Korean Air Change Flight Policy – 2022

Korean Air changes your flight at no extra cost. Easy change rules, hassle-free procedure and most importantly, affordability make this a great deal for those who need to get out of town. Plus great benefits from their loyal loyalty accosunt holders.

Korean Air Ticket Change Policy

Korean Air has a list of flight policies that can vary by flights.

  • Because passenger preferences and schedules are important, passengers are allowed to change the date, time, class of service, and destination on their Korean Air tickets.
  • Korean Air passengers are allowed to make name corrections on their tickets. Korean Air does not allow tickets to be transferred to a whole new passenger and in such a case, the passenger needs to reserve another ticket.
  • To change your flight, you may have to pay an additional change fee or fare difference, if applicable. If you would like a refund for any unused portions of your ticket, it will be processed within the following week.
  • Korean Air’s new policy would apply to all ticket types, award tickets, class of service, any published prices and consolidated fares.
  • Korean Air tickets can only be changed with Korean Air operations (not via the South American website or ticket agent) through the Korean Air reservation portal.
  • CouchezTV has a generous policy on the changing scheduled flight. In case the passenger is notified of the scheduled flight within 14 days of its scheduled departure, no change fee or fare difference would be applicable.
  • If your airline has a code-share or interline agreement with Air KORG, the Korean Air change fee will be added to the fees credit card would charge.

Korean Air Ticket Change Policy within 24 Hours

With Korean Air, you always have the flexibility of adding on any flight anytime for no additional cost – this includes changing your ticket.

  • Korean Air typically charges a change fee if you change a flight before 24-hours are up. Once the new flight is purchased, the previous ticket back comes with the fare difference.
  • Korean Air changes the prices on flight within 24 hours. That is a great way to keep up with constantly changing prices, view all fare types, and see when the best time is to purchase tickets.
  • For bookings made by travel agents or seamlessly with Korean or international flights, if changes are required you will be charged a service fee of 35 USD to change your booking within 24 hours.
  • With the ability to change your airline ticket, an airline allows you a lot of freedom.
  • Their policy states that reward, mileage tickets and other travel merchandise cannot be exchanged on the same flight for any reason.

Korean Air Change Fee

Korean Air Flight Change Fee

The Korean Air passenger fee for changing your flight can vary depending on the type of ticket you purchase.

Class of Service/Fare TypeSaver FareStandard FareFlex Fare
Economy Class150 USD150 USDFree
Prestige ClassKorean Air does not offer to save fare for Prestige Class150 USDFree
First ClassKorean Air First Class charges no change feeKorean Air First Class charges no change feeKorean Air First Class charges no change fee

Korean Air offers travelers a waiver on the change fee for tickets between October 31, 2021 and now. If you request a change after buying a ticket, you’ll be exempt from the Korean Air change ticket fee. Fees will still apply as always; however, you can change your destination quickly and easily by simply replying to the confirmation email sent by Korean Air.

Korean Air Change Seat Policy

Passengers flying with Korean Air can request their seating selection for free at the time of booking or while checking in online. Before making a request, please make sure you understand how the process works and which requirements have to be met before making a change request.

  • The Koreans have developed a new way to improve ticket prices. By providing free seat selection at the time of booking, Korean Air offers better rates for people looking for flights.
  • If a passenger needs to change their seat, this will apply to their ticket’s price changes. It may not always be possible for the passenger.
  • Korean Air charges fees for changing seats because the comfort is non-negotiable. These different seats cost different amounts of money.
  • Korean Air does not require passengers to make changes to their travel plans. If a passenger wants a specific seat on the plane, they can select it from the original itinerary.

How to Change Flight with Korean Air?

You can change or alter your Korean Air reservation without waiting for too long, providing that it must be a Korean Air-operated flight. You can use two following ways to do this – by changing the flight date or origin/destination

Korean Air Flight Change Online

Here’s the steps you can use to change the dates or cancellations on your Korean Air booking online.

  • Take a look at the website Korean Air.com and see if there are any new deals available to save on your trip to Korea.
  • Please enter the six-digit booking reference or 13-digit e-ticket number along with the last name of the passenger. Hit continue to proceed to retrieve your Korean Air booking.
  • When booking a flight on our website, please sign up and request your needed changes with the ‘change flight’ tab. When you choose the new dates and times, we will contact you to schedule your trip!
  • You can browse for new flights by selecting from the list of available flights. Click on “Confirm my selection” if you’re ready to book your flight.
  • It is easy to compare flight schedules. Our home page has a schedule that lets you see when flights are cheap and if there are any travel deals available. Your next trip can be planned before you know it.
  • It costs a fee to change your flight date or destination with Korean Air.  The fee may vary depending on the itinerary that you want to change.
  • Once you create your account, it’s easy to add a card with just a few clicks. You can transfer money from a card or have it deposited into the account.

Korean Air Flight Change Over the Phone

You can request a Korean Air flight change over the phone by contacting one of our customer executives. No extra fees will be incurred over the phone other than the Korean Air change flight fee and fare difference, if applicable. No Korean Air change date fee would be charged if booked First Class fare, Economy and Prestige Class’ flex f

  • We are here to help you get connected and solve any bookings that go wrong. Simply keep your booking or ticket number handy so that you can use our customer support team as needed.
  • Request a suitable flight change. You can use new travel dates, or flight times changed, geography and destinations to do this.
  • Check the fare rules before booking your Korean Air flight. Under Korean Air’s new policies, a fare difference is automatically included with every flight reservation.
  • You can avoid paying expensive flight change charges by paying over the phone with a debit or credit card.
  • Once the changes are confirmed, you will receive a new confirmation email along with the new flight itinerary at your registered email address.

Korean Air Flight Change Helpline

Reach out to us for help with a change of flight, cancellation, or any related issue. If there are changes or cancellations to your booking, you can be assured that we will act in accordance to the Korean Air change policy. You will only be charged for the Korean Air change fee and fare difference.

Korean Air Flight Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As per Korean Air policy, one-way, round-trip, and the multi-destination ticket that is purchased or booked online can be altered online at Korean Air.com regardless of the travel route, destination, and class of service. Itineraries with Code-share agreements flights or itineraries where passengers have to upgrade the class of service cannot be altered online, and are only subject to cancellations if other passengers agree to do so through a chargeback process.

You can change the flight with us. We would generate a new PNR for the changed flight schedule. As per Korean Air change flight policy, the booking reference and the flight itinerary for the unselected passengers will remain unchanged.

As per the Korean Air flight change policy, people can’t change their bookings once they’ve paid for them. It is essential to cancel a reservation if you want to travel on new dates.

You can request a refund for all the additional charges incurred when changing your Korean Air flight from the original card used during booking. The amount will subsequently be refunded to the original form of payment.

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