Jetstar Flight Change Policy – july 2022

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If you need to make changes to your flight reservation, refer to Jetstar Flight Change Policies to save money. This leading airline has its policies designed for travellers’ needs. So stop worrying and find out more about the following guide that aims to help you with all your booking changes.

Jetstar Change Flight Policy: New Updates

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the airline has added new clauses to their flight change policy. This update makes it quicker and easier for passengers to make changes with help from these clauses:

  • Jetstar has very strict and specific rules about booking your flight. However, if you have to change anything, it’s best to contact them using approved channels to get it done.
  • Passengers who need to make a change can do so free of charge. No claim or conditions is required, even if the trip has already been booked and paid for.
  • If you’re booking a ticket on JETSTAR, don’t worry! If your flight changes, you may need to pay a refundable fare of $60 if the change occurred within 48 hours of booking. It’s worth keeping in mind that the fee for changing U.S. fares is 17%.
  • If your departure date between March 2020 to December 2021 falls during the charging window, the airline won’t charge you any change fee.
  • Additionally, long-haul flights only offer the same-day flight change option once they are in destination, not before.
  • Travelers’ who want the peace of mind and flexibility of being able to change their travel plans can buy refundable tickets. Jetstar does not charge a change fee on refundable tickets.
  • Passengers can change their flight twice in one year for a minimal fee. They must only submit the request before their flight’s departure time.

Jetstar Flight Change Policy According to the Fare Type

Tickets for flights in the United States that depart from or arrived in the U.S. typically don’t sell at ticket counter.  To understand your journey plan, go through the following:

  • Passengers with a Starter Fare ticket may not find it easy to change the cities of origin and destination without incurring additional fees.
  • Jetstar allows passengers to make changes to the name, co-passengers, flight time and departure date. Jetstar charges their customers a small fee, which allows them to avoid any additional fees.
  • If you want to change your travel date and upgrade your flight cabin, you’ll need to pay extra expenses that come along with it.
  • Airlines allow passengers to make one change for free usually within 24 hours. You need to check with the airline first to see if your changes are allowed and how many times you can make a change before you get locked out.
  • Once the passengers are checked-in and all their flights booked, changes to their itinerary cannot be made.
  • Passengers paying for their airline tickets with Starter Flex are offered the option to change their ticket on the day of departure.
  • Passengers, who are unsatisfied with the itinerary and wish to exchange a flight time or change their name, travel on Jetstar. They can also co-passengers change the schedules of flights, which takes a portion of their ticket fee as well.
  • Passengers need to pay a fare difference if they are upgrading their ticket. Upgrading the ticket brings with it the added perk of getting on board the plane earlier.
  • If flights are canceled due to natural or technical reasons, the airline will waive their change fees because it is their sole intention to offer the best service to all of its customers.
  • Passengers cannot modify arrival and destination airports.
  • People who have Jetstar Starter Plus tickets are eligible to change up the name, flight date, and time on their part while they are still able to exchange it for a different destination.
  • Some airlines let you reschedule your flight free of charge, so it’s in your best interest to contact them and find a new date as soon as possible.
  • You need to contact the airline ahead of the scheduled time if you want to upgrade the flight cabin.
  • The change fees for your flight can be expensive. Make sure to check the date of your ticket purchase, so that you know that it won’t cost a lot to change the time or location.
  • The deadline to change your name on a Jetstar flight ticket is 10 days before departure. You can do it for free before then, however, once the deadline has passed, you’ll need to pay an exorbitant amount of money to make the change.
  • You can change your flight date, time, destination, and origin by paying a specific amount. Jetstar makes it possible for you to have an affordable trip.
  • This applies to tickets purchased for a concert or sporting event at non-authorized locations.
  • People with a scheduled Jetstar flight before October 12, 2017, are entitled to one free change. Additional changes can be made for free only until the initial check-in date expires.
  • Free changes within 24 hours of booking.
  • Give yourself a name change during your lifetime if you do it within the deadline.
  • There is a frequent flyer program available with Jetstar. You can pay the fare difference to change your itinerary or check out the different fare restrictions at any time.
  • If the airline had to cancel the your flight due to the COVID-19 border restrictions clause, you can avoid making any changes by using that airline’s same day redeposit service.
  • According to flight change rules, there is a limit to the number of times an airline changes your destination and origin. Those holding business class tickets must have FareCredit.
  • Jetstar airline reservations are amendable according to the terms and conditions mentioned in their change policy. However, Jetstar doesn’t follow a rigid fare change system, so you need to pay different amounts at different price levels.
  • Free changes within the risk-free period.
  • If you make your flight changes before the appointed time, you can change the names of people on your flight for free. After the last day of change-making, you must pay a small portion of the ticket price for a change because the company has to keep track of your identification throughout an entire journey and often assumes certain documents could be fraudulent.
  • Business class passengers can postpone or change their flight date and time, change their departure and destination airports, and change their scheduled flight with a fee.
  • If the changes are made after the check-in process has completed, the airline will deduct its cost of providing the flight.
  • The service to change your flight is available on the same day, but it won’t apply to long-distance flights.

