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Jetstar Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

People who want to delay travel due to the increased Covid-19 cases and want to save money in the process should refer to the Jetstar Airlines cancellation policy. The airline’s customer service lets users earn rewards while they navigate the entire cancellation process. This is why we have created this guide on how to cancel a Jetstar booking.

Key Highlights: Jetstar Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Jetstar 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Regarding the concern of not getting back on time or cancelling the trip, all passengers should be able to cancel their travel. The only thing that must happen before is making sure to find out how free cancellation charges are.

Jetstar Booking Cancellation Fee

If you haven’t cancelled your Jetstar booking by the time specified by Jetstar, and have been unable to do so at no cost, you’ll need to pay a cancellation fee. Here’s more information on the different categories of fares.

Jetstar Flight Cancellation Methods

You can easily cancel your flight with a brief knowledge of Jetstar Airlines cancellation policy. For easily canceling your flight, Jetstar Airlines offers multiple methods to complete the ticket process. For providing travelers with peace of mind, the carrier offers cancellation services throughout the year.

Jetstar Flight Cancellation Online Methods

Jetstar provides a way to cancel your flight online. Online cancellations can be done fast, easy and let you save time, energy, and money with the peace of mind of never having to go through the hassle of finding a foreign ATM and going through customs again.


If you are unable to get a refund for your flight due to the Jetstar cancellation fee, it will be calculated after deducting the refund value from the total fare, and you will gain more of it in only a few days.

Cancellation through the official email address

If you experience an error when canceling a ticket, you can cancel the ticket via email (or online). To do this, please make note of your tracking number, then contact us using that number for further instructions.

Note: If you booked your ticket on our e-ticket website, you can cancel it before departure. Your request will be documented in the booking system and will be sent to the airlines by email. They might take a few days to acknowledge. In order to reduce the costs of your flight, we will issue you a refund. The refund amount will be calculated in accordance with Jetstar Airlines cancellation policy. You will receive notification of your departure cancellation and refund on your registered IDs, so make sure that it is active to avoid any worries

Jetstar Flight Cancellation Offline Methods

When travelers want to cancel their airline reservations, they can contact the Jetstar customer service for help. There are also options for handling cancellations offline like through the airport counter, online, or by phone so that both you and the airline are refunded fully.

You have the option to cancel your reservation at the airport counter or official airport outlets because of travel delays and cancellations.

Cancellation at the Airport counter or Official airline outlets can be a hassle if you are in a hurry. Many consumers prefer not to deal with this inconvenience as much as they can.

Note: The refund value will be calculated after deducting the Jetstar cancellation fee from the total fare. You will gain a refund in the following days–

Cancellation Through The Customer Service Number

You can save time and money by cancelling your ticket using the customer service phone number. The service allows you to protect yourself from coronavirus because of increased incidences in CNN.


Jetstar Cancellation Refund Policy

For short-haul flights

For long-haul flights

Passengers must have a valid reason for canceling their flight before terminating the reservation or leaving the airport. There are many ways to contact an airline so that they can process the cancellation and help the passenger through their ticket change.

Frequently Asked Questions – Jetstar Flight Cancellation Policy

There are various ways to cancel your Jetstar reservation, including through the new mobile app, official website, airport counter or customer service. We suggest contacting customer service before you make the decision to cancel your booking in case there are any additional fees associated with canceling it.

Find an alternative airport location, or to cancel your flight online.

To cancel a Jetstar flight, a passenger has multiple options. These include using one of the mediums listed below and getting a refund value of -1- Online: Mobile App, website2- Offline: Airport counter, Customer service number, Official airline outlets

If you cancel a Jetstar flight within 24 hours of booking, the following benefits are offered:-1- Full refund.2- Travel voucher.3- Free change.Upon delivery of ticket confirmation email, refund less $40 for your ticketing fee and your payment card.”

Airline counters let people change their flights and purchase the tickets in the call centre itself. Call centres make it easy to find the best deal on flight attendants.

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