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KLM Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

If a traveler fills out the reservation incorrectly, KLM’s name correction policy helps make the necessary changes with minimal fees. Read on to learn about each component of the KLM name correction or change policy:

Clauses for KLM Change Name on Ticket 

A few airlines offer their service on different levels than others in the industry. If you choose an airline that charges correction costs, you may be asked to provide documents to determine if the flight is above the daily limit.

Change Name on the Ticket Purchased at the Official Website

Change Name on Tickets That Are Booked From Third-Party Agents

Name Change Policy for Flights Operated By Them

KLM Name Change Provision for Flights Operated By Partnered Airlines

KLM Name Change Charges

KLM allows you to re-brand your reservations free of charge for a short amount of time. After that, KLM charges a small percentage of the airline’s fee as name change costs. The cost is determined by your ticket price and how many changes are made, among other things. Check out the instructions below for more information on how much you need to pay in order to make name changes.

Key Highlights on the KLM Name Correction Policy

KLM Passenger Name Change Methods

You can change your name by different methods provided by KLM. They have outlined the key details about their rules for changing your name through changes made by filling out a document and mailing, or using the help of an authorized staff.

Change or Correct Name Via Official Website 

Change or Correct Name Via Customer Service Number

Change or Correct Name Via Airport Counter

Please note: You cannot fill a name change form on the same day of departure as KLM offers its name change service on the day of departure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – KLM Airlines Name Change Policy

Yes, KLM allow passengers to change their names on their tickets. Unfortunately, passengers who purchased their ticket at an unauthorized center will not be able to make name changes online with our official portals. Instead, they will need to contact the third-party agent that sold them the ticket on their own. Many of them may have resold or given away their tickets by this point anyway.

No. You cannot change the name on a KLM ticket. For this, you must have a valid ticket purchased from the official portals and changes should be made at least 30 hours before departure. For the corrections made within the allotted period, you will not need to pay KLM name change charges.

You can fix your KLM flight ticket in several ways. You can change the name at the official website, from your mobile app, from airport counters, or from customer service.

Name your KLM flight on the KLM website. It costs $13 for a standard change and £7 for an expedited change.

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