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Hawaiian Airlines Check-in – 2022[updated]

Hawaiian Airlines offers multiple ways to check in for different destinations. It’s a requirement of the current epidemic. One way that Hawaiian Airlines suggests is to complete your check-in online, which reduces physical contact requirement and saves time and money during booking.

Hawaiian Air offers many quick and easy ways to check in, so making the process easier for your passengers is always available.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines Offline Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Time

There are two Hawaiian Airlines check-in methods. You can use either option, whichever non is more accessible to you. Once your trip has been arranged you will get your boarding pass after submitting the process within your given Hawaiian Airlines check-in time.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in Time

You can check in to your flight online ahead of time. This is done using your flight reservation and any additional information for the trip that you provide.

Hawaiian Airlines start their online check in time for international flights 24 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

There are different check-in rules for airline destinations. Do a little bit of research before your flight to see what time they allow you to check-in.

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International pilots don’t have to worry about the in-between time for getting through security and getting into the flight. Hawaiian Airlines provides them with the best possible check-in time and makes flying from Hawaii easy.

Once you’ve finished the check in, Hawaiian Airlines lets you know the time of departure for your flight and allows you to start your holiday.

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Airport Kiosk Check-in Timing

It is easy to complete the check-in process at the departure airport. If you’re already done, carry all the essential documents and complete the check-in process at your convenience.

With Checked Baggage

Without Checked Baggage

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You can’t check in or print tickets at a Hawaiiana Airlines Kiosk when you have certain restrictions like booking a partner flight, after hours, if your trip is international with a American visa, if you’re using paper tickets, if you’re with underage guests or service animals, or when you’re in the Business Class cabins.

Check-in Time at Airport counter

Hawaiian Airlines is the only choice for people flying out of the Big Island. They are not open during normal hours, so you have to go during the following hours

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Notes to Consider

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check-in Procedures

Hawaiian Airlines check-in can be done in both ways (online and offline). Once your trip is scheduled, you will need to complete the process of checking in within the stipulated time frame. On the day of your flight, you’ll need to initiate the process on time to get your boarding pass.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines offers fast and easy ways to checkin. They offer customers two different place for check-in: an official website and mobile app. Checkin may be completed in a timely manner without waiting in lines at airport at the airport counter.

You must have a boarding pass from Honolulu Airlines to board your flight. Remember to use it to present at the airport’s security gate, and it will also confirm your reservation. The Hawaiian Airlines online check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure for all domestic flights; start as early as 45 minutes before departure for international flights .

Execute the following steps to get the Hawaiian Airlines mobile boarding pass. Mobile check-in can be done twenty hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Furthermore, check-in is not available for certain types of travelers. They include unaccompanied minors, a group reservation, traveling with an infant, traveling with a special service request, making a bulkhead seat request, traveling with a pet and more.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check-in Offline

Hawaiian Airlines has many different check-in options. You can get your boarding passes by the departures airport or even a few hours before departure.

Hawaiian Airlines TSA Pre Check in 

When you’re making your schedule, you must include the known traveler number (KTN). This will be printed on your boarding pass and it will help when checking in at the airport. When you come to the airport, go to Pre-Boarding TSA lane and complete your Hawaiian Airlines check-in.

Passengers should mention the known traveler number (KTN). That is mandatory for those who want to pass through TSA PreCheck.

Hawaiian Airlines Boarding Zones

Be at the Hawaiian Airlines Boarding Zones for check-in. Follow all of the essential steps in order to get on the plane with enough time. Losing your seat because you were not there when your flight left is never a good thing, so follow your boarding step-by-step.

At the airport kiosk, enter the six-letter confirmation code or use the HawaiianMiles number to print your boarding pass and baggage tags. You will arrive at the airport with plenty of time for security checks and checked bags. Note, not all kiosks are available in all locations. For example, check-in Hawaiian Airlines’s flight online is the simplest and quickest mode of check-in.

Pre-boarding Special needs passengers, passengers traveling with children under 2 years of age, unaccompanied minors. 
Zone 1 Business and First Class passengers, Pualani Platinum Members, and active-duty military personnel.
Zone 2 Pualani Gold and Premier Club members, Passengers opting for Preferred Seats or Extra Comfort Seats.
Zone 3 Aircraft’s rear section seats. For flights traveling within North America, to international destinations, nearby islands.
Zone 4 Aircraft’s middle section seats.
Zone 5 Aircraft’s front section seats.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check–in

Find the check-in times of outbound flights from Hawaiian Airlines to an international city.

Hawaiian Airline check-in online

Hawaiian Airlines boarding time for offline platform

→ Search for your app on Google Play → Launch the browser you use most often in the app store → Simply tap on the check-in tab → Use the First name of the passenger with a 6 digit Confirmation code or 13 digit ticket number to fill the required boxes → Review the input → Tap on options under Continue tab → Select appropriate reservation option and tap on Seat Selection tab→ Add seat

You will need to pay Hawaiian Air check-in fees online. If you initiate the check-in through the offline portals, you will be given a special rate.

Hawaiian Air check-in can be done through any of Hawaiian Airlines official websites, mobile apps, on kiosks at airports, or even Hawaiian Airlines counters.

TSA PreCheck is an expedited screening program that allows passengers who’ve been known to continually fly through airport security in the same airport to use a kiosk and submit their information without having to remove their shoes, laptop, etc.

Go to the Kiosk tower → Read the on-screen instructions → Use your confirmation or booking code, passport ID, HawaiianMiles number to get checked in → Follow the on-screen commands → Enter your seat information and carry any bags as per your preference→ Make the appropriate payments for your flight through existing credit cards or debit cards→ Print your boarding pass.

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