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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Weight & Limits Guide for [2022]

hawaiian airlines baggage

It is possible to overpay the Hawaiian Airlines carry-on fee for items that aren’t allowed in your carry-on bag or for exceeding the weight limit of the airplane. There could be a fine if you don’t correctly label your luggage. You may also have to wait for more extended security checks if you don’t label your luggage.

It is essential to understand the size restrictions for carry-on luggage when flying to Hawaii. As a result, you will have problems with airport security, especially if you try to bring liquids onto the plane.

Carry-on size for Hawaiian Airlines

Your carry-on luggage is usually your most important item to take on board. Make sure you store it in the overhead compartment. The plane doesn’t have any storage space under the seat. If you have carry-on items, you can keep them in the overhead storage or the storage areas above the seats.

It is essential to understand the meaning of measurements better to understand the maximum size of a carry-on bag. Travel bags are usually weighed in pounds or kilograms. A bag weighing 11 kg is approximately equal to 25 pounds. Furthermore, maximum carry-on luggage dimensions are 9 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 22 inches high.

 One personal item One carry-on bag

Must fit under the seat in front of you

 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches
25 lbs. (11 kg.)
Dimensions include the wheels and handle

A carry-on bag should be the correct size based on both the length of the aircraft and the arrangement of the seats. You can take carry-on luggage on board if it does not exceed a particular size based on the plane’s height, number of rows, and aisle width. Furthermore, bringing large or heavy baggage can cause disruptions for other passengers and make it difficult for the overhead compartment to close correctly.

Hawaiian airlines Personal items

An airline will allow you to bring anything that you can fit into a backpack on board. Typically, carry-on luggage falls into two categories. An item of personal belongings is a small item you can tuck under the seat in front of you. There is no problem placing it under the center as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is necessary to prepare for both personal items and carry-on bags when you have both on board. You cannot use overhead bins to store personal items.

Individuals have different ideas of what constitutes a personal item. Many people carry a notebook computer, a laptop bag, an iPad, a small bag, or a purse; others take a water bottle or a cell phone. The item needs to be small enough to fit underneath the front seat.

Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance

For the convenience of travelers, baggage rules are designed to be simple. The airport generally prohibits carrying items like lighters, large handbags, umbrellas, and the like. Specific baggage rules have been modified for flights to Hawaii. The airline’s restrictions still apply, so you can only bring one light on your flight. In some instances, there might be an exception. It is also possible to get a single umbrella on a flight.

Airlines have been given the option to store carry-on luggage in the aircraft’s cargo compartment, as long as it isn’t bulky or bulky. Depending on the cargo compartment’s available capacity, the aircraft type used, or the overall size of the cargo area, the airlines have the authority to make this decision.

Additionally, follow the conditions of the Domestic Contract of Carriage and specific procedures set out in the airline’s baggage policy. You can check an airline’s baggage into the cargo section. The airlines will make special arrangements for specific situations and exceptions to the general rule.

Anything else you bring on board the plane will cost you. Take only the carry-on bag with you and one personal item. Additionally, you are permitted to bring backpacks, electronics, etc., to the airport. You will store these items in the cargo hold. Still, they must fit within the carry-on box.

When you want to bring your laptop or any other item listed under Rule 18 on an airplane, you may need to ask for permission in advance.

If you wish to avoid paying an excess baggage fee of $200, you may want to check your luggage or ask the airline to do so. Smaller planes and those traveling between large cities are not subject to this rule, which applies to many airlines.

Free baggage allowance

The following is a brief overview of Hawaiian Airlines’ “free baggage” policy.

Support Equipment

A disabled person can bring along any equipment needed for flying by a person with a disability, as part of the additional support equipment, clothing items, reading materials, medical supplies, grooming tools, etc. There is no requirement for how large the article must be to comply with standard carry-on size rules or be the same size as an average person.

Yet, in aircraft, there must be a place available to store certain items and store them in a place where they will be easily accessible. Additionally, these devices must be kept in a location that has been approved for storage in advance.

Extra General Items

It is possible to bring a few things on an airplane. Several items can be transported on board an aircraft if you travel by air. In addition, items that do not significantly affect the flight but are still allowed and things that you can carry onboard without causing any harm to the flight or other passengers should also be permitted.

With airplane travel, it’s now possible to bring the food you need for lunch or dinner with you. Passengers can bring along even baby food. There is no restriction on any electronic device you carry with you.

In addition, you can carry lightweight paperback books with you on your journey. You don’t need it even if you have a coat on or are traveling with a diary, and you don’t need to bring another type of jacket. Therefore, you will be charged if you have a walking stick under the support equipment category.

Music tools

The Hawaiian Airlines flight allows for using guitars and keyboards, as long as they are used in place of carry-on laptop bags.

The airline’s size restrictions do not apply to you, whether at the airport or at home. It is necessary to fit your luggage onto the plane first of all.

