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Japan Airlines Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Contact the customer service team for help. With Japan Airlines, you have the ability to make changes up until the last hour before your flight’s departure. To make changes, you must have a valid ticket and be familiar with Japan Airlines flight change policies. If you are unsure about our policies, check them here first

JAL Change Reservation Rules Based On Routes

Each fare category of JAL is different with specific flight rules that should be considered. Read more about their policies on this page to see how they’ve changed.

Flights departing from and to the Tokyo  Changes of airports are allowed in between Haneda and Narita
Flights departing from and to the Osaka Changes of airports are allowed in between Itami and Kansai
Flights departing from and to the Fukuoka Changes of airports are allowed in between Fukuoka and Kitakyushu You can change airport if you are flight with JAL group flights 

Japan Airlines Change Reservation Provisions for Same-day Upgrade

JAL International flies all over the world with fantastic connections and upgrades. For this, the passenger will be required to pay fare differences along with other applicable taxes.

It is not possible to upgrade all tickets on the same day. When reserved flights do not qualify for an upgrade, the reservation is cancelled and another flight can be purchased on the same route at a different time by paying the additional fees.

The Japan Airlines award ticket change fee is charged in increments of miles. The cost of your ticket might increase due to a mandatory fee, as it does with other airlines.

If a passenger traveling with TOKUBIN Advance Purchase Fare, SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare, Senior Citizen Stand-By Fare, Transit Fare, Sky Mate Stand-By Fare books their flight on the day they purchase this stand-by fare and changes their mind after the scheduled departure day of their flight, Japan Airlines will not be able to provide same-day change.

JAL International Flight Change Policy

Japan Airlines Same-day Flight Change Policy

The Japan Airlines policy on changes in flights implies that passengers who want to change their ticket class on the day should also pay JAL’s Change-Flight fee of 100 dollars.

Class Types JAL change flight fees for same-day upgrade
First Class JPY 8,000 plus other applicable charges
Class J JPY 1,000 plus other applicable charges


JAL Flight Change Rules for Free Change

Flight changes are quite expensive and normally not a good decision due to the cost of altering a purchased ticket. However, if you book your tickets through Japan Airlines, you have a few free opportunities to make changes. Before beginning to read up on the table of Japan Airlines flight change rules, it is recommended that one keep in mind that they cannot change the name of the passenger. If you change the passenger name, your ticket will no longer be valid.

Tickets with a valid expiration date from Nov. 30 onwards

Date of Rebooking Request Flight Changes
1st Sector 2nd and Subsequent Sectors
Flight departing on or before November 30, 2021 Free of charge, with no restrictions. You can request changes multiple times. Free of charge, with no restrictions. You can request changes multiple times.

Tickets are available for purchase starting on December 1, 2021.

Date of Rebooking Request Flight Changes
1st Sector 2nd and Subsequent Sectors
Flight departing on or after December 1, 2021 The first change can be requested free of charge. with no restrictions. You can request changes multiple times. Changes are allowed as per the Japan Airlines change flight policy.


JAL Change Flight Provisions Based on Ticket Types

JAL has made slight changes to its change policy. A passenger must pay JAL’s change fees based on the flights’ ticket types, known as fare classes. Some fares require F up charges. It is important to know exactly how change fees work by examining this table to understand JAL policies as per your holdings:

One way Fare

Child Fare

Round-Trip Fare

The Japan Airlines reservation change policy can be nearly comparable to those with all price categories. However, if you want to know the precise amount of the change cost, contact the professionals who will assist you further and take you through Japan Airlines’ reservation change restrictions based on your price category.


Japan Airlines Change Flight Date Policy

Generally, Japan Airlines change flight date clause does not allow the passenger to fly for free when a flight change is requested in the no-change-fee period. However, JAL allows passengers request a date change that falls within the no-change-fee period without a fee. For further details, check out these coordinates:

Mode of Reservation Location Ticket Issuance Place Charges for re-issuing new ticket issue and ticket change
JAL Website or JAL Mobile Site All 
—– Not 
JAL Reservation Center Japan Japan JPY 5,500 (including Japan consumption tax)
JAL City or Airport Counter North America The United States of America USD 50
Canada CAD 50
Europe The United Kingdom GBP 40
Switzerland CHF 45
Russia EUR 45
Other Europe EUR 45
East Asia Currency of the place of ticket issuance shall apply. CNY 150
HKD 350
TWD 1,400
KRW 50,000
Asia  or Oceania Indonesia IDR 650,000
Singapore SGD 60
Australia AUD 60
Guam USD 50
Philippines USD 50
Vietnam USD 50
Malaysia MYR 200
Thailand THB 1,500

JAL International Flight Change Policy Due to Covid-19

Japan Airlines Change Flight Process

Passengers can make any necessary modifications until the day of departure. To make all of the necessary changes, you must have valid tickets and complete the modification procedure using one of the methods specified below. When filing a modification request, make sure to read the Japan Airlines flight change rules; it will make your job easier.

Online Method

Changing tickets at airports often takes a long time and they can cost more as well as require you to be present. But, if you’re able. You can find the ticketing office’s website, log into your account with the registered credentials, get the instructions below and anything else you need from their on-site support department.

Offline Method

Hesitant! To submit a modification request online. There’s no need to be concerned because you can make the necessary changes in a variety of ways. You may simply submit a reservation change request to Japan Airlines via customer service, airport helpdesk, sales offices, and other official counters. Using offline mode is easy too, as you’re able to make all the necessary changes over the phone.

The above steps will lead you to make the appropriate changes to your account through the official methods. However, there are undoubtedly going to be charge fees that may accompany these steps.

A few exceptions can be made at the airport counter or sales offices for international flight changes. The process for making changes is similar and generally consists of filling out the JAL international flight change form on your own, paying a higher administrative fee than changing your trip any other way, and receiving a departure from Japan issued by the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Japan Airlines Change Flight Policy

Yes. Japan Airlines policy allows you to change your seat until the day of departure, with valid purchased tickets and they will also charge a different fee depending on if you’re switching to a cheap ticket or luxury, so be aware of all of these costs.

You can change your seats by switching back and forth between two modes: seating mode and viewmode.

There is a change fee of 19,000 yen on some routes. Japan Airlines no longer charges any amount for changes.

In general, when an airline changes a ticket’s fare category, the reason for the change, changes made to the booking and in some cases changes made to the travel itinerary will create extra costs.

Japan Airlines change flight online method steps:

Airlines typically charge travelers a change fee when traveling internationally. They may charge additional fees or otherwise require changes to be made to the planned itinerary that weren’t in your initial plans.

To alter the date, simply use the official Japan Airlines change return date form. You can change your flight fees, service costs and other details using our website’s quick forms.

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