Korean Air Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

Korean Air offers flights to and from America, excluding Brazil. They offer separate flights plans for those traveling to and from Brazil. They provide flights in the region such as Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and have routes throughout Asia.

It’s confusing to figure out the baggage allowance rules for different countries if you’re travelling within a certain region, and it frequently changes. For example, if you’re travelling from Australia to Singapore there will be certain cabin luggage that is more restricted than one flying between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

There are important rules to know before deadlines that could impact your travel plans. It is recommended to learn them ahead of time.

The Korean Air Free Baggage Allowance Policy provides passengers 16kg for carry on, 5 kg for checked baggage, and one item of cabin baggage per passenger.

Know that the weight your luggage is measured at home can be different from the one at the airport. Keep your baggage under the weight limit and take advantage of your countries limitations to avoid paying an excess baggage fee.

If possible, tag your bag with your name, destination and address beforehand. Keep in mind that you may need to follow the Korean Air baggage policies while traveling so you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of a missing item.

Korean Air will help you travel without checking in a bag. They’ll help you check it in, but only the size of your carry-on.

The best way to travel is with a budget-friendly economy ticket. With an economy ticket, you’re allowed one small personal item (with maximum measurements not more than 22 pounds or 10 kilograms total) and one carry-on bag.

A smaller personal item can be brought on economy class, like a handbag or laptop. This item doesn’t take too much space and is small enough to fit in the seat of the person in front of you. The carry-on bag can be fit inside the compartment above your head. The dimension total for a carry-on bag cannot go past 115 cm. This means on each side, it can only be 20 cm in length.

Many travel agents offer first and prestige class (we’ll call them equivalent of business class and premium class) for those going for a long trip. One of the two pieces of luggage allowed is light enough with a weight limit of 40 lbs, so don’t overpack!

Take a look with Korean Air Baggage. Check in your suitcase 24hrs before your flight and expect to find out where it is, or if it has been lost.

You can take a 22-pound bag, a car seat, and a foldable stroller to the checked luggage section. There is no baggage allowance limit for infants.

Economy Class

Many countries place a weight limit on the number of checked bags. Some allow as much as 50lbs while others only allow as few as 1 bag. It is important that travelers know these country specific policies.

Prestige Class

The free baggage allowance for the Prestige class is 2 bags. But the weight limit has been raised to 70 lbs or 32 kg. For Korean, European, Middle Eastern, African citizens it will now cost $200 per person for a cabin with a higher weight limit.

First Class

The seats in the first class are larger, for a better view. They can carry 3 bags if needed and the weight limit is 70 lbs. The premium-class passengers get to choose their seats and baggage allowance.

You can get better service from Korean Air when you have one of their travel packages. The website is available to provide the estimated cost for your trip before you purchase.

All overseas departures with Korean Air have excess baggage fees, unless they travel with a certain amount of extra baggage.

200 USD is charged per piece if there are more than 2 bags. For baggage exceeding the 24 to 32Kg size limit, it’s 100 USD per piece. If it surpasses 32 Kg, the charges are 200 USD. If the dimension limits are exceeded, we charge 200 USD for each additional Kg beyond 32 kg.

If the dimensions of your baggage are more than 203 cm, it will cost about 400 USD. If your bag is bigger than 292 cm in total length, there may not be a bag that can fit on your flight. You will have to work with the airline ahead-of-time to figure out if this is possible or go through special check-in procedures.

The places where you can enjoy free baggage allowance starts to diminish when the weight of your checked luggage exceeds 70 pounds. Prominent changes are also seen if your first bag is overweight.

The other countries in the area have similar guidelines for flights to neighboring regions and back. However, the fees with U.S. dollars are typically cheaper for flights from Korea to nearby regions and back. The price ranges per baggage are also lower, ranging from 70 USD to $100 USD depending on the weight of the burden placed up to 50 pounds, or if it is over 70 pounds.

