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Hawaiian Airlines Check-in – 2022[updated]

Hawaiian Airlines accepts a variety of methods for checking in. Some of the common ones are described in this article. Hawaiian Airlines wants to reduce the risks of the current epidemic, so they make it easy for people to check in online, which will save time and cost them more money.

You can begin the process of checking in for Hawaiian Air flights by clicking on a few buttons.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines Offline Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Time

Hawaiian Airlines provides two options for their customers. You can either perform your own check-in process online or in person; it is up to you. After booking your trip, you require a certain amount of time to perform the check-in process. As per customer service, once you’ve finished the process, you will be automatically issued with your boarding pass associated with Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in Time

You can check-in to your scheduled flight. You have many options for convenient ways to start the track of your airline boarding pass.

Hawaii Airlines is one of the only airlines that opens up its web check-in more than 24 hours in advance for international flights.

Domestic flights on Hawaiian Airlines depend on the destination.// For domestic flights, the Hawaiian Airlines online check-in time is dependent on their destinations.

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If you book your international flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you can start the online checking-in process 24 to 60 hours before your flight.

Depending on the destination, Hawaiian Airlines requires more time for domestic flights because of their online check in.

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Airport Kiosk Check-in Timing

When traveling abroad, it can be a hassle when carrying all the documents you will need and not being able to complete your check-in process. This makes following the local regulations much easier.

With Checked Baggage

Without Checked Baggage

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Hawaiian Airlines Kiosk Check in is not available to certain types of reservations, Codeshare partner flights, On certain group reservations, One-way international reservations on account of visa requirements, Paper ticket reservations, Non-electronic ticket reservations, Unaccompanied minors, Pet reservations, Bulkhead seat reservations and/or Reservation charges are half paid or balance payment failed.

Check-in Time at Airport counter

Checking in for your flight is easy at the Hia Airlines desk. You’ll find a lot of experts there ready to help you find your way around and check in for your flight.

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Notes to Consider

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check-in Procedures

Hawaiian Airlines has two ways for checking in for your flight: online and offline. It gives you the options to choose from. Once your flight has been booked, make sure you initiate the check-in process within the prescribed time frame to secure your spot on board.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines offers online check-in options for their travelers in many different ways. One of these methods is the official Hawaiian Airlines website. They have also created a mobile app so you’re never stuck at home during your travel.

Use the Hawaiian Airlines boarding pass to enter the destination. You will also receive confirmation that your flight is on its planned schedule. It begins letting you know 24 hours before departure for international flights and 24 before departure for flights to neighbors.

You can check in at least 20 hours early for your flight through your mobile phone. Follow these steps to get the Hawaiian Airlines mobile boarding pass.

We do not provide online check-in to certain categories of passengers that are usually on a trip with people like unaccompanied minors, group reservations, infants, special services requests and more.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check-in Offline

You can get your Hawaiian Airlines boarding pass by reaching the departure airport. If it’s not too long before the scheduled departure you can reach them to find out your flight would be a lot more convenient with offline check-in. With an early start, you will receive your ticket without worry and without needing to take care of any wait time in the airport.

Hawaiian Airlines TSA Pre Check in 

To check in with Hawaiian Airlines, you must provide them your known traveler number (KTN). This will be printed on your boarding pass and it will expedite the process. Our exclusive location at the security checkpoint cuts down on time waiting in the airport before flying.

Fliers that have a valid known traveler number can expect to breeze through TSA Pre Check-in, which allows them to get through security without having to remove their shoes, purse, belt and clear liquids…

Hawaiian Airlines Boarding Zones

You don’t have to be at the Hawaii Airline Boarding Zone at least 30 minutes before a scheduled flight departure. Attend all the essentials, such as checking in. If you miss your flight and are penalized with a no show fee, you’ll still have to pay the full boarding price.

At the airport kiosk, enter the six-letter confirmation code or use the HawaiianMiles number to print your boarding pass. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare for security checks and check in. Note, you can easily check in for your flight on the Hawaiian Airlines website.

Pre-boarding Special needs passengers, passengers traveling with children under 2 years of age, unaccompanied minors. 
Zone 1 Business and First Class passengers, Pualani Platinum Members, and active-duty military personnel.
Zone 2 Pualani Gold and Premier Club members, Passengers opting for Preferred Seats or Extra Comfort Seats.
Zone 3 Aircraft’s rear section seats. For flights traveling within North America, to international destinations, nearby islands.
Zone 4 Aircraft’s middle section seats.
Zone 5 Aircraft’s front section seats.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check–in

Frequently Asked Questions about check-in times of Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airline check-in online

Hawaiian Airlines boarding time for offline platform

→Access and begin your reservation article →Fill-in the required boxes in the appropriate fields →Check to make sure you have entered the required information correctly before taking this step (ex. Enter a last name with 6-digit confirmation number and verify that it has been captured correctly) →Review your input on the screen before clicking continue →Choose each passenger’s name using drop-down menus →Add them to their seats moving through the process of typing in the seat number and count of bags

There will be a fee to check-in with Hawaiian Air at the airport in Honolulu. In some cases, you might have to pay the fee through a different channel, such as on the agent’s desk or ATMs before going through security.

You can check-in for your flight through various ways, like through the Hawaiian Air official website, or through their mobile app.

Passengers who have the known traveler number (commonly known as KTN) get access to our software which allows them to bypass lengthy and difficult TSA Pre Check-in processes.

At the Kiosk tower, use confirmation or booking code, e-ticket number (e-tickets are available by phone: 660-862) Passport ID, HawaiianMiles number. Follow the on-screen commands to choose a seat and add bags as per your preference. Make necessary payments via debit or credit cards, and print boarding pass once it’s ready.

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