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Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Hong Kong Airlines has one of the most reliable track records of achievement in the aviation sector. The airline has established success by delivering superior services and providing its passengers with a pleasant traveling experience. Because of their customer-friendly policies, many people are satisfied with Hong Kong Airlines. You can easily get your money back if you follow their guidelines for cancellations and changes.

We’ve compiled the most significant information about the airline cancellation policy in layman’s terms. Continue reading this guide to discover more.

Hong Kong Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Hong Kong Airlines says that they don’t charge cancellation fees or allow someone to cancel a ticket and get their money back within the same day. With this policy, you can avoid saving on cancellation charges and secured your reservation before booking.



Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Fees

HAAgfa is the traveler’s airline and that it seems to be pretty fair. Hong Kong airlines charges a fee for cancellation but if you think about it, HAAgfa provides important information about the cancellation policy on their website, here are some points from the website to keep you up to date:

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Methods

It is now possible to cancel specific flights from the comfort of your home. In most cases, you can receive a complete refund without any fuss. You can decide if you want to receive a refund for your canceled flight the same day or directly through your main airline account.

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation through the Online Portals

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation through the Customer Service Number

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation at the Sales Center and Airport Counters


Hong Kong Airlines Refund Policy

Hong Kong Airlines has a specific policy for requesting refunds. The following is a list of laid out stipulations that must be met in order to request a refund from Hong Kong Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy

Hong Kong Airlines only cancel flights in some instances. Those times are unpredictable, but can be controlled using a range of conditions like natural factors, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

The airline is often able to reschedule flights when they are needed. Hong Kong Airlines offers monetary compensation in the case of a cancelation that was not due to operational failures, along with non-monetary compensation.

The 24 hour policy is a guideline devised by the airline to save you money. There are no cancellation costs if you cancel your tickets during the risk-free period.

If you cancel a flight 48 hours before your departure, you can travel on a different day or as a no-show (if the ticket was specifically a no-show) without paying HKD75.

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