Iberia Change Booking Policy – 2022[updated]

Sometimes an unexpected event may happen, and our plans may change the way we initially planned. Iberia has a change booking policy which can permit any changes to the flight booking before departure. Let’s see what it takes to change a reservation and all of the bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

  • Iberia travel change fee is only refundable for travel date or time. Any changes to a changed flight are not allowed.
  • In cases where fares change, additional services or taxes can be applied as long as the new fare is greater than the old. At no point does it matter if there’s been a lower fare difference; the difference will not be refundable.
  • Iberia’s flight change dates must be requested no more than three hours before the scheduled departure time, given that passengers have not disappeared the baggage area.
  • Iberia’s policy on itinerary changes is that either through the Iberia airlines portal, through their customer service phone number or if you booked it at an airport, their customer service office can cancel your flight for you.
  • If you feel like Iberia will not be able to help accommodate your request, we have a number of other partner airlines that can.
  • As per their Iberia change booking policy, any additional travel expenses that may arise out of flight changes will be assessed by the passenger.
  • Iberia change reservation policy would require all additional services that the passenger originally purchased and then entitle to those on the applicable policy.
  • If you want to change your flight date with Iberia Airlines, you need to pay the cost of your new flight. You will also be charged any difference in fare depending on what type of class you’re switching from and to.
  • As per the Iberia Airlines new policy, they do not have any limitations on date/time change requests as long as the Iberia airlines booking remains valid. Each time any change booking request is made, the applicable change fee and other changes must be paid.
  • Iberia airlines upgraded their change flight policy. If you’ve paid for any optional services or essentials for your new flights, you can get a refund if the service is not available.
  • The Iberia change booking policy can be found here, but the airline will not accept any refunds or discounts on a booked Flex fare until the point of departure.
  • If you change your reservation onboard Iberia, there will be a fee and any difference in the cost of the new flight between original departure and current departure.
  • It costs Iberia money to change someone’s travel plans. The person must pay an applicable fee when they cancel their trip or get a new ticket if they’re traveling a different class of service. Often, there might be a fare difference too.
  • Iberia Airlines accept changes to people’s names once. Going through a legal change of name is the only option for changing your name on your Iberia Airlines ticket.
  • If you want to change your destination when you have already flown to Madrid, the Iberia booking supervisor needs to be notified before boarding the plane.

Iberia Change Reservation Rules and Regulation

Iberia makes some changes to their flight rules for these voyages. Here are the most significant details.

  • The Iberian low cost airline stipulates that once the initial transportation is made, no changes are allowed to be made to the flight date, time, name, or destination.
  • When someone changes the name there is a flight available, Iberia’s system automatically initiates the reservation and change booking request.
  • All Flex fare passengers are exempt from the change fee for their flight with Iberia airlines.
  • Iberia Airlines may change a passenger’s ticket with one phone call provided the customer provides their valid name to Iberia Airlines. If a passenger’s name was misspelled or if there are any additional changes, the fare difference for the change is applicable.
  • Passengers of Iberia Express flights, who purchase their flights on ibexpress.com, can choose between Meals On Board, without meals, Economy Business Class and First Class; also they will be subject to any changes made as part of the fare package.
  • Passengers wanting a date change must retry any seat reservations or meal alterations they may have already checked on the previous date.
  • When a passenger books their Iberia flight, the travel essentials are automatically updated. However, for hotel booking, car hire or travel insurance, or a combination of all three of these things, the person making the purchase needs to contact their service provider to update them after booking.

Iberia Same Day Flight Change Policy

If you want to change your flight, you must request a flight change within 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure time. You can fly only in Europe, North America, and trans-Atlantic regions.

Same-day confirmed Iberia change flight request – if the seat is available in the originally purchased class of service, passengers can change to an upgraded seat for an additional fee.

  • A fee of 75 USD is applied for same day changes at Iberia’s domestic airports. The fee can also be 150 USD if your flight is changed to an international destination.
  • If a passenger pays for the flight with a refundable fare from Iberia airlines, then no fee will be incurred
  • Iberia Airlines holds flights from connection to non-stop. However the airline does not permit any change in status on the day of departure.
  • Neither same-day travel changes nor free basic fares are eligible for Basic fares.

During certain circumstances, passengers who booked a same-day Iberia flight may change their seats in the stand-by area for the next available flight on the Iberia website.

