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KLM Check-in – 2022[updated]

KLM has check-in procedures designed to get you into your room easily. They offer a variety of options, including internet portals, mobile apps and airport kiosk check-in counters.

KLM Airlines Check-in Times

KLM keeps things simple with their check in process. You can check-in up to one day before the departure by connecting through your preferred portal, or at the corresponding approved facilities.

Contact the hotel for details about check-in times and deadlines. The following is a list of authorized methods by which to complete the check-in at your convenience.

KLM Online Check-in

The online check-in process starts from 

KLM has different check-in times for flights to or from different countries. The only exceptions are Mumbai, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya.

Note: To get the KLM boarding pass on mobile, you need to complete the check-in procedure at least 24 hours prior to departure. Online check-in is necessary, but it has to be done at least 30 hours before your flight.

KLM Self-Service Check-in Timing

Self-service check in for flights can be done at the Kiosk tower. Passengers have to start their check-in process about 14 hours in advance if they’re flying from Europe and around 3 hours before their scheduled departure if they are flying from Asia, Europe, Middle East, or South America.

Passengers must be ready to board the plane departing at least 40 minutes before it departs.

KLM Airport Check-in Time

Arrive at the airport two hours before your departing flight is scheduled to depart. Many counters in the Schiphol Airport KLM check-in desk are open from 00:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., as well as 04:30 a.m. The desks will not allow you to check-in without a ticket for departure in the next two to three hours, so if your flight departs within that time frame consult the departure board for more information at least one hour before prior to stepping up to these counters.

KLM Airport Check-in Start and End Times for Some Specific Airports

KLM airport check in time. The check-in time is not the same across all airports, but it can provide a quick overview.


Flying Blue Membership Benefits

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KLM Web Check-in Method

Online check-in on websites is a relatively new method that companies can use, but if done correctly, it can increase conversion.

KLM Mobile Check-in Method

Passengers with a KLM booking can check-in to their flights from the mobile app. To do this, they need to initiate the KLM mobile check-in at least thirty before one hour before the scheduled departure time. For flights traveling to or from the United States, passengers need to check-in 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure. The mobile check-in steps are identical to the web check-in method. Passengers can also find comprehensive flight details in advance of their journey and preselect travel options such as seat preferences, checked baggage weight allowances and much more for a stress free journey.

KLM Airport Check-in Method 

Passengers who have a wish to avoid long waits in the departure airport can visit there before their landing time is up and do their check-in procedure, but this might mean longer lines.

KLM Self-Sevice Check in Method

In the same way, KLM self-service checkin has been done. It is done by carrying passport, frequent flyer card, and the booking number booking to the KLM kiosk in the departure airport on the same day of scheduled departure to reach the tower. Follow instructions on your screen and find a cheaper flight as well as upgrade our flights as you go through and pay with cash or credit

Passengers requiring special help, including children traveling with pets, will not be able to check-in online at the Kiosk. Passengers must check-in at least forty minutes before departure and sixty minutes prior to departure for European and international flights.

Note: You may need to pay KLM airport check in fees, along with other applicable charges. On some destinations, the airline may charge a fee even after you’ve made your travel reservation through online portals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – KLM Check-in

Wanna make sure you don’t miss your flight? You’ll need to check-in at the airport thirty before departure. Depending on where you are departing from or arriving at, there may be different check-in windows for that particular airport type.

Check-in times vary depending on which airport you are departing from. Passengers flying out of Amsterdam or Istanbul can check-in up to sixty minutes before their flight if they give the appropriate notice. Within communicating with Airports, passengers will find out other information they may need to know like check-in deadline or any special requirements.

Passengers who qualify for SkyPriority tickets can start the KLM check-in process by following these easy steps.

Following passengers qualify for SkyPriority check-in:

Yes, you do need to print the boarding pass. You can do it automatically on the website, via the mobile app, or by showing up at the departure airport kiosk and following the on-screen commands.

For online method: 

International flights need to pass through the KLM hub. Considering this, the airport check-in can be difficult for some passengers.

To add KLM boarding pass to your wallet offline, consult your travel agents about the procedure. They’ll study your needs and provide you with instructions for successfully completing the steps.

You can check in to your flight three hours before departure. You can also check in 24 hours before scheduled departure for the United States with KLM.

You can buy more tickets with upgrade fees and fare differences. Many airlines include applicable fees in the ticket price.

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