JetBlue Carry On Size, Limits & Restrictions Guide [2021]

Learn everything you should know before you travel. Packing for an overnight in the middle of your trip can be tough, but these tips will help you avoid personal problems and save money.

Let’s start with travel and find out what Jet Blue Carry On bags have to offer.

Sizing and Weight

Anything that is less than 17″ x 13″ x 8″ can be your personal item. You can take either a purse, a pet carrier, or a laptop bag and also must have it as your only designated personal item at all times.

You can check one bag as part of your carry-on allowance, unless you are traveling on a Blue Basic fare. The baggage must fit in the overhead bin and be 22 x 14 x 9 inches at their longest height and largest width. However, international flights have limited space for baggage in the overhead bins; if you board a later flight group, you may not be able to take your bag with you on your flight.

Although JetBlue does not have any weight restrictions for carry-on baggage as of now, we suggest that you be able to place them into the overhead compartment on your own.

Customers may be charged for bags over the weight limit of a standard piece of luggage that is allowed on a flight.

As a carry-on is not allowed in the Blue Basic category, you will have to pay an additional baggage fee if you need to check-in at the gate. Your 1st bag and 2nd bag will be charged a fee of $65. Additional bags can be checked for $180.

If you buy ‘Ever More Space’ seats, Blue Basic customers can get a free carry-on bag at no extra charge. In addition, members of the mosaic are able to receive a carry-on bag as well as early boarding so they’re not waiting around. Members of any ticket class may also take advantage of a free carry-on bag each way during their travels to or from London.

If you are accompanying a minor or a part of the active U.S. military, you are considered an official passenger so that you can carry on one free carry-on bag regardless of your fare category.


If you’re flying JetBlue, your bag might be weighed to ensure it can accommodate that extra room.

You cannot take a wide variety of some items such as aerosol insecticides, lighters, ammunition, compressed air guns, BB guns axes and hatchets with you on the plane. Certain weapons including bear spray, bear bangers, billy clubs and black jacks are not allowed either.

These rules will vary depending on the type of infant you are travelling with. Small baby formula, baby food, breast milk, and other necessary perishable liquids must be taken in amounts that are appropriate for your trip. Bottled water is allowed as well. There is not a set limit on the number of diapers you may take with you because they don’t pose a potential fire threat. Canned foods must be inspected by security since they have too much risk of emitting gas that cannot usually be detected.

Alcohol can only be carried in quantities less than 70% with water up to 100ml accepted. A splash of flavor or scent is allowed under the 100ml threshold. This article attempts to tackle the many restrictions and limitations related to the travel liquids we are allowed to take on our journey with us.

Sharp objects, including blenders and corkscrews, need to be wrapped or present in a padded bag so baggage inspectors can see them without hurting themselves on the objects. To bring any sort of knife, cigar cutter or fork to the airport you must go through additional time-consuming procedures.

Vacuum sealing may prevent food spoilage, and businesses should pay attention to any alarms emitted by the machine.

Just stick to comfortable clothing for your carry-on bag, but always carry a cover for any safe-to-everyone devices. Gas cartridges and residue are not allowed on planes before takeoff, so make sure you can work with what you’ve packed. Any other devices are allowed only if there’s no fuel or residue left in them.

You can’t pack a cast iron cookware or cooking spray into your small carry-on bag. Do not bring anything that could cause problems with security screenings, like cattle prods, crowbars, cutting boards and more. If you must have a heating pad, it can be electric.

You can’t take a variety of different types of mail in your carry-on, including Magic 8 Balls, mallets, nail guns, spray starch, paint thinners, spillable batteries and Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. Tools like screwdrivers and pliers longer than 7 inches also can’t go in it.

You cannot take baseball bats, bowling pins or box cutters in your carry-on luggage. Unfortunately, you cannot bring an air mattress or blow up bed you have to pump yourself with because they are not allowed on the plane.

Carrying sports items such as Canoe or Kayak paddles, cap guns is not allowed as carry-on baggage.

