Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

You’re excited to book that flight for your family’s vacation. You fill out all the information you need, and hit the submit button at the Iberia website. Voila! You have an Iberia flight ticket to your dream destination. But, hey? Did you check whether you put the correct names of all passengers on the reservation? Chances are you didn’t remember anyone else but yourself. However, that’s not always true. After all, we don’t care to see if our name is listed correctly.

If you want to change an Iberia Airlines reservation, certain measurables are a must. First, check the plane that your room is on. If it is not listed as a possibility, you would have to contact your agent in order to change the unit number or cancel the booking all together.

  • Making any adjustments to your name is something worth considering. You can include the middle name, or any other information, on the website associated with your ID.
  • If you’ve forgotten to do something, we’ll help you straight away. In the ‘Manage Booking’ section, once a booking is confirmed there’s a button that converts it into a reservation, which you can manage online at any time.
  • If you are flying on an Iberia Airlines flight where there are multiple flights, it is important to have updated information on your reservation. This is done by accessing the Iberia Airlines website and inputting your airline ticket on each airline’s portal.
  • Book your flights, so that you can avoid any possible name change requests. If you have an Iberia Airlines frequent flyer number fill it into your bookings to make editing the flight easier.

Iberia Airlines Name Change Rules

If you are traveling and the name on your ticket is different from your real name, Iberia Airlines shows here what your options are and some important rules – like only using the person’s first and last names during check-in and boarding.

  • If your name appears on Iberia Airlines booking as something other than the correct spelling, you’ll be given a chance to ask them to fix it. If passengers don’t act, they may need to pay the fare difference associated with that change.
  • Airlines will sometimes allow passengers to change the last name on their tickets, but they must receive permission up to three characters. Please note the count of these characters shall not be misunderstood as three characters each for the first, middle, and last name.
  • When you fly with Iberia Airlines, you must have a ticket with Iberia’s flight number and stock number. The flight must go through the same countries and all other flights on your itinerary must be operated by Iberia.
  • Iberia Airlines have a unique name change policy that makes it difficult to change your reservation. However, If the passenger is unable to do this, the airline will rebook their itinerary for the other passengers. The fee for a change in ownership of a reservation is between 150-350 euros.
  • People who are traveling and don’t need to pay right away need to use Iberia’s change-of-name service, which will require a later payment.
  • Input your Iberia Airlines’ reservation number at the Iberia Airlines’ customer service or website and you will be able to book extra baggage, change your flight date or arrival time.

Iberia Airlines Name Change Fee

Iberia likely charges a fee for name changes. To find out more information on Iberia’s name change policy, please reference their website below.

Fare ConditionsIberia name change fee
Can only make changes if you booked with the Iberia Airlines125 USD
You’ll need to visit one of their offices and request the re-ticketing option.150 USD
Iberia Airlines change up to 3 letters125 USD
Can only correct tickets on flights operated by Iberia Airlines, can’t if other airlines are involved125 USD
Iberia Airlines name correction only for special cases and requires the airline approval75 USD
Iberia Airlines change the passenger name to another ticket200 USD
Iberia Airlines name change in a  genuine case of typo errors50 USD
Iberia Airlines name change requests for Europe bound flights200 USD

Check the Conditions Concerning Iberia Name Change

Before any passenger book their flights with Iberia Airlines, they need to be sure that there is a good price. They can check the fare conditions on Iberia Airlines website, and then make sure to ask for the booking confirmation from the customer service.

For all Iberia Airlines flights, some prices may apply. If you need to change your destination or date at the last minute, Iberia allows changes up till a certain period prior to the scheduled departure.

Check the Iberia Name Correction Fee Concerning Changes

In the fare condition associated with the Iberia change booking, you’re able to find out whether it’s a good idea to change your airline (with penalties for canceling at certain levels) and what’s involved in that. You can also find out how costly it will be if you decide to swap to a new airline down the line.

  • This company name correction fee will be charged once for an Iberia Airlines name change.
  • Fees to change your name at Iberia, per passenger from one city to the other.
  • Iberia charges a name change fee for flights. The differing fees depend on the distance travelled and on the amount of the different legs of the journey.

How to Change Name on Iberia Flight Ticket?

In this post, we will share the procedure to change your name on an Iberia flight. Follow along in our thread for more information

Contact Iberia Airlines Customer Service

Iberia Airlines is on the minds of customers, are there any changes? Could this be true? Contact Iberia Airlines for more information about the change.

If you want to avoid any additional costs, we encourage you to contact the Iberia Airlines customer service center for more information.

If a person wants to book a flight using Iberia Airlines, they should contact the airline. Their reservation number is linked to the airline booking system, so their travel details cannot be changed by themselves.

In order to prevent that not everyone has access to the other passenger’s reservation when they contact customer service, they may ask you some security questions. It’s advisable that only the ticketed passenger contacts the customer service. You would be asked the security question, and then the employees will assist you.

The guidance executive may help you with any reservations and name changes. The executive will provide the required information at the top of your passport to make sure your name isn’t written wrong or doesn’t match the booking in any way.

It is best to speak with an agent concerning this type of Iberia name change. They will make a determination on what is necessary, the applicable fare conditions and find a solution that works.

When you know what the options and  Iberia Airlines name change fee are for getting your name changed, it is easier to indicate during a customer service conversation that you have read that the  Iberia Airlines name correction fee is possible at a certain cost.

It can sometimes be beneficial to allow an airline executive to come up with a solution. They may be able to offer you a cheaper option or introduce you to something that you have not read about yet or thought about yourself.

This sentence implies that the ticket name change fee might not be applied to the reservation after it has already been confirmed. The details of Iberia’s policy are unknown at this time and you may need to pay the difference to make a different reservation.

If you agree with the Iberia name change request, it is important to spell your name correctly so there are no misunderstandings over the phone. An option is to use the military alphabet of letters while booking a flight. This is very common while making phone orders for travel.

A- AlphaHotelOscarUniform
B BravoIndiaPapaVictor

Before completing a name request for Iberia Airlines, it is advised to review the fare rules, the Iberia Airlines name change fee, and the correct passenger name. This ensures everything goes well with both parties.

After the Iberia Airlines name correction request is completed, you will receive a confirmation including information on the new e-ticket, and if necessary please be on the phone while you wait for the email confirmation to check. If it is not possible, take a note of the voice message that was left by Iberia Airlines representative. In this way you can thank the executive for his cooperation, and when something went wrong

Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Iberia Airlines requires that changes to names on the ticket after it is purchased are not allowed. Only changing incorrect first and surnames before the reservation is made can be done. It is important that passengers purchase their initial and last name in advance so that Iberia Airlines files are available when they arrive at the airport.

Yeah, if you have a middle name in your photo ID. While you are making a booking on Iberia’s website, always try to add a middle name to your reservation on the website as the Iberia Airline always tries to match the ticketed name with your government-issued photo ID.

If the name on the flight ticket is not the same as the government-issued photo ID or is not in accordance with your passport, Iberia airlines will not allow passengers to board.

To avoid being refused on your flight or having any trouble during the trip, please contact our U.S. affiliate Iberia Airlines customer service representative if you have changed the wrong name on your flight ticket for the trip.

As per Iberia Airlines name change policy, the airlines call this a change in ownership and is only possible if the fare condition or rule associated with your flight booking allows it. At times, it is possible to change the name with Iberia Airlines even if you have not been checked.

IBERIA name change fee varies with the flight route, seasonality, and the mode of alteration chosen by the passengers. The Iberia Airlines name change fee varies from 125 to 200 USD as described in this post.

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