JetBlue Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Don’t worry about making changes to your name. The JetBlue name change policy addresses all of your concerns. You may easily make the necessary adjustments to the name by employing the elements listed beneath. The JetBlue name change policy allows flight passengers to modify spellings on their first and last names; however, changes must be made within character and you must also present sufficient documentation in order to process the changes.

  • Corrections should always be done through official channels.
  • Passengers who want to change the name on their boarding pass before arriving at their destination must provide supporting documentation with the JetBlue change name form.
  • As per JetBlue’s name correction policy, the passengers are required by law to change spellings on:First namesMiddle namesFamily namesNickname to a legal oneIf using an ID card or other form of government-issued identification, changing the format as per valid documentsAdding middle or last name
  • First names
  • Middle names
  • Family names
  • Nickname to a legal one
  • Inverted names
  • Correcting the format as per valid documents
  • Adding middle or last name
  • The legal changes allowed to happen during marriage, divorce, and adoption in the United States.
  • The JetBlue name correction policy only applies to bookings booked directly with JetBlue, not through unofficial vendors.
  • If a passenger needs to make changes to their name before arriving at the airport, they must do it beforehand.
  • Passengers traveling on discounted or promo tickets may not be eligible for a name change. However, before filing the JetBlue change passenger name request form, contact officials for a brief explanation of the process. Depending on the kind of ticket owned by the passenger, changes in the midst of a journey are permissible.
  • First names
  • Middle names
  • Family names
  • Nickname to a legal one
  • Inverted names
  • Correcting the format as per valid documents
  • Adding middle or last name

JetBlue Name Change Policy on Changes Requested Due to Marriage

Here are some useful and important things to consider about the JetBlue name change policy due to marriage or divorce.

  • The name change form needs to be submitted with the required documents in order for JetBlue to approve your request for a name change.
  • The changes for legal are done in multiple cases. Some of the cases that are discussed below are marriage, divorce, and adoption.
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • The JetBlue name change policy provides a smooth and convenient experience for passengers. You can change your name during flight for no charge by communicating with the customer service team.
  • The JetBlue name change marriage rule states that passengers can change their name by submitting all the supportive documents such as marriage certificates and government-issued documents.
  • JetBlue’s policy requires that anyone who needs to change reservations made through unofficial channels should do so at the airport or by contacting their customer service.
  • To avoid paying any additional fees, those who would like to change their JetBlue reservation must do so through a waiver code.
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption

JetBlue Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents

JetBlue is taking initiative to match their customers names with their government-issued IDs. They have made it easy for customers to fix or make changes to there name so that it matches without the need for a fullflight switch. The change only takes place if the original name does not cause ownership problems for anyone.

  • Reimbursements made through unauthorized channels will not count under the JetBlue name correction policy.
  • To change the name of a JetBlue ticket, you’ll need to submit verification that the applicant is legally able to make a name change with government-issued documents or passports.
  • Jetblue’s name change policy says that passengers with new names won’t be allowed to fly if they decide to make other travellers swap their tickets.
  • To file a name correction request, you must have an airline ticket that was operated by JetBlue Airlines or several other documented forms of ID
  • According to the JetBlue name correction policy, it can happen that a person changes their name 3 times but only twice during the flight. The airline may change your name for $10 each time along with other considerations such as whether or not you’ve already taken advantage of your first name being changed by the time you go back to booking.
  • Sometimes airline companies charge airlines using JetBlue as the name or might not allow it because they would rather give them a higher rate.
  • The JetBlue name-change policy allows people to make changes in their reservation within their booking window provided the name change is requested three days before departure.
  • JetBlue airlines changes the name that you provide at check-in in characters, maiden name, middle name, or last name. Rules: Your given name and date of birth will have no effect on your final result.
  • You can’t change the date of birth or gender, but you will have to pay a charge for any changes you’ve made.
  • When your name needs to be changed because of scheduling constraints, you can make a small change. If a change is not made you will be charged for two alterations. Your best course of action is to contact customer service.

