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Guide To Chicago O’Hare Airport Wi-Fi 2022 | ORD Wi-Fi

High-speed airport Wi-Fi is a great service that travellers can take advantage of to continue working uninterrupted even if they’re staying at the airport for multiple weeks at a time.

O’Hare Airport is one of the two main airports in Chicago City. It is also a central hub for United Airlines and American Airlines who also use O’Hare Airport to provide services.

Chicago O’Hare Airport Overview

Name Chicago O’Hare International Airport 
WiFi yes
WiFi provider Boingo Wireless
Hub for American Airlines
United Airlines
Focus City for Polar Air Cargo
Spirit Airlines

The Chicago O’Hare Airport Wi-Fi

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) has the Boingo Wi-Fi in tremendous amounts of locations. The airport offers WiFi before and after security checkpoint, for any passenger.

On April 24, 2018, the airport boosted its Wi-Fi network from its previous limited service to an unlimited version. Past 45 minutes advertisements are shown for your convenience.

The Wi-Fi from the stream-quality connection supports browsing, emailing, texting, video conferencing, and even YouTube.

If traveling through O’Hare Airport, passengers can access the Boingo Wi-Fi, which is a faster option then connecting without a subscription. However there is also Passpoint Wi-Fi available should visitors not wish to subscribe.

The Department of Aviation in Chicago, who manages the O’Hare Airport, also installed installations to provide wider access for passengers to use their Wi-Fi.

How To Connect To The O’Hare Airport Wi-Fi?

These straightforward steps below, alongside your Wi-Fi-supported device, connect you to the Wi-Fi network.

The website for loading Wi-Fi access is not properly loading in a secure HTTPS site. This is because you are using an outdated browser or are still on a testing network.

For further assistance connecting to the O’Hare Wi-Fi network, call (800) 880-4117 to reach Boingo Wireless Customer Support.

Places To Enjoy Free Wi-Fi At O’Hare Airport

Air France VIP Lounge

Travellers flying from Terminal 5 domestically can access the International terminal via a lounge pass, while travellers flying internationally only need 6,000 miles to purchase the upgrade.

American Airlines Admirals Club

Accessible to mostly members and those traveling on American Airlines or other oneworld® airlines, our business traveler lounge has some of the best amenities like complimentary foods and drinks

Delta Sky Club

Accessible to Club members.

Swissport Lounge

Club members, NHS accident and emergency staff and other supported card-holders can obtain free access to the operations centre.

United Club

Accessible to Club members.

United Polaris Lounge

Accessible to First-class travellers.

USO Lounges

Accessible to active force members and their families, conveniently located near the training facilities.

Most Common Questions

Does O’Hare Airport provide Free Wi-Fi?

Yes. The O’Hare airport (name of place) has free Wi-Fi with the service named “Boingo Hotspot” or “_Free_ORD _Wi-Fi.”

What Is The Limit Of The Newark Airport Wi-Fi?

The O’Hare Airport provides free Wi-Fi access for all of its travelers across the airport.


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