Iberia Baggage Allowance, Fees, Limits & Policy 2022

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If you are travelling to Europe or routing your trip between Europe and the US eastern coast, Iberia airlines may be a fantastic alternative for you.

Iberia Airlines offers a very attractive deal. It is because of this that many people choose Iberia instead of other airlines.

Iberia airlines offers a comprehensive baggage allowance with extra, non-refundable checked-in bags, excess baggage not exceeding 10Kgrs and compact size up to 23 kg for passengers with the additional 1 P mentioned in their ticket.

Carry-on luggage allowance

Iberia Airlines has three types of seats economy seats, called “Basic,” “Optimal,” and “Flexible.” The basic seat is the standard seat, it has a carry on policy that only permits passengers to take one bag through security. There is a 10 kg weight limit for this type of seat. The optimal seat offers more comfort, it requires 32 kgs to carry on to an aircraft due to the amount of additional space resources. The flexible ticket have the same carry on policy but no weight maximum.

The iberia does not have overhead baggage compartments in many of the aircraft. You need to make sure your carry on bag is under your seat at all times, or find a storage place for it.

If you purchased the business class tickets, you are the entitled to two handbags, and one personal item. The overhead compartments act as a space where you can fold unwanted items before they weigh down your luggage too much.

Details Economy class Business-class
Number of bags 1 standard bag 2 standard bags and 1 personal bag
Weight 10 kg maximum. 30 kg maximum. Each bag must not exceed 10 kg.
Dimensions 56 x 45 x 25 cm 56 x 45 x 25 cm- standard bag 40 x 30 x 15 cm- personal bag

To make the conference experience more enjoyable and professional, certain policies should be respected:

  • If your luggage does not fit on the baggage gauge under the seat or in the overhead compartment it will not be accepted on the flight.
  • When checking in, you may need to disassemble some of your carry-on luggage. If this occurs, it is usually due to its size or the item requiring overhead storage.

Items which you are allowed to carry in your hand baggage

There are rules each class must follow, but you’re allowed to bring your personal items with you. There is no difference in what seat you buy because of this, and it doesn’t matter if you are travelling on a long-cross country flight or a short-hop across town.

  • Small hand bag or purse.
  • Laptop computer.
  • Digital or video cameras.
  • Baby bag with food.
  • Mobile phones
  • Watches both analogues, digital and smart.

Different countries have different restrictions on what items you can bring in your carry-on bag. There are some items which are only allowed to be brought in if you don’t have more than these items, for example knives and sharp objects that can hurt people.

If you want to take medicine overseas, you must carry the appropriate prescription to which you must show to the airline authorities.

Checked-in baggage

If you are checking luggage and have a larger than average amount of luggage, then there are several policies and regulations in place by Iberia Airlines. Their guidelines for checked baggage are listed below.

  • You are not allowed to carry a suitcase on board aircraft or into the airport with a 0P. You need to check in any cases to be searched by security staff and maybe be charged a handling fee (for international flights).
  • Most people associate airlines with being boring. They compare the offered food and in-flight entertainment since it is usually all miles above a variety of locations. This allows you to take advantage of specialized cancellations to get around your “imposed” rules.
  •  The other two Economy classes are allowed to check in a single carry-on bag while business classes are allowed to check in 2 carry-on bags.
  • You can check your bag at 50% discount and pay a fixed fee for bags up to 32 kg. If you want to pay a higher fee for the excess weight, you can arrange with the airline or assigner.
Details Economy Class Business Class
Number of bags 1 2 (cardholders can check-in 3 bags)
Weight A maximum of 23 Kg. Each bag must have a maximum of 23 kg.
Dimensions 158 cm (height+ width+ length) 158 cm (height+ width+ length) for each bag.

Fees for Extra baggage

If you exceed the weight allowed, the airline will charge an extra fee. If you are travelling a certain amount of time before your flight you can potentially get a discount for your extras. There is a weight limit, so if exceeds it you will not be let on the plane.

Route Class 1st bag `
United States, Mexico and Canada Business Free
United States, Mexico and Canada Economy €75 / $100 / £65
Latin America, Asia and South Africa Business Free
Latin America, Asia and South Africa Economy €100/$110/£80
Domestic, Europe, North Africa and
Middle East
Business Free
Domestic, Europe, North Africa and
Middle East
Economy €60/$66/£47

Special equipment transportation

If you want any sort of special equipment like strollers, sporting equipment or medical instruments, you will need to tell the authorities beforehand. If you intend to check them in, you will need to make some special payments. However do note that anything electrical, like electric bikes, will not be taken on board even if the battery has been removed.

Restricted items

  • This sentence would be considered inappropriate for television, but is appropriate for our website.
  • People can’t bring any firearms or explosive items into Academy Sports.
  • Chemical or toxic fluids like pesticide.
  • If a drug or medicine is being given to you, you are asked by the doctor it’s been prescribed for or by your pharmacist in advance be mentioned so that the research will help.
  • Electronic devices like power tools have specific safety requirements. We have easy to read warning labels and direct specs like switches, plugs, battery types and maximum allowed amps.


Does Iberia airline charge for the allocated baggage allowance?

If you are travelling, you will not need to pay for baggage as long as it’s within the scope of acceptable policy. If you have a Basic economy seat, where your hand luggage must remain in your bag and should be under 22″ wide and 12″ deep, you can purchase baggage rights at $55-$85 for the first bag and $170 for 2 bags.

What is the policy followed for excess baggage?

If you have excess baggage, you need to make a payment before your bag is checked. If you exceed 32 kilograms of weight, your bag won’t be transported without an extra payment at the airport.

What to do if you lose an item from your carry-on?

Your are not allowed to carry with you any items on the aircraft except what is listed in your hand luggage. They can assist you by looking for items that you left behind during check-in, or you are allowed to purchase an item up to $10 within 24 hours after landing and leave again (the airline will cover the cost).

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