JetBlue Name Change Fees

One change is given per passenger. As many as three changes on a flight are typically allowed before an airline starts charging a fee–difference in fare category will determine the amount of change required.

  • Airline passengers traveling to the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, Central America with Blue tickets need to pay a fee of USD 100 as change fees on their itineraries. On other routes, the airline will charge USD 200 as change fees.
  • A sudden change in my flight had me transferring to a different airline. I was able to make the requested changes without paying any extra money because their policy allows for smaller changes.
  • Guest making a name change or correction request through the offline channel will be required to pay a fee for our services.
  • If you are traveling on an unofficial platform, such as a competitor of JetBlue, and make changes to your reservation that weren’t made elsewhere, then you have the option to contact the airline or pay a different fee.
  • For flights booked to certain countries, passengers are not required to pay JetBlue name change fees because the names must match the government-approved tickets.
  • If a customer changes their mind and wants to swap their flight with another passenger, the airline may not be able to offer any tickets of equal or higher value. JetBlue will move the booking around on its system but may not provide an adequate amount if they are $50 short.

How to Change/Correct Name on JetBlue Ticket?

Passengers can modify or correct their names through the airline’s mobile app, official website, customer service, sales offices, and airport counter. We have provided a procedure for you to update your printed name on your boarding pass or passport.


  • Try our website or app, they are made specifically for you in mind.
  • If you’re not a signed in user the website has been set up to push notifications to your default email address, web browser and smartphone.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and their confirmation code on the respective fields.
  • Click on the Continue tab.
  • Select the trip.
  • Click on the change or modify tab.
  • The name on your passport or government-approved ID should match the name you have used online.
  • Attach supportive documents.
  • We accept submissions by email. Just tap on the Continue tab.
  • Pay the charges (if any).
  • It will alert you if your ticket is valid after checking it against a pre-specified list of information.


You can make corrections to your name offline too. For which, you will need to get help through customer service or visiting nearby sales offices or airport counters. Reaching a specific team and with the help of their assistants make the relevant changes to your name. You will need to submit a passport ID or any other government issued ID as a supportive document.

To complete your change of plans, please be sure to add in any applicable service and other charges along with the JetBlue name change fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – JetBlue Name Correction Policy

Yes. You can change the name on an airplane ticket on JetBlue airlines. To have the new name applied, you must provide supporting documentation and any reasons for changing your name.

Yes. Passengers then have the option to retake your seat, change seating assignments, or give up their reservation for no additional charge so long as the name listed on their passport or government-issued ID is the same as that listed on JetBlue’s flight manifest.

You will change the name on your tickets over the phone, via Craigslist or at the airport during travel. You will also be able to do this through our website and app

You can’t change your whole name or transfer a ticket to someone else. If you do, the full ticket price will be forfeited by the airline under the terms of the United Airlines agreement called JetBlue Change Name on Reservation Clause

You might be aware of the name change policy. It offers a great deal, but you can check the clauses mentioned in that contract before processing a change.

Yes, passengers booked on a JetBlue flight must have the same name as their passport or government-issued ID. If their names are the same, both tickets and reservations need to be made with the same name.

Transferring your ticket to a different name allows you to change the Flight Name on JetBlue flights.

  • Choose a mode(website or app).
  • You can visit our homepage and select the manage my booking page. After signing into your account, you will need to do the user authentication process.
  • To enter a reference or confirmation code with the last name in the appropriate field please click the “PREVIEW” button.
  • Select the trip.
  • Click on the modify tab.
  • Make changes as per your need.
  • Attach supportive documents.
  • We’re moderating comment on our website with automatic content filters.
  • Pay the required charges (if any).
  • The system will not save any form that includes invalid characters such as blank, zero, or special symbols like {}.

JetBlue only accepts tickets that match the name on your ID. If you booked the wrong ticket, you can change it at the airport when you arrive by following your passport or government-issued ID.

Yes. JetBlue allows passengers to submit the request for a passenger name change when making a reservation online or through phone lines.

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