Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Weight & Limits Guide [2021]

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It is not fun to have to check in if you are already preparing for a long journey. Knowing that there might be issues with your carry-on bag and that it might get sent to the baggage claim, the process can be troublesome. Any inconvenience caused by security could be much more costly than simply checking your bag.

Be aware of the different carry-on size rules before flying. It’s always best to have that knowledge with you in case there is any confusion.

Hawaiian airlines carry-on size

You can take one carry-on baggage that has to have a size that either fits under the seat in front of it or goes where your seat is. Then, you must make sure the compartment is approved for air transportation and could also go under your seat on the bulkhead side. Lastly, since the bulkhead seat does not come with a storage area underneath, only the overhead cabinet is of use.

To give you a better idea of the free baggage allowance size, the maximum weight must not exceed 11 kg or 25 pounds. The length of the carry-on bag can never go past 9 inches. The width has to be limited to 14 inches, while the height must not exceed 22 inches. All in all, this measurement sums up at 114 centimeters.

The reason for requiring Hawaiian airlines carry-on size is the aircraft’s general length and seats. Bringing in baggage can weigh more than what the permitted amount or is larger in size. This can go against other passengers and affect the closing of the overhead compartment properly.

Hawaiian airlines Personal items

The flying rules for personal items mirror the carry-on rules. By following these, you’ll be able to better determine if your bag will fit under the passenger in front of you who is sitting next to the aisle. If both your carry-on bag and personal item don’t fit, your item falls under a very specific rule: it can’t be stored in an overhead bin.

Most people don’t have restrictions on what counts as a personal item. For most people, it tends to be their laptop, laptop bag, iPad, small bag or purse, or even a water bottle. Ultimately, there are no specific size requirements.

Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance

Carry-on luggage sets are the size of a personal item, and should not exceed twenty five pounds or less. After 20 pounds there are exceptions to the rule, please see the article for more information. Security officials at airports have their own strict rules about carry on luggage.

It’s up to the flyer’s judgment whether or not to store their baggage in the airplane. This decision may be influenced by other factors like storage space, plane type, and total size of the area.

What do you do if your luggage is lost? Well, Honolulu Airport has a process that you can follow to get your luggage back from the cargo. This process requires some paperwork depending on what is lost and whether or not it was necessary for the item to be re-hauled.

We limit the number of carry-on bags and personal items allowed on a plane. If you exceed the limit, or if an item falls outside the guidelines indicated below, your bag might be required to go back in the bin with everything else.

Airlines have many rules about certain items that passengers can not have with them when flying. Some of these items are dangerous. They are typically placed in a separate list.

If your luggage exceeds the size limit or its contents cannot be brought on the plane, you might have to pay extra fees for instant loss and an item must be sent to passenger under checked baggage instead.

Free baggage allowance

Let’s compare the amount of free Hawaiian airlines luggage allowance that you can take away with certain conditions being met.

1. Support Equipment

Differently-abled passengers can bring onboard any equipment they need. The devices don’t have to follow the carry-on rules and the amount of items allowed on the plan.

However, there needs to be space available in the aircraft to keep those items. The devices also have to keep in a place that has been pre-approved for stowage.

2. Extra General Items

You can bring some small items on the plane with you, although there is no free Hawaiian Airlines baggage allowance. There’s a basic rule that all items brought on board an aircraft must not pose any threat to safety, so as long as your bag fits in a bin (with the exception of fragile or hazardous items), you are good to go!

You can bring your own food on the plane with you. Even a camera can be brought on your plane, and it is possible to pack baby food for your flight.

You can also take books with you. These are best for paperback and lightweight books that can fit in a bag.

Anything you might have on yourself and have that does not fall under other categories can be brought onboard. With a walking stick, (also falls under support equipment) individuals can bring their gear without worrying about any extra charge.

3. Music tools

You can bring a guitar or keyboard on our flights. There are no restrictions, but keep in mind you’re getting a lot more with your carry-on than just a laptop.

On the Hawaiian airlines, their carry-on size is not implemented on the instrument. However, if there’s not space available on the aircraft in the first place, airplane travel is impossible.

4. Stroller For Children

The carry-on item you are willing to give up has to be small enough to fit under the seat in front or inside an overhead bin. The person without the child with them has to bring a stroller that is foldable or fits in an overhead bin.

You can keep your stroller with you. The carry-on item won’t have to be disposed of and it’s up to you how to keep your stroller. It will either go in the cabin or under the seat in front of yours. If your child’s stroller is too big for the cabin, it will go through TSA as a gate checked item, and you can take it when you reach your destination.

