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Jetstar Flight Change Policy – july 2022

If you need to make changes to your flight reservation, refer to Jetstar Flight Change Policies to save money. This leading airline has its policies designed for travellers’ needs. So stop worrying and find out more about the following guide that aims to help you with all your booking changes.

Jetstar Change Flight Policy: New Updates

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the airline has added new clauses to their flight change policy. This update makes it quicker and easier for passengers to make changes with help from these clauses:

Jetstar Flight Change Policy According to the Fare Type

Tickets for flights in the United States that depart from or arrived in the U.S. typically don’t sell at ticket counter.  To understand your journey plan, go through the following:

Jetstar Same Day Flight Change Policy

When traveling, it’s important to know your Jetstar flight change policy ahead of time. In addition to that, we want you to be aware of how much your fare is changing from day-to-day.

Jetstar 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

Jetstar Change Flight Fees Table 

AUD / NZD 60 Domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand
JPY 3,300 Domestic flights in Japan
AUD / NZD 75 Short-haul international flights between Australia and New Zealand
AUD / NZD 75/ KRW 61,500 Long haul international flights
SGD 60 / IDR 565,000 Rp / VND 1,000,000 International flights with Jetstar Asia
JPY 4,150 International flights with Jetstar Japan
NIL Modifications are done under the risk-free period

Jetstar Online Flight Change Method

The online method is the safest and convenient way to update a scheduled flight booking. Follow the steps listed below and change your flight easily from home:

Steps for Online Flight Change

Jetstar Offline Flight Change

Jetstar passengers can change flights and make changes offline at their leisure, or use the following methods: calling to change itineraries, conveniently scheduling a new flight, or issuing a refund for a canceled flight.

Steps to Make Changes Over the Call

Steps to Make Changes at the Counter

Steps to Make Changes at the KIOSK Tower

Frequently Asked Questions on Jetstar Change Flight Policy

Jetstar is not a company that changes flight tickets. If you have an urgent time-sensitive situation, they’ll let you know in advance beforehand and may be able to accommodate those situations if the change is eligible.

You can change the Passenger’s name on Jetstar. After a risk-free period, passengers with refundable fares must pay 7 to 40 percent of the ticket fare as Jetstar name change fees, and passengers with non-refundable tickets must pay change fees ranging from 25 to 60 percent of the flight fare.

Flight change fees vary based on different factors. They usually range from USD 50 to USD 350 depending on the cost of the trip.

Yes, you can change your flight on the day of departure. However, your new flight will be in the same route and will connect to the same airports as the initial reservation. Depending on what airport you are coming from and where you are arriving, you may need to pay a change fee before your departure date.

Yes, you can easily change your flight date to match your travel plans. However, if you book a non-refundable ticket, that becomes true change fees. Passengers with refundable tickets don’t have to pay any fee when changing the date of their flight after the risk-free period, but they still must pay at least part of the cost of their ticket as Jetstar charges up to 40% of the ticket fare after that.

You change the destination of your flight with Jetstar. Simply tell them, and they will adjust the change to your new destination.

We have the ability to change your currency at the time of checkout. You can set up a different currency when you’re on our website so that it doesn’t matter what currency in which you’re purchasing your ticket.

We provide two types of support to our clients. We give them the opportunity to speak with experts in person, but many of our clients call us when they’re ready to meet face-to-face or we can help get an appointment for them outside of working hours and potentially save them a lot of money.

Jetstar offers customers a chance to change their flight date for a fee. You may also be able to switch your departure or arrival date when you exchange your ticket for a new one..

Online methods are easy and convenient. Online methods allow customers to book tickets quickly and easily.

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