JetBlue Lost And Found – 2022[updated]

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We will do everything in our power to make sure that your luggage arrives with you at the final destination or stopover point. In this post, we will cover the JetBlue lost and found policy as is what you should know, and what steps you will need to take in case of delayed, missed, or lost luggage. Let’s get started.

JetBlue Baggage Lost and Found Desk

Jetblue addresses a range of baggage concerns, with no matter the concern is. Here are the following concerns addressed by JetBlue.

Baggage Damage – JetBlue always strives to handle checked bags with care, but that doesn’t mean every bag gets perfect treatment. If you notice damage on your packed items when you arrive at your destination, go to the Baggage Claim counter as soon as you can. Make sure you tell someone about the damaged baggage immediately so they can help get it fixed!

  • Any passengers who have a JetBlue lost baggage or damaged luggage claim should go to the Jet Blue lost baggage desk. If you were unable to get your PIR issued in 2 hours, pursue with the professional and ask for a copy of your property irregularity report (PIR) which will indicate the status of your property’s damage. Lost Baggages Hotline: 800-843-7433.
  • Lost and found form for JetBlue flights – When your luggage is lost, it can be difficult to know what to do. The 7 day limit from receipt of the baggage falls under JetBlue’s more than 5 years, brings you peace of mind.

People travelling on JetBlue need to submit the following original documents when they miss a flight and are hoping to get it back soon –

  • Boarding pass receipt and flight ticket printout
  • Baggage tags
  • A detailed baggage damage estimate 

Passengers need written authorization from the JetBlue baggage lost and found team before any exchanges or repairs are made. Without this authorization, JetBlue is not responsible for any additional charges or fees incurred. Passengers are required to retain copies of the required documents as they may be requested at a later stage.

JetBlue Airlines Lost and Found

JetBlue loses and finds policy tells passengers that their baggage will be declared missing after a period of 7 days from scheduled arrival for a domestic flight. The JetBlue Baggage Claim Team can ask for passengers to complete the following list of items: Declare Passport, Identity card, Foreign driver’s license, Credit cards

  • Passengers need to have a copy of their passport or government-issued photo ID with them.
  • Copy of passenger’s bank statement
  • SWIFT/TBN/BCB code international transaction
  • Our travel agency has provided us with a letter proving that your flight booking was purchased through our website.

When passengers are delayed for over three hours, JetBlue automatically contacts the passenger about their missing item by using a text message.

 Here is where you can find information about the officials JetBlue airports to reach lost baggage inquiries.

List of Airports for JetBlue lost and found baggage office Airport Codes
John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK
LaGuardia Airport LGA
Los Angeles International Airport LAX
Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport FLL
Boston Logan International Airport BOS
Orlando International Airport MCO
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport DCA
Newark Liberty International Airport EWR
San Francisco International Airport SFO

If you can’t find your baggage with JetBlue, passengers have two options to help get it returned. You can either check “My bag is missing” on the appropriately-marked kiosks or talk to a JetBlue team member at the airport before leaving.

Declare Missing Bags with JetBlue Lost and Found team– Passengers can declare the lost baggage to get a refund, a replacement item or other replacement service by completing the form available on or through the airline’s mobile app within 48 hours of arrival in case their items were not found. Passengers should provide the reference number of their lost bag on JetBlue baggage claim receipt.

  • Print your bag tag and boarding pass in advance or at the airport where they are available. You will get a baggage claim receipt number to tell airport security waiting on your curbside that your luggage has arrived.
  • In order to find if you lost your luggage during a JetBlue flight, all you need to do is enter the number on your receipt in this form. Search starts with the submission of this information and admission into the website.

Determine what happened to your checked-in baggage – and other items may be readily available – at the JetBlue lost baggage desk whether you are at the airport, or through the airline’s website. If you forget where your luggage is, you can get a PIR and check on the status of your bags from there.

  • People can check the status of their bags or any items they might have lost after traveling with JetBlue Airlines. After submitting a declaration form online or at the airport, anyone can use JetBlue’s Lost & Found tracking service to find out if they get it back.
  • Find out about your lost and found items – As per JetBlue airlines lost and found policy, passengers making any necessary purchases such as toiletries, or clothing due to the missing or delayed baggage, can submit a reimbursement request via the JetBlue baggage lost and found online declaration form.

People are always looking for the JetBlue lost and found team to help them with their delayed baggage. Here is what they need to do if they’re faced with one.

