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Guide To American Airlines Wi-Fi & Inflight Entertainment 2022 | AA Inflight WiFi (Updated)

American Airlines offers passengers 24/7 Wi-Fi in the air. It’s a top speed, satellite-based service that is perfect for holding important business meetings or watching your favorite TV show. One thing to keep in mind though is the price tag.

Established as a cargo airline in 1930 and rebranded as a passenger airline in 2014, United Airlines remains one of the world’s largest airlines and made Forbes 2016 list of largest global companies.

It merged with US Airways in December 2013, spurring American Consolidated Airlines Group (ACAG) to expand operations. Its current main fleet of over 904 airplanes comprises the Airbus family, Boeing 737 series, Boeing 777-200s, Boeing 777-300ERs, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner (787-8) planes.

American Airlines offers over 6,500 flights a day to 350 cities in 50 countries with its partner, American Eagle. It’s also a Founding Member of the oneworld Alliance which is one of the top airline groups worldwide.

American Airlines Basic Information

Name American Airlines, Inc.
Founded 1936
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas, U.S
WiFi yes
WiFi Provider Gogo, Panasonic, ViaSat
Operating Bases Charlotte
Dallas–Fort Worth
Los Angeles
New York–JFK
New York–LaGuardia
Phoenix–Sky Harbor

American Airlines Fleets Offering In-flight Wi-Fi Services

American Airlines flies to more than 230 destinations in 60 countries with a wide selection of aircraft types.

Passengers are able to access satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi that is provided by Gogo or Panasonic currently, while ViaSat should be available soon.

Our planes provide international flights with Panasonic’s in-flight services. Gogo and Viasat are for domestic flights, which are serviced by other companies.

Below I’m going to give you a tabular list of aircraft that offers Wi-Fi service and links for each one of them so you can perform further research.

Internet Provider Number Of Equipped Airplanes
Gogo Airbus A319 – 93 (from US Airways) Airbus A319 – 5 (from Frontier Airlines) Airbus A320 – 48 Boeing 757 – 5 (Hawaii aircraft)
Panasonic Airbus A330-200 – 15 Airbus A330-300 – 9 Boeing 787-8 – 20 Boeing 777-200 – 47 Boeing 767-300 – 21 Boeing 777-300ER – 20 Boeing 757-200 – 24 Boeing 787-9 – 22 Boeing 772 – 47
Viasat Airbus A319 – 32 (Legacy AA) Airbus A321 – 219 Airbus A321neo – 6 Boeing 737-800 – 304 Boeing 737 MAX – 24

American Airlines Wi-Fi Packages and Prices

We provide our users with free Wi-Fi on all international flights, and one exception is that domestic flights depending on the aircraft.

Buying Wi-Fi ahead of your flight is always cheaper than buying on board. For domestic flights, both pre-flight and onboard packages are offered; while you can only purchase on board for international flights.

Passengers flying on American Airlines have four different ways to purchase a Wi-Fi package. They can visit the network portal created by American Airlines or the web pages of a third-party service provider.

American Airlines passengers find their plan for Wi-Fi on domestic flights with Panasonic by following these steps:

Duration Price (in USD)
Two-hour plan $12
Four-hour plan $17
Full-flight plan $19

American Airlines passengers can use Viasat to travel long-distance. Family members of those on a specific route can log in using the Wi-Fiplan customers purchased and follow their flight.

Duration Price (in USD)
One-hour plan $12
Full-flight $19

In this dialogue, Gogo offers American Airlines passengers on domestic routes Wi-Fi plans of which there are three: Standard, Premier, and Platinum.

Duration Price (in USD)
All-day pass (valid for 12 months after purchase) $14.00 + tax
Monthly plan $39.95 + tax

American Airlines provides fast Wi-Fi to flights on domestic US routes. Cost is just a few dollars now. The company also introduced an improved plan for constant flyers coming into effect next year.

Customers now have access to a new plan, which has replaced Gogo’s monthly payment plan. The newly designed plan is available on international flights flying out of foreign countries as well as domestic flights in the United States and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America.

Now, customers have another option when it comes to making payments. It is possible to use Gogo or Panasonic as a valid payment method given the customer already has a Viasat service.