What about assistive devices?

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration tell us what you can and cannot bring on planes with your carry-on and checked baggage allowances.

Items bought at the airport, diaper carrier for babies, and devices that help people walk are not subject to taxes provided they are intended for personal use. You may be able to take out a coat, an umbrella, a car seat or a stroller.

Their suitcase/bag is subject to weight and size restrictions. They must become checked in before boarding the planes with their family and then brought up to the jetbridge by the airport employees.

When do passengers need to pay for check-in luggage?

Sizing and Weight

According to JetBlue, their checked luggage allowance is 50 pounds. To avoid the excess weight or size limit, the tagged dimensions are checked against length, width, and height which must not be more than 66 inches or 168 centimeters.

Jet Blue, a nationwide airline and discount carrier by international business holding company, is the perfect way to save on your luggage.

You can check your first and second bags before booking a flight online. Depending on the ticket fare category, you will be charged a fee for these bags. If you pay for them more than 24 hours before boarding the plane, JetBlue will reduce the fees that they ask of you.

If you’re traveling within the United States, or to nearby countries like Latin America or the Caribbean you will have to pay the sum of $35 and $45 for your first and second checked bag respectively in Blue Basic, Blue Extra, Blue Plus and JetBlue Plus cardmember categories. However in the Blue Plus and JetBlue Plus Cardmember categories, 1st checked bag is free while your second checked bag still needs a fee of $45.

If a Mint Air® checked bag weighs up to 70 pounds, it will cost $200 for the season. If a Mosaic Air® checked bag weighs less than 70 pounds and has not exceeded a total of 8 cubic feet, it costs $150 for the season instead.

Travellers can first check in 1 suitcase when they fly between the US and UK. In jetBlue, if you travel on a Blue Basic fare, you’ll pay $65 USD or £55 GBP for your 1st checked bag. Travellers travelling to Europe on an all-Mint or an all-Mosaic fare will get 2 free bags. When flying elsewhere, luggage fees range from $105 USD to $85 USD (or £75GBP).

Jet Blue makes it affordable to have your luggage re-checked before your flight.

Additional checked bags are subject to an excess baggage fee of either $200 or £150 depending on whether a flight is going to or coming from London. Other routes incur only an excess bag fee of $150.

Oversized luggage is allowed, but must be within 80 linear inches. If you are traveling to or from London you would need to pay an additional $150 per bag. Checked bags cannot exceed 80 linear inches.

If your checked bag weight is 50 pounds or less, you won’t have to pay any fees. Your bag will still be checked and you’ll get the chance at faster connections. If your bag weight exceeds 50 pounds, you’ll have to pay $150 in overweight fees (120 Euros if flying to or from London).


We support the artisans of Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Peru, and Trinidad.

Cuban people are allowed to travel to and from the United States. American citizens travelling to Cuba must ensure their televisions meet the new restrictions.

People who benefit from the Veterans Advantage program can enjoy discounts of up to 5% on their travel. That’s on top of benefits that include two free checked bags and travelling anywhere you want in North America.

Air travel frequently has many hidden fees, like missing baggage. With the advance of technology and cheaper airfare, some airlines are now siphoning profits off their customers with these dishonesty tactics. Bags that are going to be checked as carry-on items are expensive, which results in a complete luggage fee waiver for those in active duty and up to 5 free bags for them and their dependents if they’re traveling on duty travel.


Carry on bags with a maximal volume of 3.5oz and less than 70% alcohol content can go into your checked baggage and checked/searched bags.

TSA guidelines state that you cannot carry flares, flare guns, lighters, gunpowder, or rocket launchers when flying by air. If you have to bring your ammunition through airport security, let the TSA know or call JetBlue customer service beforehand.

Each person is allowed one bear spray or bear banger. To take parachutes, they’ll need to be packed separately from other baggage and inspected first. They also need to go through screening at the airport. Your golf bag and others sports equipment may just pass as checked baggage.

