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KLM Baggage Allowance, Weight, Size & Restrictions Guide [2021]

Guide to KLM Baggage Allowance

Who is KLM?

KLM is the national flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. The company has its headquarters in Amstelveen, with its hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

We fly internally to our Dutch destinations and externally to countries around the world.

KLM finalized their merger with AirFrance-KLM Group. They are now one of the worlds largest airlines.

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KLM Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Weight

With all the rules and regulations of KLM Airlines, they would greatly benefit from having answers to their weight and restricted items before making a booking.

We provide details on European and Asian carry-on luggage size guidelines for our pilots.

KLM Baggage Allowance Limits

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  MAX 21.5 x 10 x 13.5 in

 MAX 12 KG Weight

More information at KLM Website:

KLM Carry on baggage Guide

Below you will find baggage rules for KLM Airlines. You can browse by class.

Economy Class on:

European & Intercontinental KLM flights

KLM Check-in baggage:

KLM Hand baggage:

Business Class Aon KLM flights

KLM Check-in baggage:

KLM Hand baggage:

KLM Children’s baggage

Children carry more hand baggage than adults. If you have children flying with you, confirm their luggage allowances with them first!

KLM Special and oversized baggage

You will need to pay to transport larger or heavier items. If possible, try to arrange with someone who regularly travels with a luggage scale or knows their limit.

KLM Baggage Allowance Summary

More information on KLM Baggage Allowance Policies:

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