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Guide to Luggage Security

Traveling can be fun and worry-free when you are one of the many users to have opted in to our TSA lock program.

TSA locks for people who are travelling to the USA have been around since 2003. People typically need to buy one if they travel to countries such as the UK and New Zealand, but there are persistent rumours that they may also be implemented in other countries soon too. The simple answer is that you only require a TSA lock if you are travelling to the USA.

If you do not have a TSA approved lock fitted to your checked baggage, it is possible that your bag may get damaged if TSA agents gain access to your bag. The Travel Sentry TSA lock uses a system developed by them and then licensed to luggage manufacturers who produce many different kinds of locks, including general keys, combination locks, and cable locks.

TSA Agents in the United States can open locked suitcases by using the button on it that is different than the one that is typically included with them. They will not provide a key unless it is needed to open your suitcase.

Are you always worried about your next flight? If you are, a TSA lock may help you relax.

If you have a good luggage lock, and you are not travelling to the United States, then you don’t have to buy a new TSA lock. If you do need a new luggage lock, then we recommend buying the TSA security lock. Here are three reasons why it makes sense to buy this type of travel gear.

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