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How To Connect To Anchorage Airport Wi-Fi? ANC WiFi

Ted Stevens Anchorage International is an airport that’s only 8 km away from the downtown area of Anchorage, Alaska. It flies over 5 million passengers every year, and it carries nearly 3.6 million metric tons of cargo. The airport provides free Wi-Fi to its passengers for unlimited time periods.

Anchorage Airport a glance

We’ll provide you with information about the airport and Wi-Fi in the terminal.

Name Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Owner State of Alaska DOT&PF
Airport Type Public
Hub for Alaska Airlines, Ravn Alaska, Atlas Air, FedEx Express, Polar Air Cargo And UPS Airlines
Terminal Two
Wi-Fi service Yes
Country USA
Location Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.
Website Website
Social Media Facebook  
Airport phone +1 907-266-2526

Details on Anchorage AirportWi-Fi

To use the free Wi-Fi, you must first agree to the terms and conditions. You must know your email address and smartphone number so that we can configure your connection online.

Free Wi-Fi Yes
Free period 24 hours
Wi-Fi provider Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Hotspot name “ANC Free WIFI”
Wifi Speed 15 Mbps

How to connect to the Anchorage AirportWi-Fi?

To connect with a free Wi-Fi at first you should have a device. In order to make it easier, follow the link and find info on how to connect your device.


Would I have Wi-Fi access at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport?

Yes, you can. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport provides free Wi-Fi to all its passengers through a partnership with US Airways and Alaska Airlines.

How long does it usually take on average to unexpectedly get Wi-Fi access in Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport?

We don’t charge any fees. There is plenty of free parking available and you can even take your pet!

Do you want internet access in the airport? If so, take wifi from one of the listed hotspots.

You cannot purchase a paid package offered by the airport. They aren’t currently available.

How do you say the name of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Russian?

It is “ANC Free WIFI “

Do airport Wi-Fi services have a way to allow me to browse entertainment options online.

You can use Netflix to browse the web, but there is a slight chance of experiencing buffering while watching TV shows on Netflix.

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