Indigo Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

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If you have a ticket from Indigo Airlines and you have to change your plans or cancel it, you don’t need to worry about a loss on the price of your ticket. We provide refunds for our customers as part of our cancellation policy.

Try our page and find everything you want to know related to Indigo Airlines cancellation policy. We have been thorough in everything we have done to help you get through this process better.

Indigo Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy: Key Highlights 

  • Indigo Airlines has a policy where they will allow customers to cancel within 24 hours without penalty. The tickets must be booked in advance, and at least 7 days before the departure date.
  • If passengers have booked 2 tickets and there is a refund policy, the airline will allow them to cancel for two weeks at no charge. After the two-week period has expired, the but if there are fee associated with cancellations and they miss out on the cancellation window.
  • Indigo Airlines offer a number of ways to change or cancel your booking. You can also speak to one of our customer services agents on the phone.
  • If passengers choose to book with a travel agent or airline directly, then they can make the cancellations by contacting them. The airline does not allow individuals to cancel their seats directly.
  • If you have a group booking, you can reach out to a customer support agent. In the case of an individual ticket purchase, this can be done easily on your device.

Indigo Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

In comparison with other flexibility policies, nothing beats the 24-hour cancellation policy of IAG airlines. The policies give the customer ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

  • The airline allows you to cancel any plans made within 24 hours of the flight. It’s important to choose a gate that has empty space, otherwise it won’t be possible to manage your changes.
  • There is no 24 hour free cancellation policy on some tickets. That includes the case where passengers have to pay a fee even if they cancel their tickets at the given time
  • If you didn’t cancel by the time books were closed, there would be a charge. If you chose to stay on the free cancellation period past that date and had to pay for it, damages would not be covered by the airline.

Indigo Airlines Cancellation Charges 

In case the passengers don’t cancel their scheduled flights 24 hours in advance, they will be charged for a grounded flight or cancelled flight.

Cancellation Charges For Domestic Flights

  • Those who have bought a Lite Fare ticket will have to pay a small fee of 3500 INR if they are cancelling their tickets within 3 days of the departure.
  • Passengers who travel on the ground are charged 3000 INR if they purchase a ticket for Regular fares. The fare is calculated per mile but closer to departure, the cost is lower based on number of days left.
  • If the passengers wanted to cancel their trip, they’d need to pay a low fee. If they have purchased a Flexi Plus Fare or return Fare ticket, they would only need to pay 500 INR and can cancel any time.
  • If the passengers cancel their tickets more than 4 days before departure they will have to pay 3000 rupees. That’s the price if they have Lite Fare or Regular Fare tickets.

Cancellation Charges For International Flights 

  • If a passenger has bought a Lite Fare or Regular Fare ticket, they would have to pay if they no longer need it 6500 if the ticket is canceled. The tickets can be canceled within three days of the day of purchase.
  • If the passengers are cancelling a Flexi Plus Fare ticket, they would have to pay anything from 6000 INR and upwards. The cancellations can be made up to 3 days from the departure date.
  • If you want to cancel or change your booking, bookings of 4 days before the departure on Lite Fare or Regular Fare will have the charge of 6000 INR, and those of the Return Fare will have a 4800 INR fee.
  • Passengers with Flexi Plus Fare cancel their tickets 4 days before the departure and because they paid an additional 1000 INR, they don’t have to worry about costs.
  • You can make a cancellation in two hours of your reservation. You do not have to spend any money but you will still be able to use the fare.

Indigo Airlines Ticket Refund Rules 

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The flight refund guarantees that everyone can have a hassle-free experience. If you decide not to fly, you will still not be charged for the airline ticket.

  • The company will give a refund for any passengers who cancel their tickets within the 24-hour window of purchase without providing explanations.
  • The airline would only give reimbursements for refundable tickets. Those who bought non-refundable tickets will not be able to get a refund from the airline.
  • The amount of time that it takes to process a refund is different depending on what part of the world you’re in. The domestic cancellations are usually processed faster than international ticket sales.
  • If a passenger paid by credit card, the airline will reflect the purchase in the same form of payment. If a passenger paid by cash or cheques and would like to seek a refund for the transaction, they would have to speak with one of the airline representatives over the phone.

How To Cancel Indigo Airlines Tickets Easily? 

Indigo Airlines offers several ways for passengers to easily cancel their plans. The airline provides various options so passengers are comfortable with the process. Make sure to review the different information Indigo Airlines has available to help you find whichever option best suits you.

Indigo Airlines Flight Cancellation Online 

Indigo Airlines allows you to cancel your tickets online. We have the fully detailed steps to ensure the processing of the cancellation(s) will be perfect.

Cancelling Your Indigo Airlines Flight Ticket Via A Call 

Want to cancel your ticket before it is too late? Don’t worry, we make sure everything’s been organised so you can do that easily by making a call. Just check out how it works!

There have been a lot of reports regarding airlines not providing customers with this information so our company provides an email reminder service for customers.

Step By Step Guide To Cancel the Ticket At The Airport 

We modify the ticket in our own way. We are very different people with different preferences and some of us might prefer to do it at the airport, while others might prefer not to know anything at all.

Frequently Asked Questions: Indigo Airlines Cancellation Policy

Yes, you can cancel your tickets online if you purchased them in the same way. Indigo Airlines’ policy requires sending changes or cancellations via the point of purchase. If you purchased your tickets from a different retailer, you can use the contact information below to contact Indigo Airlines directly. Indigo Airlines is not responsible for making the changes in these cases.”

Indigo Airlines is committed to providing help for inconvenience. If the airline has to cancel a flight, it tries to do everything possible to capture your attention. You can either cancel the booking and request for a 100 percent refund, or take another flight the airline sends you. If the flights are delayed more than 4 hours, you can stay in a hotel from the airline, providing meals and beverages during the delay.

Cancellation fees depend on several factors. A domestic flight ticket booked within 24 hours is not subject to a cancellation fee. If you want to avoid the international fee, your transactions must be completed at least seven days in advance of departure. Indigo Airlines has excellent cancellation policies online so make sure to browse through their website before making any more purchases.

If you do not appear on flight day, the airline may cancel your reservation and your ticket will become void. You are required to pay a cancellation fee for each day you are no shown on the reservation days.

It is not possible to cancel a flight within 24 hours if you missed the window. There is a small fee for cancelling at that time, but it’s worth it because you are cancelling the flights in time. However, contact customer service about your tickets before attempting to cancel them to avoid troubles.

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