Kuwait Airways Inflight WiFi & Internet Guide 2022

Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait’s primary airport, is home to the national flag carrier airline of Kuwait, Kuwait Airways. The Star Alliance member offers regular flights to over 34 destinations throughout the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

Kuwait Airways has upgraded their fleet to ensure that they are operating more efficiently. They offer wifi on some flights and a paid service on the selected flights.

Kuwait Airways at a glance:

Name Kuwait Airways
AllianceStar Alliance
Headquarter Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait
Main HubKuwait International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Paid)
Wifi ProviderOnAir
Passenger Destinations34
Operating Aircraft30
Social MediaFacebook

Kuwait Airways Inflight Wifi Service:

Kuwait Airways provides passengers on Boeing B777-300ER, Airbus A330-800neo, A330-200, and A320neo fleets inflight wifi facilities. Passengers flying in the aircraft can use inflight wifi by paying the charge for their desired service offered by Kuwait Airways–from cheap OnAir internet packages up to the expensive high-speed internet access.

Kuwait Airways inflight wifi packages:

Packages Time DurationPrice (USD)
Package- 130 minutes10 USD
Package- 21 hour20 USD
Package- 33 hours40 USD

Connect to Kuwait Airways inflight wifi by following these instructions.

Kuwait Airways offers inflight WiFi on their Boeing B777-300ER, Airbus A330-800neo, A330-200, and A320neo fleet. The steps for connecting to the Kuwait Airways inflight WiFi are explained below:

  • When you close your seatbelts on an airplane, turn off your device. You can now enjoy the comfort of not using your device while also staying safe.
  • Turn on wifi 
  • Select the network ‘OnAir’
  • When the Wi-Fi portal automatically appears on your screen, we just wanted to say “Thank you!”
  • It’s easy to give us the details of your package and make a reservation.
  • People can only pay off their Visa Card balance with it.
  • Once the payment information is securely confirmed, you can start using your internet right away.
  • Enjoy browsing!

Kuwait Airways Inflight Entertainment:

Kuwait Airways has an in-flight entertainment system installed on all of their planes. Passengers can enjoy movies, TV-shows, and different music from many parts of the world before they get to their destination.

Kuwait Airways has no in-flight wi-fi on some flights to the United States.

Airlines in Kuwait Airways typically fly to JFK Airport. The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft all have inflight wifi, so passengers are able to connect while they’re en route. People travelling from the middle east, or the subcontinent, can allow their computers, phones etc to work with inflight wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Kuwait Airways have inflight wifi?

Yes, 10 months after launching the major inflight wifi service, Kuwait Airways has introduced the WiFi-in-flight network.

Kuwait Airways can provide those seeking to watch television on flights with its inflight Wifi.

There is easy access to wifi in the Kuwait Airways terminal. It is possible to stream Netflix on it, but it might buffer a lot while doing so.

Do you have to use just one device when using the Kuwait Airways inflight wifi service?

Each device has its own unique log in and log out method. Passengers are only able to use one device at a time to avoid hacking attempts, so they won’t hurt their chances of getting on the next flight

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