if they cancel their tickets on time. However, a small fee of $50 will be charged for the cancellation of an issued e-ticket.
  • If you’ve purchased insurance, the airline won’t deduct any amount from refunds. It is so nice knowing you’re covered when you want to cancel! Last minute cancellations are also allowed for passengers with insurance.

Lao Airlines Refund Policy 

  • If passengers don’t need their ticket anymore within 24 hours of purchasing with Lao Airlines, they can get 100 percent refunded.
  • If passengers are refunded, they must try to cancel their tickets at least a week before the departure date. Depending on the airline, it might take some time for the cancellation to process.
  • The passengers must submit the request for a refund by mail, which can be found on their website or from an airline representative. The details of cancellation and refund must be mentioned in the mail.
  • Lao Airlines ensures that the buyer can get their money back in Vientiane, which is an important part of our company’s policies.
  • The refund usually takes several days to show up in the account. Domestic refunds are usually processed faster than international ones.
  • The refund option available with tickets will be the same as what was used to purchase the actual ticket. That means that if passengers paid for their tickets via credit card, then the way for them to receive their refund would also be by credit card.
  • When passengers purchase a ticket, they are required to fill out a contact information form. If unable to provide this information, their refund requests will be delayed. The entire airline should have time for your refund requests, after all, your request is important.
  • If your non-refundable tickets were not accidently refunded by the airline when you bought them, you can contact The United Airline & Ticket Company LLP and they will give you a full refund.

How To Cancel Lao Airlines Flight Ticket 

Lao Airlines has a large variety of different policies in regards to cancelling flights. People have their own preferences when it comes to cancellation, which the airline accommodates to make it easier on the passengers.

Flight Ticket Cancellation Online

Talking about convenience, you can cancel your tickets through a number of different ways. If you made the decision to purchase your tickets online, you can cancel them using a number of different methods.

  • Go to your email and paste in this email address. This will make your reservations more secure! Email
  • In the subject area, type “Ticket Cancellation”. 
  • To ask for your details, write a headrom section next to the information on where you buy your ticket. In this section, include the PNR number and any other pertinent information you need.
  • Make sure to give a strong reason for cancelling, and attest a document to it, if you can. End the letter by requesting the airline to understand your situation and cancel the tickets.
  • Please note that you can cancel your purchase at any time by submitting a request for cancellation. The airline will go through your eligibility and make it easy for you to get your money back quickly.

Flight Ticket Cancellation Offline 

You can also opt to have a passenger cancel their trip via a call or personally. There are two ways in which a traveler can proceed with an online cancellation ticket, by email or by visiting the airport counter.

  • You can find a company in the cancellation process. When looking for a company to do this, find those that specialize in negotiating loss or damage claims
  • Explain the reason for your flight change. Use textual explanations and examples to help them understand what you want.
  • We will handle your request and proceed with the cancellation within 30 days as per Lao Airlines cancellation policy.
  • Confirm the cancellations once they are finished. The executives would receive an email with a confirmation of the same.

Lao Airlines Cancellation Compensation 

  • If the airline denies boarding to a passenger’s flight, they can receive compensation if the delay was longer than 3 hours. The airline regulation did not specify how much the compensation is but it is stated at
  • In case of flight cancellation by Lao Airlines, passengers can either cancel the ticket and demand a refund or they have the option to be on one of the next arranged flights.
  • Lao Airlines would provide food and beverage coupons to compensate for the loss in travel plans. In the case of a delay more than 3 hours, one can also seek other accommodations at the airport.
  • If your flight was delayed due to any natural reason such as an airport incident, bad weather etc the airline will not award you compensation.
  • The airline is not financially responsible,  according to the cancellation policy, if they send the notification with less than 14 days before departure.
  • The compensation charges for every ticket vary. You can inquire with the help of one of our agents at Lao Airlines if you’re not sure about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Lao Airlines Cancellation Policy

Yes. Depending on the customer service policy of Airlines, passengers can easily request for refunds. Some airlines do not allow for non-refundable tickets to be canceled (such as Alitalia), so passengers who have purchased these types of tickets need to call the airline for more information.

No matter what, the airline allows passengers to change or cancel their flights within 24 hours since they bought their tickets or days before the flight. However, if the airline requires an surcharge-or a fee-for example if the passenger misses a flight or uses an emergency gate-then that fee has to be paid for. To know the exact amount of this fee, you must contact them directly.

If an airline calls off its flight, it gives passengers a couple of choices. Cancelling the flight and asking for a refund or stepping onto the next flight on which you have been accommodated.

Airlines usually give refunds as soon as passengers cancel their flights. Airlines might take 7 to 14 days to credit the refund into your bank account, if you paid by a credit card the airline would initiate the refund right away. There are three ways to get a refund: buying tickets with cash or cheque, airline contact you about desired mode of refund.

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