Jetstar Same Day Flight Change Policy

When traveling, it’s important to know your Jetstar flight change policy ahead of time. In addition to that, we want you to be aware of how much your fare is changing from day-to-day.

  • Jetstar passengers must notify the airline at least 12 hours in advance of any changes they would like. Passengers are given up to 48 hours to make adjustments to their flights, but changes cannot be made on long-haul flights that ask for a risk fee even if the passenger has a premium ticket.
  • Jetstar does not allow customers to make same-day changes via an unauthorized site. They must be made on official websites like the Jetstar website, Jetstar app, the customer service toll-free number, or at certain international airports where they have a counter.
  • Modifications to a ticket should be made before the departure date, but that varies by airline. Some airlines will require payment of the entire cost as the fee charged when changing a flight in case of reasons such as early arrival or an act of god.
  • A change fee waiver is available only if the flight is canceled for unavoidable circumstances like natural disasters and technical failures.
  • Whether or not you have a non-refundable ticket, you can use Jetstar same-day flight change service. However, if you want to change your flight date on the same day, there is a change fee of $25.
  • When the initial departure time of a flight is less than one hour, Jetstar will not accept requests for updates or changes to the original flight reservations. If you continue to make modifications, you must pay the whole amount as change fees.
  • Under the Jetstar same-day flight change policy, the new flight chosen by the passenger would follow the same routes and connect to the same airports as the original reservation.
  • Passengers who have already checked in are not guaranteed to be entitled to change their flight and will only be allowed a refund if the flight is more than 24 hours and an entire ticket.

Jetstar 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

  • Jetstar does not charge a change fee for changes made to plans within 24 hours prior to your check-in date. You must also purchase your original tickets from authorized outlets.
  • You are free to change your itinerary under the Jetstar 24 hour flight change policy even if you don’t have a refundable fare or a base fare ticket.
  • If you buy your tickets from a third party, sometimes the ticketing company won’t allow you to change the flight. But following Jetstar through their website might charge you other fees if you still want to change the flights and flights that people have booked.

Jetstar Change Flight Fees Table 

AUD / NZD 60 Domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand
JPY 3,300 Domestic flights in Japan
AUD / NZD 75 Short-haul international flights between Australia and New Zealand
AUD / NZD 75/ KRW 61,500 Long haul international flights
SGD 60 / IDR 565,000 Rp / VND 1,000,000 International flights with Jetstar Asia
JPY 4,150 International flights with Jetstar Japan
NIL Modifications are done under the risk-free period

Jetstar Online Flight Change Method

The online method is the safest and convenient way to update a scheduled flight booking. Follow the steps listed below and change your flight easily from home:

Steps for Online Flight Change

  • Head to the official website
  • Create or log in to an account by using credentials (username and password).
  • On the homepage, select “My Bookings” from the dropdown list on the left hand side.
  • Enter ____________________________ and passenger name in the fields provided. It’s important that you ensure the information you input matches your booking.
  • If you want to know what to see in a few minutes, just input some information. You will get your itinerary within a few minutes.
  • Select the journey
  • Tap on the modify or change tab.
  • Please provide the booking reference and said changes in the flight.
  • If a consequence of submitting this input is that you will be better off, then don’t hesitate to click on the tab and submit it.
  • The Jetstar flight change policy clearly states that anything other than the paid fare will result in an additional cost, and no refunds will be given.
  • Read more about the flight price changes and tap on the continue tab to get changes made automatically.
  • Choose an alternate payment method. If the preferred method is not available initially, we will find one for you by emailing or calling
  • When you are done with your order, the IDs of your saved requests will be available to browse.
  • Download your email or phone to find the most recent flight reservation confirmation letter.