Stroller For Children

There is no problem with taking the stroller on an airplane if you don’t have your child with you. The only thing you can’t bring is one carry-on item. Also, a stroller should fit under the front seat or safely in the overhead bin so the stroller can fold it up under the seat.

Be sure your stroller fits into the airplane luggage compartments before taking it with you. You can check the stroller into the plane in one of two ways. You may put your items in the baggage compartment of the container next to you. You will be asked to place your stroller in the baggage compartment if it is too big to fit in the luggage compartment next to you. As soon as you reach your destination, you can remove it from your luggage.

Seat For Accommodating Your Child

There is no charge for bringing onboard a booster. A carry-on could be obtained as a replacement, but it would not be allowed as an extra item. Consequently, you are subject to the carry-on size and weight limitations of Hawaiian Airlines.

Booster seats are not considered carry-on baggage when used while traveling by airplane. Before using one on a plane, one must be certified by the FAA.

It is mandatory to have an approved FAA pilot’s seat and adhere to all applicable laws in general aviation aircraft.

A child seat must be purchased so that they may sit in it. These conditions must be met to assign this seat to someone else. Seat arrangements could be changed by the airline.

The child must be secured appropriately in their seat when traveling on a plane; booster seats are used to ensure that the seatbelt harness is buckled correctly and that children are placed in their hearts properly.

Dry Ice

Both checked baggage, as well as carry-on bags, are permitted to carry dry ice. The maximum amount of dry ice that a passenger may bring onto the aircraft is five and a half pounds. Because passengers cannot use the flight cabin to keep food, you may need it for preservation. Please inform a Hawaiian Airlines representative about the dry ice once you check in your bag.

The dry ice package must be labeled appropriately and accurately declared weight. Dry ice packages should also be flexible enough to accommodate their contents. The gas pressure can be released without difficulty when the airplane is transported.


Like a big wagon that cannot carry much, a large passenger jet is similar in this respect. Carts and wagons you wish to bring onto the plane would require you to list them at the ticket counter and pay the same fee as for luggage.

Hawaiian airlines carry-on fees

Hawaiian Airlines charges nothing for carry-on baggage, personal items, and any other items you might want to bring with you.

Depending on the number of items checked, there is a fee for checked baggage. Additionally, check-in baggage fees increase depending on additional baggage weights.

Sporting equipment is also subject to a surcharge when checked in as luggage. Depending on the type of equipment, the tariff will vary.

There is usually a $25 charge for each checked bag when someone travels within Hawaii from one point to another. An additional $35 fee is charged for a second bag and a $50 fee for a third.

Baggage fees on domestic airlines will increase by $5. Check-in fees for the first luggage will therefore increase by $30.

  Neighbor Island North America International and First Class
1st bag  $25 $30** Free
2nd bag $35 $40** Free
  Neighbor Island North America International
Each additional bag $50 $100 $150

Restricted Items On Hawaiian Airlines

It is evident what the regulations are for carry-on bags. As an example, weapons are not allowed on the plane. Passengers must check tasers and guns in their baggage if they are on you. Pharmaceuticals and poisons must be in your checked baggage. Whatever type of medicine or poison you take, you can’t take it on the plane if it could harm people or animals.

Furthermore, some items cannot be transported by plane. Guns and Tasers are among them. There is already information on Restricted Items On Hawaiian Airlines website on how much luggage passengers may bring.

Generally, items that may threaten an aircraft cannot be carried on flights. The plane or its contents can also be damaged by items like cellphones, tablets, and laptops. Turn off any device that could interfere with your flight control system before taking off. The same applies to turning off your cell phone before taking it off.

It has been prohibited in Japan, for example, to use certain golf clubs on flights because their powerful magnetic fields could interfere with aviation, electronic equipment, and other sensitive tools. Therefore, any electromagnetic fields that may cause harm to other devices have been prohibited.

Passenger aircraft can never be equipped with anything capable of bursting into flames, bursting into hot gases, or exploding. A wide range of products is included in this category, including fireworks, heating devices, compressed gas, liquid fuel, and camping stoves. Lighters are an exception to this rule.

Airplanes generally cannot carry items that could explode if they contact water. Two-wheeled scooters are also not permitted on aircraft.

Lithium-ion batteries may be checked in as carry-on baggage as long as the batteries are removed. Additionally, rechargeable batteries powered by electrical power can be checked or carried on as carry-on baggage.

Check-in Rules

Twenty-four hours before an international flight, you will be able to decide whether your credit card will be charged for the entire trip. As soon as the time comes, you cannot begin registering for the whole journey, but you can do so for individual flights. Once all final decisions have been made, check-in will close.

Check-in agents will ask what amount of luggage you plan to check-in at the airport when you arrive. If you are shipping a child booster or dry ice package, you should inform the agent in advance.

A person can only carry CPAP devices on flights if the airline has 48 hours’ notice so the reservation office can prepare for you. Additionally, you should arrive at the airport well before the scheduled departure time. If you arrive at the airport early, you will board the plane.

During your trip, we wish you all the best wishes. 

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