IndiGo Baggage Allowance [Domestic and International) 2021]

Indigo BAGGAGE Allowance Policy

Indigo Hand Baggage Summary

Use our helpful tool to figure out what each bag category traveling internationally and domestically will cost you in every destination.

  • We provide a hand baggage for FREE that comfortably fits all travel needs.
  • Receive a FREE small personal item and save your extra gift items to be redeemed later

There is a baggage allowance for carryon bags on both domestic and international flights for FREE.

Bring your laptop to work, or perhaps you want to carry two items? We charge no weight limits and we give your first item free!

 Carry on Size Max. 55*35*25 cm

 7KG MAX Weight

Indigo FlightNo of piecesIndigo Baggage Max weightIndigo Baggage Dimensions
Indigo Domestic17 kg55*35*25 cm
Indigo International17 kg55*35*25 cm

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Indigo Checked Baggage Allowance Policy

 FREE checked baggage for both domestic and international on our selected routes.

 Checked Baggage Size Max. L+B+H <158cm

 15KG Domestic, 20-30KG International MAX Weight

Indigo FlightNo of piecesIndigo Baggage weightIndigo Baggage Dimensions
Indigo Domestic115 kg158 cm or 62 inch
Indigo International120 or 30 kg*158 cm or 62 inch

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Indigo Excess Baggage Fees

Two hundred and forty your excess baggage at the airport. It costs Rs 400 per kg.

For baggage, excess charges are applied on a fee per weigh provided. In addition to this, a charge is applied for each piece. For instance, if 4kg of baggage is brought on a plane and the staff weighs it at 40kg each, then $20 will be charged per carryover.

11 pounds (5kg) of excess baggage costs Rs.500 for a domestic trip on Indian airlines.

22 pounds or 10 Kilograms of excess baggage: $24 (Rs. 1,500)

Indigo Baggage Restrictions

liquids are allowed to be carried on board, provided these liquids are cleared by security screening and meet the mandatory requirements.

  • One hundred milliliters of liquid is put in a 100 ml container.
  • This 100 ml can be taken out of everything, and these plastic containers will fit into a million bags.

Indigo Baggage FAQs

What is Indigo Hand Baggage Allowance Summary?

Indigo gives you the option of carrying on 1 Hand Baggage ( 55*35*25 cm, 7KG) or a small personal item such as laptop bag, handbag, or briefcase.

What is Indigo Checked Baggage Allowance Policy?

Get checked luggage for your flights without worry. We provide great service from one of the best airlines in the world, Indian Express.

What are Indigo Liquid Baggage Restrictions?

You can find a 100ml stick in at least one bag with or without the purchase of an order.

What are Ingido Excess Baggage Fees?

Punish people with excess baggage. Punish them at the airport by charging them 400 INR per kilogram in their airport surcharge.

More Info about Indigo Baggage Policy

Indigo is an Indian low-cost airline. It operates on the country’s domestic route. With a fleet of 209 aircraft, and taking passengers to 56 domestic and 15 international destinations, Indigo is comparable with other low-cost airlines globally.


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