The plan is as seen below:

Duration Price (in USD)
One-hour plan $10.00
All-day plan $14.00
Monthly Plan(for one device) $49.95 + tax
Monthly plan (for two devices) $59.95 + tax

At the end of each month, the carrier sent out an instruction to passengers who had signed up for Gogo’s new American Eagle Wi-Fi payment plan to transfer their payments over to America’s new Wi-Fi payment plan.

In order to access this improved payment plan, passengers must be an AAdvantage® member with an email and credit card bearing a US billing address saved in their AAdvantage® account.

Furthermore, the American provider introduced a better in-flight Wi-Fi site to ease the confusion and disparity created by having multiple service providers. The new site offers a unifying front that aids customers in easily purchasing Wi-Fi packages using their AAdvantage membership and saved credit card details.

Guests go ahead and buy single internet passes as long as members don’t have an AAdvantage® account.

How To Find Out If Your Flight Offers In-flight Wi-Fi?

To check if your flight has Wi-Fi onboard and to find available networks, check the boarding ticket or enter the information on planeboard.

How To Connect To American Airlines Wi-Fi?

Connect your mobile devices to the onboard Wi-Fi in just a few easy steps.

Service Providers Of In-flight Wi-Fi On American Airlines

American Airlines offers three different in-flight internet providers: Gogo for airplanes, satellite for airplanes and JetBlue for Metrorail.

All three different service providers use satellites to supply internet. They have a fast and reliable channel for passengers flying onboard these aircraft.

These companies offer the most advanced Wi-Fi technology that has been created. They are relatively lightweight when compared to regular routers and they cost less while being more reliable.

Passengers can often get Panasonic Wi-Fi on international flights, while Gogo and Viasat cover the Wi-Fi-installed aircraft that are managed by Aircraft Service Engineers.

American Airlines Wi-Fi Time Frame

The world-giant carrier began offering internet Wi-Fi using Gogo’s air-to-ground Wi-Fi system but has since switched to remodeling its aircraft with satellite-based Wi-Fi. The retrofitting has all ready taken more than 900 planes and will be complete by the middle of 2019.

In 2016, the Viasat Ka-band satellite system became selected by the airline to outfit its 737 MAX with satellite-based, gate-to-gate Wi-Fi and subsequently succeed Gogo’s slower ground-based system. The succession concluded on its narrow-body aeroplane previously using Gogo’s ATG model in mid 2019.

Panasonic offers Wi-Fi powered by their satellite network which gives seamless connectivity to international flights.

The airline also ordered satellite-based Wi-Fi service from Gogo. It’s great for travel on US Airways’ narrow-body domestic aircraft and it eliminates the need to mess with WiFi hotspot logins.

Features Of American Airlines Wi-Fi

In-flight Entertainment On American Airlines

American Airlines has updated their in-flight entertainment system with a new type of satellite-based Wi-Fi. They’ll soon start removing seatback screens from some of the aircraft. That’s because passengers on those aircraft can only connect to the system with their devices too.

All of shows and movies for free on thousands of TVs in-flight. Whether you have an American Airlines account or use the app, find what you want to watch easily.

American Airlines is the only U.S.-based airline offering free direct-to-view content, including Apple Original movies and Apple Music. Viasat Wi-Fi is required, and all passengers must sign up for an Apple Music subscription before use.

Steps to connect to the in-flight entertainment system:

One of American Airlines’ features is entertainment options. Rosetta Stone and Skillshare are just two of the many options available if a person wishes to learn new skills while flying. Games are also available on the entertainment options.

Once you go through our website, you can see what movies and tv shows are coming up on your flight. You can also find information or make purchases related to them.

American Airlines has a multitude of entertainment options for their passengers whenever they want. There is also no need for purchasing an e-ticket for these options either.

Most Asked Questions

Does American Airlines Have Free Wi-Fi?

American Airlines provides paid in-flight Wi-Fi service within its fleets.

Which credit cards are supported?

Accepted credit cards include Discover, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, or VISA. Make sure your credit card number has a US billing address.

Can I Stream Movies On Netflix On American Airlines?

Yes. People on airplanes can use Netflix, Hulu, and HBO easily without connecting to a regular Internet connection.


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