Japan Airlines Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees 2022

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Japan is a country that holds popular attraction for people who are ready to travel. Japan airlines often provide cheap rates because it operates from airports in countries all around the world.

If you are considering buying a flight from this airline, it is important to think about what the baggage allowance, fees, and penalties will be.

The first thing that you should be aware of is how generous the airlines are with baggage. They let you check up to two bags, each weighing up to 23 kg, free of charge. If your bag exceeds the maximum size or weight, you will need to pay extra for check-in on their flights but their policies are very generous.

Airlines will offer travelers a discount if they let them know before boarding their flight that they are bringing a bag that is too big/heavy.

Carry-on baggage allowance

JAL requires that one carry-on baggage per person be carried on all aircraft regardless of the seat class, and that varying additional luggage sizes and amounts can also be brought. Passengers are allowed to bring only one small handbag rather than a package bag as well as medical makeup with necessary documents, baby food or medicine.

Length + Width + Height A maximum of 115 cm or 45 inches.
Size limits W: within 55cm×H: within 40cm×D: within 25cm
(W: within 22in×H: within 16in×D: within10in)
Maximum weight Cannot exceed 10 kg or 22 lbs.

Please note that if my bag is too heavy, or is bigger than the restrictions on it, I am allowed to check in an empty suitcase or other baggage for a fee.

Where to store your carry-on?

The following are just a few of the situations where your bag could end up in the wrong place before you realize. Consider what could go wrong if left unattended.

  • It is wise and safe to keep your bag on the ground during take-off and landings so that baggage does not fly out of someone’s hands in sudden turbulence.
  • Still remains on your lap, the contents may fall out and cause a problem during emergency exits. It’s important make sure you remove any items at the door before getting on the plane.
  • When you are in a plane emergency situation, if your baggage is placed in front of you it can prevent you from putting your babies into a proper brace position.

Special baggage and cases you can carry with you

Item Restrictions Extra notes
Bicycle The maximum weight of the bicycle must not exceed 23 kg. If it is an e-cycle, it will not be welcomed on board under any circumstances, even if you remove the batteries.
Buggies and strollers A maximum size of 15 x 30 x 100 cm dimensions. If the size exceeds the restrictions, you will need to check them into the aircraft carrier.
Musical instruments If the instrument is within 115 cm it will be allowed inside. Aircraft with fewer than 100 seats can only accommodate musical instruments of 100 cm. If you need to bring in a bigger instrument, you will need to purchase an extra seat beforehand.
Sporting equipment Small sporting equipment less than 23 kg is allowed inside but requires the purchase of an extra seat if it has large dimensions. If the weight exceeds the restrictions, you will need to bring them in through other special means.
Fishing rods You can only bring in a single rod or optimal weight. More than one rod will not be allowed inside.

Checked baggage allowance

JAL has four different types of seats. Each type has a specific policy to follow and restrictions. There are different specifications for the economy, first-class, and business types of seats. The economy class passengers can take two bags each; first class and business class passengers are allocated to take three bags per passenger.

Be sure to discuss transportation with the person you are meeting before you leave. Discuss potential transportation methods, routes, and understanding their capabilities for this activity so that everyone is more prepared.

  • Don’t bring any devices that can be potentially damaging to carry-on items on board the plane.
  • Don’t carry valuable items in your checked baggage like jewelry or significant amount of cash.
  • One shouldn’t carry fragile items like pottery and glass while they are on an airplane. They can cause serious damage if mishandled.

JAL explains how much bags can weigh on the day of travel without incurring the charge, which is drawn in the table below.

Class Number of bags Dimensions per bag Net Weight
Economy 2 203 cm 23 kg
Premium Economy 2 203 cm 23 kg
First 3 203 cm 32 kg
Business 3 203 cm 32 kg

When you’re travelling with your infant, the airlines will follow the same luggage allowance as you. If you’re traveling with an infant who is not sitting in a designated seat on-board, then the weight limitations for that bag increase to match that of the adult accompanying them. The length and width restrictions, however, stay the same until you reach 203 cm.

Excess Baggage Charge

If the weight of your luggage is too heavy for the airline, you will be required to pay an excess. This extra charge can depend on where you are traveling from.

  Between Japan and Asia, Guam, Oceania Between Japan, Asia, India, Oceania and Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa Within Japan (when International Conditions of Carriage applies)
Per extra bag JPY 10,000 JPY 20,000 JPY 5,000
Exceeds size dimensions JPY 10,000 JPY 20,000 JPY 5,000
Exceeds weight restrictions 23 kg – 32 kg = JPY 6,000
32 kg – 45 kg = JPY 30,000
23 kg – 32 kg = JPY 10,00
32 kg- 45 kg = JPY 60,000
23 kg – 32 kg = JPY 1,000
32 kg – 45 kg = JPY 15,000

Pet carrier protocols

It can be difficult to bring your pet on planes, so we try to make it as easy for people to travel with their pets as possible. When traveling with your pet in a carrier, please note that our team will only allow specific types of animals. Our staff is qualified and trained professionals, who are certain that the animals inside are completely safe.

Airlines that allow pets do not accept increasingly risky pets like snakes, parrots, and toads. While many airlines will let travelers bring in their dogs, there is a possibility that some may not since they are raising a high risk of rabies. If you want to travel with your dog without risking your well-being, get the pet vaccinated against rabies and the flight certificate.

You are responsible for filling out a short form before you can check in your pet. The aircraft has a very short quota for his transportation, so if you are going to check in your pet, authorities will ask extensive amounts of questions and details regarding various information and species of your pet.

Pets will travel on the same plane as their owners. Prices depend on the size of your pet, how long it has been in quarantine, and whether or not you’re traveling to another country. If there is anything else you need to know, please contact us at

Restricted items

Some airlines also require that they have a list of items that are considered contraband. If you are found with these items, your luggage will be seized and not transported by any means. A few of these items include:

  • Knives will not be allowed into the arena at all. Only sharp, pointy objects that are between 6 centimeters and 1 meter long (not including blades) will be allowed in.
  • Carry-on liquids must be in one container, with a volume not exceeding 100ml. Liquids and chemicals are limited to less than one liter in total, not including shampoo or pesticides. Lots of fluid can’t be on your carry-on because it counts as 100ml inside the bag.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in the restaurant. Batteries and lighters should not be carried into the lounge area because they could harm guests or employees.
  • Cold and heat packs are found on every airplane. These meals are allowed inside the plane but many airlines also regulate others.
  • At the airport, when you’re carrying any of these types of weapons that may actually be used as weapons, it’s completely forbidden. The rules are strict in order to ensure the safety of all passengers on board.
  • Expensive items like urns and glassware should not be checked in your baggage since they may break easily. You have been warned about this. Even if they break while the transport, the airline is not responsible for such problems. If you must pack them along with you, place them inside your hand bags so that they are by your side during transportation.


What are the carry-on bags that JAL allows its passengers to carry inside?

All you have to do is fill out this form and JAL will send you two bags completely free of charge. You no longer have to try and find the right combination of standard luggage and personal gear.

How much is the extra baggage fee?

If you have too much luggage, the extra baggage fee from JAP airline is expensive. It depends on the route and range from $60 to $600.

What is the international luggage weight limit?

The international suitcase weight limit is 45 kilograms. You can tell if your bag exceeds that size, as you should not be shocked when it misses the flight.

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