Medical devices that have radioactive content are forbidden to enter your checked bag. You must carry them in your carry-on with you while you fly. Even oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators don’t need to be checked because they’re not dangerous, just needed for a medical reason.

The following are not allowed: flammable substances like lighters and aerosol cans, butane fueled items, CO2 cartridges, dynamite, English Christmas Crackers, safety matches and torch lighters.

Airlines can provide different forms of checked baggage, in some cases aerosol insecticides can be contained in your bag as long as they are not labeled HAZMAT. Fertilizers are not allowed to be in your checked baggage.

Live fish cannot be taken in your checked bags. Pack them in your carry-on baggage instead. Live corals can be put into a clear transparent bag and taken as part of your carry-on baggage.

Most electronic cigarettes and vaping devices cannot go into our cabin checked baggage, but otherwise should be carried in carryon luggage. Power chargers or lithium ion battery power banks also fall under this category.

We don’t allow any fuel to come in with your checked bag, so you can fly around with your car parts safely. The only exception to this rule is if the parts are packed in their original box.

Cymbals, musical instruments, and other items that go in your checked baggage must be thoroughly inspected by a TSA official. If you want to avoid waiting around for up to two hours on the security line send it ahead of time by placing a note with your name and phone number on the

If you want to take your cat, dog, parrot or other pets with you on Jet Blue, then certain guidelines apply

This carrier is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. It can be used to take your pet on a flight. Don’t worry, they need enough room to sit comfortably and in the dimensions are 17×12.5×8.5 inches or width x height x depth

You should always buy a carrier that is well-ventilated, designed to protect your pet from the weather, and its design should permit it to be kept in a car. Carriers for pets can cost anywhere from $10 –

Airlines allow you to bring your pet with you on most international flights. They just want to make sure that animals are healthy enough for the trip before they let them on the plane with their owners.

Losing a pet can be difficult, and in most cases, you should not have to leave your heartbroken toes behind on the way home.

You need to pay a fee of $125 to take your pet on the flight. We offer clients the chance to book four of their pets before they leave, with three more that can be booked online. There’s also a third tier which is first-come-first-serve during booking and you only have until 24 hours before departure to book your last pet (from anytime after 24 hours prior).

When you’re at the airport, your pet must stay in a rigid container with minimal opening. The passenger and the pet are not allowed on the plane without the container.

Airlines with large numbers of Mint customers cannot take pets. Airline seating is set up so that airline window and aisle seats couldn’t fit a pet carrier on row with emergency doors, so the best place for your pet to travel is in an extra seat or in your lap.

I want to visit the beautiful country, Trinidad.

It is now possible to travel with your service animal on airlines, provided it is with you in the air terminals and seated next to you in the plane. Contact security officials for more information about specific airports in your area.

You must submit a completed air transportation form while booking your flight to Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, and some international flights require you to show vaccination documentation at the destination airport.

JetBlue requires all service animals to be submitted no more than 48 hours before the flight. The company reserves the right to not allow a service animal on the plane if they are uncomfortable fitting in your seat.

Customers may not take a service animal on board their flight with them. If your seat is at the emergency evacuation area, you cannot take your service animal. Pocket Mint customers who have a service animal on board will not be able to use the lay flat feature.

Ways to Check-in

You can check in for your flight up to 24 hour before the flight departure date. You can also add checked bags, change the selection of your seats, at the airport kiosk, or on

If you are planning to travel, leave your bags with friends, family or a luggage service. If you don’t have time there aren’t many choices, but if that’s not feasible you can always drop them off at the airport before departure.

Domestic Flights: As long as your carry-on bags arrive at the terminal 40 minutes before departure, you should be able to clearly identify them for easy and quick passage; International Flights: If you think that your luggage has been left behind at the airport and will not arrive, plan your travels accordingly.

It should be noted that travelers must check-in at the ticket counter and cannot do so online due to Cuba’s current policies.

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