JetBlue Mint Upgrade – Ultimate Guide to Upgrade to Mint Cabin Class

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JetBlue is launching new travel routes later this year! You can now fly directly between New York/Newark and London Heathrow as well as to London Gatwick. These travel routes have coincided with the launch of Mint cabin class in the JetBlue flight. Primarily, you will be able to request JetBlue Mint Upgrade and enjoy Flights across the Atlantic using miles as well as cash — assuming that money works.

In this blog, you’ll find all the information you need to know about JetBlue’s Mint Class services: what it’s like to travel in, how you can upgrade your reservation with miles and more.

About JetBlue Mint Cabin Class

On a JetBlue flight, you can upgrade to JetBlue Mint and receive an amenity kit from Hayward.

The brand-new Mint Suite on select flights is filled with airports’ newest tech amenities. You can stretch, walk and work at your own pace in a calm zone, surrounded by naturally soothing views to inspire productivity.

A New York City restaurant, Saxon Pomegranate, offers low-hopped-hammer-activated dishes in the sky by creating silverware with particular design features. All dishes are sold as a package that includes a knife, fork, and spoon. These dishwares are also expandable up to 18.

JetBlue Throne Suites

JetBlue Mint upgrades are for those who want to travel with a bit more comfort. Enjoy a 16-seat cabin divided into three rows of 2-2 seats and two rows of 1-1 seats, thereby creating luxury in everyone’s travels.

  • The luxury rooms that are located in rows 2 and 4 of the hotel have a sliding door, making them ideal for people traveling alone.
  • The throne suites at England’s largest theme park are equipped with a captain’s chair and a footrest, making each child-friendly ride room twice as long!
  • If you do not want to be disturbed from the other person during a flight, there’s a privacy divider that separates the two seats. This seat features 15-inch touch screen TV with DirectTV and on-demand movies and Two power outlets. End-to-end Wi-Fi connectivity is available
  • Auto-massage function
  • It is a 15-inch TV with DirectTV and on-demand shows. We also offer discounts for subscribing a long time plan.
  • Our charger comes with two power outlets and two USB charging ports.
  • End-to-end Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • In-built Grado Labs’ SR60e headphones 
  • Auto-massage function
  • A 15 inch touch screen TV that comes with DirectTV and on-demand TV shows.
  • We have 2 outlets, which is a great place to plug in your devices. Plus we have 2 USB ports, perfect for charging your devices!
  • End-to-end Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • In-built Grado Labs’ SR60e headphones 

When are you planning on taking a trip from the U.S to one of our Caribbean destinations? We have mint suites available for every Caribbean route.

JetBlue Mint Suites

This suite features direct aisle access, a privacy sliding door, a luxurious seat with adaptive foam cushions from Tuft.

Travelers who purchase their tickets for a London-bound or Los Angeles-bound JetBlue flight can choose to purchase the more affordable Delta Mint upgrade.

JetBlue has Mint Suites on flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to London, as well as select flights from New York (JFK) to London Gatwick (LGW).

How to Upgrade to Mint on JetBlue?

You can request JetBlue Mint upgrade online at any time. The airline’s friendly website interface will help you complete the request without hassles. Plus, there is the option to call customer service and place your request on the phone.

JetBlue Upgrade to Mint Online

TrueBlue allows you to convert points into airline loyalty miles. Just book the mint cabin and then use some of your TrueBlue points to turn it into a luxurious one.

  • Many people are flying with JetBlue airlines due to their amazing service. It’s really easy to log into their site and fly with them when you do.
  • Get your booking details. You can see whether the “Mint Upgrade” option is available to your particular flight itinerary.
  • Pay what is needed to get upgraded on your flight. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your request and make flying easier, rather than harder.
  • The airlines will contact you directly and confirm your updated status for the cabin class.
  • Complete the check-in to select the seats. 
  • Give us your boarding pass so we can customize your reservation.

JetBlue Mint Upgrade over the Phone

If you want to request an upgrade, contact the JetBlue flight representatives and find out if you’re eligible for the free upgrade. If eligible, then all that’s left is for you to pay for the cost of your upgrade with a debit/credit card.

Upgrade Jetblue Flight to Mint at the Gate

Guests of this option can leave the plane without being charged, or they might have to pay no fee or minimal. You will have priority access as a True Blue member.

Travel Routes Available for JetBlue Mint Upgrade 

Most flights with JetBlue are Mint Class. You’ll get free refunds, free candy, and be upgraded to a better seat. They also have 7-8 routes on the same day so you won’t have to wait too long for your trip. Furthermore, there is no fuel surcharge with most flights in their business class (turquoise arm chairs instead of red.)

JetBlue gives its passengers Mint business class. The airline provides non-stop flights from one city to another for those traveling in style.

Las Vegas Boston
New York (JFK)
Los Angeles Fort Lauderdale
New York (JFK)
San Diego Boston
New York (JFK)
San Francisco Boston
Fort Lauderdale
New York (JFK)
New York (JFK)

Mint, the business class airline flight information provider, has made it easy to look up JetBlue’s international nonstop flights.

Boston Bridgetown
Saint Thomas
Saint Lucia
Sint Maarten
Los Angeles Liberia
New York (JFK) Aruba
London-Heathrow (LHR)
London-Gatwick (LGW)
Saint Thomas
Saint Lucia
Sint Maarten
Newark Aruba
Saint Thomas
Saint Lucia
Sint Maarten

JetBlue Upgrade to Mint with Points

You can book JetBlue flights with reward miles or points, such as those from American Express Membership Rewards.