Passengers should approach one of the executives from the JetBlue baggage claim desk as soon as their luggage stops coming out on the carousel.

The JetBlue airlines lost and found department needs passenger’s current reservation details and the baggage tag that was provided at time of check-in to track luggage. This can be done through phone or email.

The PIR is a document that will list the passenger’s address and baggage numbers. The boarding pass can link to this status number to keep track of people’s personal items.

If the baggage is found, JetBlue uses a lost baggage tracking system to deliver the lost baggage to its destination.

Airlines must be notified within 21 days after a passenger’s checked bag has been received. People can also file a claim or escalate the matter.

What to Do If the JetBlue Baggage is Not Found?

JetBlue Baggage Claim

If your baggage is not located by the JetBlue Lost and Found team within 72 hours of arrival, passengers need to submit their PIR credentials on the JetBlue lost luggage compensation form.

Passengers need to describe as many details about their lost bags of luggage as possible, including how much each item is worth. An accurate and complete description of the lost baggage content helps JetBlue’s lost and found team find your luggage.

Passengers need to file a complaint in writing via the JetBlue customer service portal, as they need to click on the ‘Chat with JetBlue’ icon or enter their contact information in the chat bubble located in the bottom-right corner of the page. In case the passenger is using the JetBlue mobile app, then click on the JetBlue baggage claim support – live chat assistance.

Here’s how to report your lost luggage with JetBlue employees: – If your case qualifies, you’ll be immediately placed on our passenger list.

  • Using the Lost and Found Report button in JetBlue’s main menu, find information about lost items.
  • We have a contact form so you can tell us whether your issue is a complaint or question.
  • Search for baggage where you want to go. Use JetBlue’s lost and found service or Dooney & Bourke’s carrier ease
  • We provide an official number where you can file a missing baggage claim.
  • Type in the booking reference given to you by your travel agent. It should be in 4 digit format.
  • Type in your email address
  • In the case that travelers have more than one component in their itinerary, it is necessary for them to select the particular journey or flight segment that they are missing their baggage. Please note that, customers must select one component per case submission
  • If your things are missing or if you didn’t get your valuables with the trip, file a claim and attach all the supporting documents to validate the claim.
  • Click on the attach button or the given link to submit your last submission.
  • At the end of the declaration, passengers will be given a number to activate the My Cases account. They may use that number to follow up with the provider of their ride to offer feedback on it at a later date.

JetBlue Lost Baggage Compensation

JetBlue Airlines has a lost and found policy when traveling on the domestic itinerary. The maximum JetBlue baggage claim compensation on the checked baggage is 4,800 US dollars.

International air travel can be an expensive process in some cases. Contact our team with questions about your travel plans because you’ll want to know whether you’re travelling with pieces of luggage that are costly.

If you are flying on JetBlue, then you may have some coverage for your lost luggage. In this case, the compensation would be reduced to 1288 USD.

Type of Liability Liability Limits
Domestic Travel 3800 USD
International Travel 10 USD per pound
International travel if the missing baggage is covered by the travel insurance 1288 USD

JetBlue Baggage Lost and Found – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you realize you left something behind on the airplane, please ask to speak with someone at the baggage claim desk. If the item was lost after you left the airport, contact JetBlue’s lost and found phone number.

If possible, gather the descriptive information as well as the receipts of the lost articles or baggage. Make sure to include all the minute details that help identify the missing baggage. Passengers also need to provide the date of travel, flight number, and JetBlue booking reference number reflecting when your item is lost.

If you have not received your confirmation email from the JetBlue baggage claim desk, you should call JetBlue for help at 1-800-JETBLUE. If you are still waiting for your mail and it is in the spam folder, you need to check your mail box with this number:

Passengers who report their lost and found items online will receive an email confirmation. If JetBlue airlines have the item that matches your description, you’ll receive an email notification with future instructions. The JetBlue airlines lost and found team will search for the missing bag or item for up to 30 days and will communicate the same to the passenger on their register.

The JetBlue airline lost and found will search for lost luggage, as it does not expire for up to thirty days from when the passenger reported the missing item. If it is not found within this time period, the airline will notify customers via email and instruct them on a course of action

The JetBlue terminal will send an email to the passenger with a link to the shipment tracking. Passengers can verify their baggage information, contact customer care and offer credit card information for the shipping charges.

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