Japan Airlines


Japan Airlines has formed in 1953 and it has grown into an international airline in 1954 it entered the jet age as DC-8. And it has concentrated on maintaining the highest possible standards of service. And it has come with modern technologies like interactive websites, e-ticketing, and self-service check-in systems at many airports. Japan airlines offer carrier opportunities to the people with the competitive salary, attractive benefit packages to the people who are interested in joining the japan airlines and they look forward to working with people from diverse cultures and who have innovative ideas. Japan Airlines has a major aim of providing the best services and that should reach the customer’s expectations. Jpan airlines offer online services and you can book a ticket for a flight, rent a car, or reserve a hotel all this can be done through the online reservation center. Using easy to navigate menu people can get the information on all the flight schedules of japan airlines and can book them in advance for eight months.

Japan inflight services are offered in a friendlier and more attentive way to the first class, executive class, and economy class they serve the best cuisine with the warmest hospitality. All three classes offer superior services and comfort, the cabin has been designed to make your traveling experience more memorable. On arrival at the airport, the luggage of the first and executive class will reach the baggage area first. If you want to travel on Japan Airlines you can enjoy the convenience of selecting the seat of your wish prior to the departure date. Japan airlines provide special assistance to people who are ill and special meals for infants, and children, and also health-related food is offered by japan airlines.

Japan Airlines provides travel assistance to the passengers, it has a special health section online including information onboard medicine and medical supplies and all other medical services for the people. Japan Airlines has started the japan mileage bank as a mileage program through which participating members can enjoy the exciting awards. And there is no membership fee and no age limit and can accumulate the mileage by traveling and staying in hotels. It offers top-tier programs for the people who travel on japan airlines and also extra benefits such as a fly-on program.

Information on the Japan Mileage program:

  • Only the members of the japan airlines can redeem the awards.
  • People who are related to the members of japan airlines can use the mileage awards.
  • People can register with the Japan airlines with their work or home address.
  • All the awards will be sent to the members at their address.
  • Children can acquire the same amount of mileage as adults.
  • Transfering of mileage between the members is not permitted.
  • People who join japan airlines get automatically registered with japan mileage program.

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