  • Emirates Skywards Miles
  • JetBlue TrueBlue
  • Pay with other credit card points

Emirates Skywards Miles

When traveling on a JetBlue flight, you can consider the option of upgrading your Mint nonstop flight. One of the rewards that comes with JetBlue is our Skywards frequent flyer program.

Emirates airlines have partnership agreements with most other major international airlines which allow passengers to interline travel for some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Airlines provide discounts to frequent flyers who fly on certain routes or in certain times.

One-way Distance (in miles) JetBlue Economy Cost With Emirates Miles JetBlue Mint Cost With Emirates Miles
0 – 250 8000 16000
251 – 500 10000 20000
501 – 1,000 14000 28000
1,001 – 2,000 20000 40000
2,001 – 3,000 26000 52000
3,001 – 4,000 32000 64000
4,001 – 5,000 38000 76000
5,001 – 6,000 44000 88000
6,001 – 7,000 50000 100000
7,001 – 15,000 60000 120000

The best part about JetBlue is that they’re generous with partner-level award availability, which means the booking process shouldn’t be too difficult. Here’s how you can upgrade to jetblue mint on the Emirates website.

  • Go to
  • Use our Advanced search to find a multi-city vacation, the latest travel deals, or find a discount by using your airline miles.
  • Select ‘Book Classic Rewards Flight’ at the top of the screen. Then choose a partner flight that you want to search from, such as one with all destinations or just international flights. You’ll find your flight and get access to exclusive offers and prizes.
  • Many people often look for ways to get around the city when they are travelling. They might want to catch a familiar train, rent a car, or possibly choose between a round trip and one-way trip.
  • Enter your flight information, including city pairs, travel dates, and the passenger count. Hit ‘find flights’ and then select your quickest route.
  • Find the best Emirates miles redemption deals. Use your Emirates credit card to pay the taxes and fees necessary to fly with Emirates.

JetBlue TrueBlue

TrueBlue points, though don’t have any monetary value, the number of points required to request a JetBlue mint upgrade is relatively proportional to the current fare available.

TrueBlue points are given by participating airlines to its frequent flyer members, and each point earned has a value of about $0.01. If you want to travel in business class you will likely need 45000 points which translates to about 450 USD for a round trip on an airline ticket.

450 USD = 44,000 points
500 USD = 49,000 points
550 USD = 53,900 points
600 USD = 58,900 points

Pay with Other Credit Card Points

TrueBlue has competitive redemptions for points that are sometimes as low as 1 cent per point (or less). However, upgrading to a TrueBlue Mint memberships means that you are getting better value.

When you purchase your travel or ship with credit cards, you can instantly earn the Skywards or TrueBlue miles that provides you with higher value than the Skywards or TrueBlue miles program.

You can redeem your airline miles or reward points directly through American Express, Chase, and Citi’s travel portals. The list gives you the overview of where you can spend them from different credit/debit cards.

Portal Card Points Redemption Value
American Express All cards 3 cents per point
Citi Citi Premier & Citi Prestige Card 4.25 cents per point
Chase Ink Business Credit Card & Chase Sapphire Preferred card 8.75 cents per point
Chase Sapphire Reserve card 9 cents per point

JetBlue Mint Upgrade Fee

JetBlue charges a change fee for any flight change . It is up to the customer to decide whether or not to incur this cost.

TrueBlue Members Non-TrueBlue Members
Economy Class to JetBlue Mint 1 cent per km + 250 USD change fee 250 USD upgrade fee + fare difference
JetBlue Mosaic Upgrade to Mint 1 cent per km + 200 USD change fee 200 USD upgrade fee + fare difference


JetBlue Mint is great for people who don’t need to pay a lot more for the service. It’s perfect for those who are privileged enough to be able to use that money and miles, especially frequent travellers that want to upgrade last minute. In summary, JetBlue’s new premium class is ideal for people not wanting to pay a lot more for travel but still want access to some services on demand.

JetBlue Airlines is launching a class of service called Mint Class, an upgrade that offers superior amenities on flights above 150 miles. Customers in Mint Class will experience the comforts of lounge access, better food and drinks, and checked-in baggage ahead of their connecting flight.

Upgrade JetBlue Flight to Mint – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Switching between economy to Mint is a simple process. TrueBlue points will be exchanged for a discount on the one-way flight or in exchange for finding the cheapest JetBlue fare.

Members who have bought points in advance can upgrade with points as well as cash. Members who have paid for upgrades with cash will not be able to upgrade with TrueBlue points. Members on a members program that includes Emirates miles will be able to redeem those miles for achieving their goals.

Airlines have paid fees for changes made to the ticket before leaving. It will depend on travel routes, class of service and the cause for a change.

You can travel with the value of money in the way of JetBlue airline’s Mint option. It includes all the popular features like premium seating, access to all lounges, and complimentary Wi-Fi on flights for up to four devices at a time. Just click an option and follow it through the rest of the steps that are broken down for a quick online request process.

No. JetBlue does not provide a business lounge. But members of TrueBlue can use the business lounges of Emirates if you’re flying from the selected hubs.

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