Jetstar Offline Flight Change

Jetstar passengers can change flights and make changes offline at their leisure, or use the following methods: calling to change itineraries, conveniently scheduling a new flight, or issuing a refund for a canceled flight.

Steps to Make Changes Over the Call

  • Dial the Jetstar customer service number .
  • Set the language.
  • Choose the option of changing your flight to one of the available airlines from the drop-down menu.
  • Get connected with a live agent who will help you make the most of your insurance needs.
  • Call the Jetstar customer service to change your flight without getting involved with an agent.
  • To change your flight, all you need is the booking code, a name of a passenger who will be flying with the same booking code, and all other relevant information.
  • She will check what the outcome is and if everything goes according to plan, you will get the selected output.
  • So, you need to pay for changes before Jetstar can review your request and make changes.
  • Get your new ticket on registered IDs. Get your modified ticket with a small fee and in days rather than weeks.

Steps to Make Changes at the Counter

  • Head to the Jetstar counter.
  • Ask for the flight change form.
  • Please fill out this form providing your information, following the instructions and confirming with a confirmation code.
  • When you send us availability of new inventory, we review them rapidly and can get the item to your customers in a short time.
  • Sometimes, airlines may approve your request if it is legitimate. Be sure to follow the instructions of the airline to find out if they will agree to your condition.
  • To make changes, pay the change fee.
  • Follow this link to have your payment processed. Add the changes that you need. Then, check your email/phone number for a new ticket with the details of the modifications.

Steps to Make Changes at the KIOSK Tower

  • Reach the KIOSK tower.
  • In order to change your flight information, you will first have to enter information regarding your confirmation code and name.
  • The system automatically checks airfare availability, providing flights that are international or domestic on your desired destination and charge the correct change fees for you.
  • Pay the printing fee and you’ll print the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jetstar Change Flight Policy

Jetstar is not a company that changes flight tickets. If you have an urgent time-sensitive situation, they’ll let you know in advance beforehand and may be able to accommodate those situations if the change is eligible.

You can change the Passenger’s name on Jetstar. After a risk-free period, passengers with refundable fares must pay 7 to 40 percent of the ticket fare as Jetstar name change fees, and passengers with non-refundable tickets must pay change fees ranging from 25 to 60 percent of the flight fare.

Flight change fees vary based on different factors. They usually range from USD 50 to USD 350 depending on the cost of the trip.

Yes, you can change your flight on the day of departure. However, your new flight will be in the same route and will connect to the same airports as the initial reservation. Depending on what airport you are coming from and where you are arriving, you may need to pay a change fee before your departure date.

Yes, you can easily change your flight date to match your travel plans. However, if you book a non-refundable ticket, that becomes true change fees. Passengers with refundable tickets don’t have to pay any fee when changing the date of their flight after the risk-free period, but they still must pay at least part of the cost of their ticket as Jetstar charges up to 40% of the ticket fare after that.

You change the destination of your flight with Jetstar. Simply tell them, and they will adjust the change to your new destination.

We have the ability to change your currency at the time of checkout. You can set up a different currency when you’re on our website so that it doesn’t matter what currency in which you’re purchasing your ticket.

We provide two types of support to our clients. We give them the opportunity to speak with experts in person, but many of our clients call us when they’re ready to meet face-to-face or we can help get an appointment for them outside of working hours and potentially save them a lot of money.

Jetstar offers customers a chance to change their flight date for a fee. You may also be able to switch your departure or arrival date when you exchange your ticket for a new one..

Online methods are easy and convenient. Online methods allow customers to book tickets quickly and easily.

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