Icelandair Wi-Fi Guide 2022 | How To Connect Icelandair Wi-Fi?

Icelandair is one of the few airlines that offer WiFi for all passengers. The service starts as soon as you get into their plane, and it stays on until you land.

You can stay connected to the world while travelling by Icelandic air. Enjoy a complimentary WiFi network while you’re flying and if you join their Icelandair Saga Club, you’ll be able to use Icelandair’s network on an unlimited basis for free.

Icelandair passengers traveling in Economy class can pay a small fee to access WiFi on the aircraft. The Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex classes get free access to WiFi and two devices.

Icelandair WiFi At A Glance

Airline NameIcelandair
HeadquarterReykjavík, Iceland
WiFiAvailable (Paid)
WiFi ProviderRow44
Origin CountryIceland
Number Of Planes Active29
Contact Number(00) 1-800-223-5500 +354 505 0100
Social MediaFacebook 

How Do I Connect To Icelandair WiFi?

Connect your device to the Icelandair business lounge. Stay connected while visiting Iceland.

  • While flying, you can set your mobile to save battery by using WiFi. You can do this by tapping on the settings icon in your device’s menu bar.
  • You can quickly see if there’s WiFi available in Iceland and if one of the Icelandic airline’s connections is available.
  • To connect to the Iceland Air WiFi, open the browser on your device and go to
  • Through this portal, you will learn about important things to know for your app.
  • When you first use the app, it will bring you to Icelandair’s WiFi. Afterward, you can explore the rest of the app without worries.

How Many Devices Does Icelandair WiFi Support?

You get access to more devices with Saga Premium, Saga Premium Flex, and Economy Flex. You get free WiFi wherever you go in Economy Class.

How Is The Connection Speed Of Icelandair WiFi?

Each individual aircraft that Icelandair has offers a unique experience with their WiFi. Let’s see what each aircraft can offer their passengers.

Boeing 737 MAXBoeing 757/767
Broadband connection speed, fast and uninterrupted3G connection speed
Browse the web, send messages and emails, and media content streamingNot applicable for media streaming, emails and messages can be exchanged
Strong Icelandair WiFi network regardless of the number of usersThe number of users may affect the Icelandair WiFi quality
Icelandair WiFi available from takeoff to landingWiFi network available from takeoff to landing

What Is The Cost Of Icelandair WiFi?

The prices of the Icelandair WiFi service vary depending on the type of aircraft and their offered services.

Boeing 737 MAX (media streaming, email, message):

From Iceland to Europe10 euro
From Iceland to North America20 euro

Boeing 757/ 767 (browsing, message):

From Iceland to Europe6 euro
From Iceland to North America12 euro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Icelandair WiFi Available on Inflight?

Yes, in-flight connectivity is available. Everyone can connect and use essential apps on a large tablet in front of them

Is Icelandair WiFi Free?

Icelandair does not offer WiFi for free. However, Icelandair members can enjoy complimentary access to their internet for the duration of the stay.

Which Aircraft Have Icelandair WiFi Network?

Icelandair passengers now have free onboard WiFi. This allows them to more comfortably plan their next adventure.

Does Icelandair WiFi Have Limited Usage?

Icelandair reserves the right for its passengers to only have a limited amount of data usage, but their wifi does have an unlimited data usage facility.

Who Is Icelandair WiFi Provider?

Row44 is the provider of Icelandair WiFi.

What Is The Name Of The Icelandair WiFi Network?

The WiFi network is named after the famous Icelandic carrier, Icelandair.

What Can Icelandair WiFi Use For?

Icelandair offers free WiFi access while you’re travelling. Plus, internet service is available to passengers in Icelandair lounges, restaurants and shops so travelers can keep up with any communication needs during their trip.

Is Icelandair WiFi Safe?

Yes, Icelandair WiFi is safe. However, we advise you to carefully consider whether or not it is appropriate for you to share your personal information over an unknown network.

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