Iberia Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

Iberia Carry On Baggage Summary


If you are travelling on Iberia Airlines, here’s all the baggage rates and fees for your upcoming flight. Each class of plane has a different price in terms of baggage: economy class has a $25 fee, while Premium economy classes have a fee of $200.

Iberia Checked Baggage Summary

1 FREE checked baggage for passengers traveling in Standard Class. 2 checkout bags are included with the Business Class or First Class ticket.

Max 158 cm (height+width+length)

Max 23KG

Visit our website at www.iberia.com for more information about Iberia baggage allowance.

Iberia Free Personal Baggage Items


  • A handbag or small briefcase.
  • A laptop computer or camera.
  • A diaper bag with all of the necessary necessities for your child to enjoy a trip without making you regret a single minute.

Iberia Hand baggage Policy

The measurements of the high-quality production are 56cm by 45cm by 25 cm

  • For travelling, these features make a big difference in the convenience of transported items.
  • Baggage that is larger than this cannot be checked-in with priority.
  • These pieces of luggage must fit in the size-check device located at the airports. You must be able to lift them into the overhead locker by yourself if possible.

If you don’t want to get stuck waiting for a plane because of carry-on baggage, take the opportunity to board.

Due to limited space in the aircraft and on busy flights, some carry-on baggage may be removed and placed in the hold depending on how many pieces of luggage you are carrying.

If your carry-on baggage exceeds the standard size, it will be placed in the excess baggage hold and you may be charged an additional fee.

Remember, put your handbag or accessory under the chair before you sit down in this row.

You will need to place your hand baggage under the overhead compartment. If there is not enough space on board, this item will be removed and kept in the hold.

Iberia Checked Baggage Allowance

The amount of checked luggage you can bring might be affected by where you’re flying and the route you plan to take. Before checking bags, find out how much pax you’ll be traveling with, how big each bag is, the total weight of your luggage, the cost of bags that are over 23kg and any overweight luggage fees that apply.

For short-haul flights, the checked baggage allowance is 40 kilograms for small bags and 20 kilograms for large/oversized ones.

  • Express Economy Airlines allow you to carry small, personal items and still travel with no baggage allowance.
  • Express Economy (international flights): 1 free piece
  • Economy: 1 free piece
  • Business Class: 2 free pieces

The allowance for long-haul flights to/from the USA is $500 that includes two food items, two movies, and two hours of in-flight WiFi.

  • Reduced Economy (international flights): 1 free piece
  • Get discounts with Soupplets
  • Business Plus: 3 free pieces

Iberia Excess Baggage Fees Policy


For items that exceed 23 kilograms up to a maximum of 32 kilograms, we surcharge an additional 60 euros on top of the price.

Iberia Prohibited items

Some chemicals, such as explosives and toxic or radioactive substances, etc. Because of their shape, steel weapons and firearms, they require specific safety precautions [should be “are particularly dangerous because of” and “require additional protection,” respectively]. And tools with sharp edges/Edges can cut/lead to serious injury.

Iberia Baggage Electronic items

Switch off your electronic devices on the plane. By doing this, you’ll improve battery life.

Iberia Baggage Regulations Liquids

The bags are offered in two options: a clear plastic zipper bag or an adhesive closure-zip over bag. Maximum capacity of 1 lit.

Iberia Baggage FAQs

Iberia Airlines has a helpful policy when it comes to baggage. Find out more on their homepage.

If you are traveling on Iberia in Zone 2 or Europe, they offer a free carry-on bag up to 50kg/110 lbs and one personal item that can’t exceed 57cm x 45 cm x 25cm.

What is Iberia Excess Baggage Fees Policy?

All items can be shipped if they weigh between 23kg and 32kg. Higher weight surcharge applies for items more than 32kg.

Find more information about how much baggage you can take on a flight at  www.iberia.com

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