Korean Air Special Baggage

Baggage that is not bags can be carried. For example, purses or toy-sized animals. These items are typically allowed as the rules for carrying them are maintained

Sports Equipment

  • Due to their size, golf clubs are not allowed as carry-ons. However, they can be transported as part of a free baggage allowance. . The gold bag has to be within 292 cm so that it doesn’t cause oversize fees for your flight. Pack your club in a hard holder and make sure your bag is within 23 kg or less. When you pack your clubs properly, don’ hurt them when traveling on Korean Airlines because the airline will not compensate you if something happens and you don’t break then unpack them properly!
  • You must be with a linear size that is within 292 cm when you load your skis or skateboard. Too small, and you’ll have extra fees such as overweight fees or excess baggage fees.
  • Needing to carry everything in a bag similar to scuba diving equipment is another necessity that supports your dive through the water.
  • Find the size that can be checked into a plane or other large container with the airlines. It will fit through the security line and won’t need too much space.
  • The fans need to be kept separate from the surfboard itself, but close enough to provide only a little bit of air. Comparable chargers are available for everyone’s needs.
  • The minimum length for walking fishing rods is 292 cm and there is no charge.
  • Passengers travelling with hockey equipment , skates and rackets should take care to bring these items in their checked luggage.
  • Types of firearms and ammunition that can be checked in for use as sports equipment have to be kept in bags.

Musical Instrument

  • An instrument within 115 cm can be checked in as carry-on. For checkout, there is a difference between checking these instruments in as check-in, and an alternative method, which is purchasing a seat.
  • For carry-on baggage, the size and weight requirements for musical instruments are the same. Customers should organize their instrument before departure to avoid extra fees. When it comes to checked baggage for musical instruments, Korean Air recommends not onboarding any materials unless it is a very small instrument and the passenger already has an aisle seat
  • Your musical instrument should be protected by a padded case with everything necessary, such as caring and tracking technology in your instrument.

Korean Air Restricted Items

Airlines place restrictions based on the risk to passengers. These can include the likelihood of accidents and unintentional threats, like carrying hazardous materials or having a nonfunctioning life-preserving device.

Prohibited Materials

  • Airline companies try to prevent potential flight problems by banning pressurized containers with gas.
  • If a hazard material, say a fire extinguisher, is under the dimensions allowed for carry-on luggage then it cannot be checked in or carried on to the plane.
  • Certain materials are not allowed in countries that have strict fire regulations.
  • One could get permission to use firearms. Though, certain people have legal rights to use it at events ranging from sport to security or military purposes.
  • Devices that are powered by lithium batteries are not allowed. Even if a hair straightener has a battery which can be removed, it is not allowed for entry.
  • For laptops, there are restrictions to the battery with different watt hours. The screen size and weight can also impact the watt hours.

Objects with “Checked Items” restriction can only be shipped to Complete Another Transaction with carrier.

  • Pack all materials that are fragile, such as glassware and ceramics, inside your carry-on bag. They should not be placed in checked baggage.
  • Travelers should not be packing large numbers of AA batteries and e-cigarettes in their checked bags.
  • Pack sparkly items in your carry-on bag and not your checked baggage so you need to get through security check quickly.
  • Electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones and cameras should not be carried on a flight as they can easily be damaged.
  • Batteries such as Alkaline, nickel hydride, and certain types of lithium batteries should also be brought on board as carry-ons.

Some items need to be checked sometime before they can be carried on with your luggage.

  • We encourage travelers to bring travel-friendly gels and liquids, but only letting them carry a container with a 100ml limit. No glass or metal containers, or cans need apply. The liquids should be sealed in a bag too.
  • If you plan to fly with medication that was prescribed by a doctor, make sure to have the necessary documentation which proves that it’s safe to bring on board.
  • Dry ice can be brought to the cabin. If the weight of this item on the register does not exceed two and a half kilograms, it is free.
  • MacBook Pro is allowed to be carried on in some countries and not in others. When you travel, check the restrictions placed by the country of your destination. MacBook Pro was subject to battery recall, so that version is not allowed.

Certain exemptions are mobility aid items, with the exception of wheelchairs, canes, and other more complex items. If you are traveling with these devices, it helps to give advance notice via phone or email, as airlines need time in advance to provide all the tools and information they require.

Korean Air Customer Service

Affordable Rates

You can contact Korean Air over the phone with any questions or concerns. They also have a website; they are available 24 hours at the ticket counter of the airport by live chat, on-call through email, and priority service via phone.

Timely Delivery

Your baggage reaches you in a timely manner. We only need your information to send the right person to meet you at the airport. You will only be responsible for reporting the missing or damaged baggage and our company will take care of finding it with the airline.

Notification Services

Korean air provides a notification service to customers and informs them of delays, diversions, or cancellations. This service is available through the website, on their toll-free number, and through subscription channels.

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