Iberia Change Reservation within 24 Hours

We understand if you need to switch flights. That is why we allow you to change your flight within 24 hours of booking without any change fee provided the scheduled departure date must be at least 7 days at the time of making changes. A no Iberia ticket change fee would be assessed, no fare difference would apply. Here are the terms and conditions under the Iberia ticket changes policy.

  • If you wish to change your booking ahead of your scheduled flight, that is possible for the 24 hours unless you made it more than 72 hours before departure.
  • Outside the 24 hours of your flight, Iberia will not charge a change fee when you change your flight reservation. It only applies to the difference in fare between two flights.
  • None of our group services are eligible for 24 hours changes and any further changes will be subject to the Iberia ticket change group policy.
  • This policy does not apply to tickets that were purchased using gift certificates, or e-travel certificates.

Iberia Airlines Change Flight Types

If you change your flight plan Iberia has several services that make it easier to explore the opportunities in front of you and then make all the necessary arrangements.

Iberia Change Flight Time

Iberia Airlines has a policy change on booking change. As long as the passengers are willing to meet the new price that’s listed and have time, they can change their booked flights without any hassle. -In case the fare difference is too much, the difference won’t be refunded to the passenger-

Iberia Same Day Flight Change

Of flights departing on the same day, passengers can change the flight schedule for up to 24 hours before departure time, throughout the entire day as long as it’s within the same airports that it is departing from and are in need of changing course.

Iberia Airlines Change Flight Date

Passengers can change their flights via the Manage Booking section on Iberia Express’s website up to 48 hours prior to departure with no additional cost. Passengers also pay a $80 change fee after they successfully changed the flight.

Iberia Airlines Change Seats

Iberia follows a 48-hour policy on changes. If you change your itinerary, the change must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled departure. International Airport VIP check-in is no longer available with these changes.

Iberia Change or Correct Name

Iberia Airlines changed its name to United Airlines on April 1, 2014. As of December 31, 2017, Iberia passengers would have to make sure they had the applicable Iberia ticket change fee before they could change the name on their tickets.

Iberia Airlines Change Fee

The Iberia change fee might be applied to passengers depending on the fare type. The fare change fee will then be determined according to each flight class, such as International First Class, Economy Class, etc.

Iberia airlines offers a change fee for Economy class in the process of changing your flight that can be saved

Fee StructureBasicOptimalComfortOptimal FlexFlexible
Iberia change flight fee200 USD + any fare difference200 USD + any fare differenceFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 200 USD per passenger + any fare differenceFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 200 USD per passenger + any fare differenceFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 200 USD per passenger + any fare difference

Iberia customers can now choose to purchase their desired class of ticket with a convenient fixed fee.

Fee StructurePromotionalFlexible
Iberia change flight feeFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 200 USD per passenger + any fare differenceFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 200 USD per passenger + any fare difference

Iberia airlines usually change the flight fee in S/M class. But it has up to 50% more chance for Business Class

Fee StructurePromotionalFlexible
Iberia change flight feeFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 300 USD per passenger + any fare differenceFirst Change free, second and subsequent changes at 300 USD per passenger + any fare difference

How to Change the Iberia Flight?

Iberia airlines makes it easy to change your flights. They offer three different routes for changing your flight: through a travel agent, online, or by calling the airline directly.

Iberia Change Flight Online

Here is an easy method for changing your flight online with the Iberia airline-

  • Prepare your trip to Spain and discover the best flight prices for your family or group with iberia.
  • Enter the booking code as a customer to enjoy exclusive fare and superior facilities for domestic flights.
  • Pick an itinerary from the list of available flights and tap on the ‘Change’ button to proceed.
  • Enter the desired destination, the date when you want to leave, and the time you want to leave; or input one of these fields if you want to change it in a specific section.
  • Iberia change flight booking policy. All flights booked but not yet completed incur Iberia change booking fee and domestic Iberia charge which is the difference between the cost of a new domestic itinerary and the original one according to applicable fare
  • As passengers check-in at the top of their boarding passes, they will be redirected to our website where they can pay for their flights with credit cards or by paying any change entitlements.

Iberia Change Flight over the Phone

They have a step-by-step phone number that’ll help you make the necessary changes to your Iberia Airlines flight booking.

