How To Connect To John Wayne Airport WiFi | SNA Airport FREE WiFi

John Wayne Airport is a well-known airport located in the Los Angeles area; for years now flight arrival time have been changed thanks to improvements of wifi. Passengers have requested high speed internet for a couple of years now.

And it seems like the Airport Authority is taking those requests seriously considering the not-so-bad experience shared by many these days.

Get the information you need to make the most of your airport experience with Wi-Fi. Explore our offerings and compare them for yourself.

A glance at John Wayne Airport

Full nameJohn Wayne Airport (SNA)
LaunchedOn August 15, 1941
CountryUnited States of America
Owner & Operated byOrange County
Passenger10 Million+/Per year
Flight Operations301,098
Toral Runways & TerminalsTwo, Three
Total Gates22
Customer Service Contact        (949) 955-9153
Contact for Lost & Found(949) 252-5140

John Wayne Airport WiFi Details

John Wayne Airport offers a range of WIFI services. Here’s information on who is offering these services and where they are located.

Information TypeDetail
WiFi CategoryComplimentary
Duration Limit4 Hours
PasswordNot Required
WiFi Speed5 Megabits to 20 Megabits Per Second

Even after finishing the complimentary wifi session at the airport, it is possible to purchase a data plan that works inside the airport. A fee is required for this.

To connect to WiFi at John Wayne Airport, use the information below.

To use the wireless network in an area, a password is needed for each guest wishing to use it. If you happen to know the people working there, ask for the password from them on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

John Wayne Airport’s WiFi is made for people who need to travel quicker and we welcome everyone.

Yes, anyone visiting this airport can use the free WiFi offered until they are within the areas where internet coverage is available.

Can different kinds of electronic devices be charged here?

Thomas F. Riley has both USB ports and electrical outlets available just outside the terminals so you don’t have to find cords to plug in your devices when trying to take a break – yet the airport terminal is large enough that you don’t have far to walk.

Are there workstations available?

You can access the wi-fi with your devices at the airport so you can work on some tasks while waiting in line. Depending on your needs, there are work stations available in gate areas as well as terminal C. You don’t have to pay anything for this service.

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