An extra-large seat. Snug and flexible bike seats accelerate the body’s natural aerodynamics to perform better, giving you more speed and power.

If you happen to need a booster for your carry-on, then you are allowed to bring one onboard with you. However, it can only replace the carry-on and not be larger or heavier in weight than what is allowed.

The child restraint seats were not given credit for being a carry-on allowance, even when on the flight. The flight staff will not allow you to substitute your carry-on by using one of these seats, even if it meets all the required conditions.

Children require mandatory safety standards in order to become safe while they fly. The seat must be hard-backed so it is approved by the F.A.A.

An airline attendant can change seats for you when your child is too big for their current seat. When changing seats, it’s important that your children always sit together at the same time in aisle or window seats for easy access to an emergency exit, a bathroom, and food or drink.

The child restraint seat must be properly secured to the safety belt of the airplane seat. Alongside, you should make sure that your child is tucked in safely.

6. Dry Ice

You can take dry ice on an airplane if you’re flying somewhere a lot colder than the air in Jamaica. This could be because you have some items that would otherwise expire if they aren’t refrigerated. When you check-in, have your dry ice brought up to one of the Hawaiian airlines representatives so that your bag can be checked as baggage instead of being placed in the cargo hold

The package has to be properly labeled as dry ice along with its weight. The package needs to be flexible enough so that while it is being transported on the aircraft, the pressure from the gas can be released with ease.

7. Wagons

Wagons, like other types of roll-out baggage, are not allowed in the cabin when flying. You would list that type of carrier and pay for the weight and size at the counter before flying.

Hawaiian airlines carry-on fees

Hawaiian Airlines offers low carry-on bag fees. Children 12 and up are not charged for carry on baggage, but any items with this type of service can be checked in for free.

There are checked baggage fees, which vary depending on the piece and how much space it requires. If you carry an overweight piece of checked baggage your additional fees range from $100 to over $400.

You may pay the fees for your luggage depending on the type of item it is. For sports equipment, the amount may vary from an airline to another.

The standard fee for checked baggage is $25 each time. The first, the second and the third checked bags cost $35, $50 and $20 dollars, respectively.

If you’re travelling to Hawaii, you might have to pay more for your luggage depending on the airline. Hawaiian Airline passengers would have to check-in first whereas other airlines make their passengers buy ten one-way tickets to get lounge access.

Hawaiian Airlines restricts the amount of alcohol and weapons on flights, so security take away any drinks and loose items before boarding.

The rules of carry-on and checked baggage are strict for all Hawaiian airlines. Rules also limit what can be brought on the plane without special permission. This includes things like firearms or tasers. When firearms or ammunition that’s similar to it is carried by a diplomat or a law enforcement personnel, he must let the airline know before coming on the plane.

Check out the Hawaiian Airlines website to see what items they only allow and cannot bring on their flights.

The items most likely to be refused are the ones that pose a threat. Refused items could be anything from passengers and cargo to devices aboard the airplane that would cause problems with control equipment. Cellphones are turned off before take-off like other checked in items.

Golf clubs cannot be taken through the TSA checkpoint. They are basically not allowed at all, because these things have been proven to cause trouble for aviation and other tools.

Aircraft are forbidden from carrying any item that can burn. This also means even items that simply combust, like fireworks. Other items allowed in this one line include fuels for camp stoves including petroleum-based, liquid and compressed gas-powered stoves; common lighters; and slow combustion heaters only.

All safety-related items like two-wheeled scooters can never be taken on the plane. Flame-resistant furniture and clothing are also forbidden from taking flight as well.

Smart bags need to be checked-in or can be taken on as carry-on baggage but if you want to avoid restrictions do not choose to go with a battery. Batteries are prohibited from being placed in the cabin too and cannot be removed from battery operated electronics at checkpoints.

Check-in Rules

A little more than 24 hours from the departure time, your baggage can be checked in online. An hour from take-off time, baggage is no longer able to be checked in online and it closes 4 hours ahead of boarding.

Ask the ticket counter about your flight’s baggage limit or what type of requests you can make for your flight. Make sure to let them know about any items that might be hard to carry around or dangerous, such as dry ice or a child booster.

What do you need to do if you want to make sure your CPAP is allowed on board? First, contact the Hawaiian reservation team directly and go over any questions that may arise. Next, verify your items are allowed on board and bring with you to the airport for a quick check-in.

Have a safe journey and don’t forget your emergency kit!

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