  • Dial the Iberia change flight contact number , and speak to a friendly customer service agent to transfer your flight.
  • Provide a booking confirmation with your Iberia reservation number to project executives for retrieval.
  • Please provide the new travel dates, times, and destination or combination of all of them.
  • People booking a trip on Iberia Airlines are subject to both departure change and a change fee in accordance to their particular return trip.
  • The agent will let you know the new flight itinerary and the related change in Iberia flight cost with each option. Passengers can pay the required amount with a debit/credit card over the phone.
  • Passengers that make payment online will then get a confirmation of their new Iberia Airlines flights. If a passenger wishes to travel to another city, they can take action and change any flight segments right here.

Iberia Airlines Schedule Change Policy

If I ever get stuck at the airport due to weather, airline delays or any other reason, Iberia airlines is willing to help its passengers proactively and compensate them.

Denied Boarding – When an airline has reached its maximum passenger capacity, they deny any future boarding to those who are still in the queue. Sometimes, the airline will offer compensation to those passengers denied boarding within reason.

  • The unused portions of your booked trip remain valid on the credit card up to one year after your trip has been cancelled.
  • Iberia airlines change flight compensation
  • An easy way to change your airfare without paying any additional cost.
Iberia Airlines Schedule Change

In the event of being denied boarding, Iberia Airlines are happy to be able to offer a compensation package

  • If the flight distance from point A to point B is less than 1500 km, then the price of my flights would be 400 USD
  • In order to buy tickets between points A and B, the flight must be at or below $500 as well as being no more than 1500 or less than 3500 kilometers
  • If the flight distance from point A to point B is more than 3500 miles, the price of a ticket will fall 600 USD.

If the passenger misses their final destination because of the airline, and their flight is rebooked for no less than 3 hours later, then Iberia airlines waives half the cost for changing flights.

If Iberia needs to make changes to the passengers itinerary (such as a change in their flight methods for example), customers are entitled to on-site care.

  • Meals and refreshments 
  • Overnight stay when a flight is held on the following day if it’s an alternative flight.
  • Complimentary airport transfer
  • Our prices are competitive and our customer service is always amazing. It’s easy to use your travel credit on our site.

Schedule Change and Flight Delays

The Iberia Travel change policy states that passengers are entitled to refreshments in relation to their waiting time if the flight is delayed two hours or more.

  • In the case of flights, they are more than two hours away. Some flights take less than 1500 kilometres.
  • For more than three hours our cars can be driven to a target distance between 1500 and 3500 km.
  • If you are more than 350 miles from your destination, it will take you more than four hours to get there.

When the given flight departure is delayed for the next day, the airline offers their loyalty members a discount.

  • Meals and refreshments voucher
  • With our international data packages, service providers give you free access to your favorite apps, entertainment and places to call.
  • Complimentary airport transfer

Iberia Change Booking Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are interested in changing your itinerary, please contact our reservations department. We have a price for every trajectory and specific itinerary changes may affect the final fare change fee, depending on date, time, and services.

Iberia charges 400 USD for the Basic Economy and Premium Economy fare, and 600 USD for Business Economy fare.

Yes passengers are allowed to change their booked flights up to 3 hours before departure, provided that the passengers have not completed their ticket request. All fare differences and taxes will be applicable if the cost of the new flight is higher than the current one. Customers may return a ticket they bought days ago but are now planned to use earlier, as long as the date on their old tickets is still valid.

Passengers are able to select their seat on any flight through the Manage Booking section available on the Flye app. If you happen to check in by mistake and have already selected your confirmed seat, they are able to change seats once they upgrade this fare and pay the difference from the original ticket.

If you did not manage to complete or change your seat selection, feel free to reach out to our Iberia Airlines Head Office.

Iberia Airlines charges a change fee of 200 USD for economy and premium economy flights. It costs 300 USD per passenger on an Iberia flight depending on the class of the flight.

Iberia airlines is a company that posts flight delay information through text and email. Indefinitely, the airline will provide the passengers with on-site care, compensation, and free rescheduling depending upon their booking’s distance and the length of the delay.

You need to call if you want to change an Iberia Express flight. You can also do so online with My Iberia. The cost of changing your flight is not covered by your ticket, and any applicable fare difference may apply.

Iberia airline allows passengers to change the flight up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure, so they can also change their flights within 24 hours after they purchase them, getting rid of the Iberia change flight date fee.

Yes, passengers can change the flight with Iberia airlines within 24 hours from the day they booked their first flight. The day they make changes must be 7 or more days ahead at the time of making changes.

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