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Kansas City Airport wifi Guide 2022 | MIC WiFi

Kansas City International Airport is the second largest airport in the United States. It has one unfinished terminal. This airport handles around 7.6 million individuals every year. If someone is living in downtown Kansas, it will take only half an hour to get to the airport; this is visible on Platte County Missouri. The airport provides free Wi-Fi and no fees or contracts.

Kansas City Airport at a glance

Let’s find out a few important information about the airport and Wi-Fi.

Name Kansas City International Airport
Owner The Kansas City Aviation Department
Airport Type Public
Hub for Frontier Airlines,
SkyWest Airlines,
Republic Airways
Terminal Three
Wi-Fi service Yes
Country US
Location Kansas City, Missouri, U.S
Website Website
Social Media Facebook  
Airport phone +1 816-243-5237

Details on Kansas City Airport Wi-Fi

The airport area provides free Wi-Fi for anyone to use, no matter what device they are using. If you are connected in an area that doesn’t provide free Wi-Fi, make sure to disconnect from the airport’s network.

Free Wi-Fi Yes
Free period 24 hours
Wi-Fi provider Kansas City International Airport (KCI)
Hotspot name KCI_FREE_WiFi
Wifi Speed 20 Mbps


Connecting to the Kansas City Airport WiFi is easy with these tips.

It will require less than a minute to get access to the free Wi-Fi. The process is very easy and simple; just follow these steps:


I want to know if I’ll be able to get Wi-Fi at Kansas City International Airport when I fly in this week.

Yes, the airport provides free Wi-Fi (for up to three devices) at all terminals.

Does the airport provide a place to make calls or use internet while waiting at the gate area?

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi with your laptop while you stay here. Sometimes that’s less than 24 hours and sometimes it lasts more than 24 hours.

Can people on a budget see if there are any options available for a cheap or inexpensive internet service at Kansas City International Airport?

Free Wi-Fi is only available to some users. If it’s not your internet service provider, you can’t access it.

What is the name of the airport that you would find yourself at if you are arriving in Kansas City?

It is “KCI_FREE”

Connect to Kansas City International Airport’s free Wi-Fi as quickly and easily as possible.

It is only 20Mbps; you may experience a little bit of buffering when browsing a heavy site like Netflix.

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